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The Nicest Christmas Present (APR & AEDM - Day Twelve)

This week's APR (+AEDM) is Countdown to Christmas. I love Christmas, besides my birthday week in May, it's my very favorite holiday. Valentine's, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, New Year's doesn't hold a candle to Christmastime with all it's decorations, glitter and cheer. I love it, I immerse myself in it, as early as possible. I start shopping for Christmas presents September 1st, the Christmas menu planning begins right after Halloween and the tree... well the tree is it's own story.

We love the sparkle of a good Christmas tree. We make decorations every year, our tree is the epitome of perfection, every shiny ornament in place. We desperately try to hold out until December first before we put up the tree but we almost never make it, lol. By mid-November we usually have the three plastic bins upstairs and we're unpacking all the ornaments, pressing & reassembling bows and fixing any damage that happened throughout the year of storage. Then by the last week of November the tree is somehow glowing in a corner of the living room! It's an anomaly, I think elves put it up when we're not looking. ;o)

Isn't Christmas great though?? Here's a sweet little Christmas story. A few years ago I was talking to a male friend of mine (happily married to his high school sweetheart) about cool romantic gestures. He admitted that he did do one thing that his wife didn't even know about. Because she didn't even know, he wasn't sure it counted as a romantic gesture, I disagreed. You tell me what you think...

Every Christmas my friend was the one who went up into the attic and got the decorations for his wife. Then after Christmas, he put them all back into that same attic space like a good husband would. What his wife still doesn't know is that every year for the past 20 years, right after Christmas, her husband goes shopping for something extra special. He wraps it up in a pretty box and hides the gift in the Christmas decorations up in the attic. The present stays up there throughout the year and he gets those decorations down again with the wrapped present still hidden. He then sneaks it under the tree, pretending it's a newly purchased present. For 20 years he's done this. This is his thought... in case he dies sometime BEFORE the next Christmas, he knows his wife would be the one to get the decorations from the attic and find the last present her loving husband ever bought her. He loves her that much. I think he wins the best husband of the year badge. 

Anyway, on to Christmas art. It's gonna be a good year. I do so love this time, so much happiness and good cheer.

If you'd like to see the other entries I've done for AEDM, just click on the pictures below to be taken to the requisite post. Talk to you all soon, and here's wishing you a very early Merry Christmas. :o)

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If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room for this week, just click here and scroll down to the end of the post to read all about this week's theme,CHRISTMAS, and add your artwork to the Mr. Linky.

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  1. This is truly lovely! And what a wonderful hubby he would make. :)

  2. That is truly awesome... and is very romantic... what a thoughtful man... thanks for sharing that... and hope the tree is still in its box... we don't even have one yet... I have to go and buy a new one as ours finally gave up last year ... better get on it I suppose
    T xx

  3. OH YES! That is definitely very romantic...his reasoning brought a tear to my eye.

    Love your Christmas art!

    We have a family tradition where we put our Christmas Tree up on December 1st but then, it must be packed away along with all other Christmas decorations by midnight December 31st, otherwise bad luck may befall us. To be honest, I find that I'm well and truly over our tree taking up floor space by mid-December and I usually take it down just after Christmas Day. :)

  4. What a romantic man! It really warms my heart to hear of such affection between people. We don't do any Christmassy things in our house until December, but the APR has given me an excuse to start earlier this year!

    I love your Christmas art! I often think about doing something similar, but didn't get past thinking about it because there are too many details to care about in the picture. Maybe I'll find the courage to have a go at details this time.

  5. What a beautiful story. He certainly does deserve a prize for being so sweet and thoughtful.
    Gorgeous picture that invokes so many cheery thoughts of the festive season. Bring on the Yule log! :0) Mo x

  6. what a thoughty fellow!!

    as I am on my own once again this Christmas, I am enJOYing the added deLIGHT of watching yours unfold.

    been thinking and thinking and thinking some more about what to DO for APR this week. have had a couple of ideas that seem to come round again and again, so...

    it really is nice to enJOY others enJOYing things. that, I think, is the Christmas PRESENT I am giving myself this year!!!

    BEautimous art, Jenn. Your JOY is contagious!!

  7. I SO love your story of your friend. Back in the day (before I started making my own gifts), I used to do all my next year's Christmas shopping the day after Christmas. Now the bargains aren't that great, but back then, things might be up to 75% off. However, mine were purchased to save money, and your friend's gift was purchased from love. What a thoughtful thing to do.

  8. And I thought I was a Christmas junkie - you've got me beat. I DO wait til the day after Thanksgiving but our tree always goes up that Saturday/Sunday. Now that the boys aren't home to help, it takes Dan and I the better part of a day....and then there's all the rest of the decorating. I do love getting it all out and all the great memories each piece brings back. I just LOVE Christmas.

    Your drawing is excellent, once again - those pinecones are amazing...Damn, you're good!

  9. Enjoyed the story, romantic indeed. Love your art entry, the colors just jump off the page.


  10. Jenn, your painting is so pretty and delicate. How did you do it? Watercolor or acrylic. The pine needles are unbelievable!

  11. Don't know how I missed seeing this earlier, but it is simply gorgeous! I think it would make a beautiful Christmas card, invitation, thank you card, etc. Just excellent work!

  12. what an amazing story!

    and i love your christmas painting. the pine cones are great and you've inspired me to go pick up some (we have hundreds in our yard) and try my hand at painting a few. lovely lettering, too!


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