Monday, November 26, 2012

AEDM - Day Twenty Six

It's another piece of art for Art Every Day Month at CreativeEveryDay. I missed several days last week but since this is the last four days of the challenge, I'm going to endeavor to do a piece a day again. That was supposed to be the challenge but half way though it just became overwhelming. I do feel like I want to push to the end though.

Again, I'm working in my Moleskine. I'm loving the freedom to create with abandon and I get that with the Moleskine, unlike separate pieces of paper. So this last weekend I've had my nose stuck in cookbooks, internet sites and my SousChef recipe holder on the computer, perusing recipes and trying to decide what we should make for Christmas. The list always starts out lengthy then gets winnowed down to something only big enough to feed a small Russian army. ;o) 

This year though, is different. All our old, tried and true recipes have to be tweaked and made gluten free. I'll admit, it's both a pain and a thrill. It means figuring out which GF flour etc. will work or finding that substitute GF ingredient, but the upside is we get to try recipe after recipe. And everyone knows that the only thing more fun that eating Christmas baking is actually baking it!! So far, our only real dilemma is Sugar Cookies

We have these very old type cookie cutters that I found for mom as a Christmas gift last year. They're the same kind of cutters that my grandmother used and they're both a cutter and a mold at the same time, pushing a santa face (for instance) into your sugar cookie. Mom was thrilled and we can't wait to use them for the first time. BUT we have to find a GF sugar cookie recipe that tastes good and actually holds it's shape while baking!

I think this one (sugar cookies) is going to be our most difficult recipe to get right. We've already figured out the Nanaimo Bars, lemon squares and quiche recipes and some of our recipes actually are gluten free at the outset. We only have to make sure we get the GF substitutions like GF rice crispies and GF graham crumbs to make many of the recipes.

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to getting started. As the recipe list of appies and goodies gets tweaked and all the Christmas tree decorations come up from storage this week, it's going to be a thrill to see the tree all glowing. All I can say is, "Hurry up December first!!". I want to get on with it! :o)


Just click here to go to this week's Artist's Play Room. To read about this week's theme, scroll down to the end of the post where you can also add your artwork.
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  1. Enjoy the challenge of GF cooking! Seems like you have he right attitude fo rit - I'd be just grumpy! Love your sketch - you could've added 'GF' above the flour :-)

  2. Wonderful sketchwork.

    Good luck with the cooking. I'm putting together a Midwinter feast and trying to avoid anything dairy for one guest, seafood for another...
    I think the secret may be bread and water ;)

  3. Oh, I love these, absolutely. I also love reading about your gluten free recipes. I have often thought it would be something positive for me to try as my son is on the autism spectrum, I know it would be good for all of us!

    I am grateful I found you via Art Every Day month today!

    Here is my post if you would like to check it out!

  4. LOVE your sketch, Jenn! How lovely that you found cutters similar to your Grandmother's cookie cutters. Brad is seeing a dietician so we are staying away from flour-y stuff as much as possible. Have fun and, most of all, enjoy those treats! xo

  5. Awesome stuff... love those containers... must day I haven't seen sugar cookie recipes in GF... pass it on if you find one...xx

  6. Great sketch and good luck with your culinary challenge. I'm not sure why you have to wait for December first, but if you can start earlier--go for it! ;)

  7. All your pictures for AEDM are so beautiful and this one is one of my favourites because it makes me feel so cozy and comfortable looking at these typical, beautiful kitchen containers. I love the colors and the idea and the composition. It just makes me feel so good. Your researching for christmas receipts sounds exciting. I hope you'll find a GF cookie receipt. It reminds me as well that I should start researching too.


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