Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AEDM - Day Twenty-One

Hiya. So, what cha' doin? I've been working on a friend's late birthday prezzie. I'm painting her a rose. Don't worry, she knows I'm painting her a rose, she picked what she wanted from me. :o) For today's AEDM I thought I'd take a page out of Serena's journal, so to speak, and draw something instead of outright paint it. I'll admit that I did add a little color to liven him up, but then I can never control myself when it comes to embellishment. It was the first time using my Neocolor ll water soluble pastels. WOW, their colors are fantastic. So bright and vibrant. I'm looking forward to using them again in something really bright. I only have a set of ten colors but for now that's enough.

It's taken me about a half a year to get around to trying them. You see, when I order from Blick Art Supplies I order a large amount of stuff to save on shipping. I realized that if I didn't get these last time I ordered, I'd have to wait at least a year to get them next time. Because I'm in Nanaimo, Canada getting art supplies at a reasonable price can be difficult. In fact, so far I haven't even found a fine art store in Nanaimo at all yet. We have a Michael's but they just don't usually carry the artist brands and if they do they're exorbitantly expensive. It's much more economical to order once a year from Blick as they have nearly anything you'd ever need. (If you ever want to order anything, I'm an affiliate and I'd so appreciate it if you'd click through from my site, it helps keep me in hazelnut coffee, lol.)

The one thing they don't carry are Twinks and Silks from Luminarte. The Twinkling H2O's are my new love. I like the Silks too but I'm foremost a watercolor artist and haven't really ventured into acrylic yet. When I do I know I'll use the silks. I must admit, I'm curious to try my mom's new Golden acrylic paints that I bought her a little while ago but I want her to use them first so I'll wait and get used to using Twinks, Silks and Neocolor ll's.

I think with the Neocolor ll's tried, I've finally used all my supplies at least once. It must sound like I have a plethora of stuff in my artistic arsenal but that's not so true. I just get used to using certain supplies, I know how they'll come out and work so I don't venture out to new stuff, lol. I'll admit though that I'm crossing my fingers that I get more Twinks for Christmas. I really love them.

Ok, so obviously I did a heron in my Moleskine. I decided that I'd represented the Koi in our pond and I should show our not so little baby Koi eater. I think we'll put up a sign this spring stating that we are NOT a sushi restaurant, go elsewhere!! 

Heron: Sushi Eater
Funny enough, this is my second encounter with a heron. When I lived in Vancouver there was a very large pond outside the circle of apartment buildings where I lived. It actually had a small boat moored in the pond for all the gold fish (or possibly Koi) to hide under when the sun got too bright and hot. The resident heron that we had along with turtles, ducks and geese wasn't the smartest of birds. He used to stand on the bow of the boat with the sun at his back. This threw his very long shadow across the water. I swear I could hear all the hundreds of gold fish hiding under the boat making fun of him. I'm sure they were  laughing and nudging each other wondering just how stuuuupppid did this dumb heron think the fish were?? We do SEE your shadow, we KNOW you're there waiting to eat us. Let me just say our heron was a very thin bird, he probably survived on McDonald-Land fries from a block away!!

So anyway, hope all my American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving this Thursday. I'll be having veggie soup with crackers or some such. If you want the recipe for my veggie soup, click here!! (the recipe is a part of Dion Dior's When Artist's Cook, last month's post)

I'm sure I'll be back soon with more art for AEDM. Until then, enjoy this time before the rush of Christmas. Sending hugs to you all. Come on back soon and say hi, K? Good!


If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room for this week, just click here and scroll down to the end of the post to read all about this week's theme, "Turkey Day USA", and add your artwork to the Mr. Linky. Remember, it's the second last APR of 2012!
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  1. the heron is very cool and I like using those crayons as well. I only have a smallish set but they work so well adding some highlights and touches of colour to work in sketchbooks that i tend to use them for that alone... especially as they are crazy expensive over here as well... I think they must sail them over on a golden boat!!!
    T xx

  2. I have a set of those crayons that I haven't used enough and bet I bought them at Dick Blick, too. I order most of my art supplies from there. Wonderful store and good prices. Love your heron! They would be drawn to a goldfish pond--fish in a barrel and all that. Ducks and raccoons love them, too.

    The veggie soup sounds delicious. ;) Enjoy!!

  3. I wanted to hate the Koi Killer Jenn but he's magnificent!
    He's brilliant. I'm assuming he's a he because a female wouldn't do such a thing obviously!

    Those pastels sound really great but I'm thinking that you are missing a great opportunity here...you could open a fantastic art supply shop in Nanaimo...in your spare time of course! LOL
    I can see it now...set out with tables, samples and molekine plus copious cups of hazelnut coffee for the punters!
    What are you waiting for? ;D

    Have a wonderful week ~ busy but fun hopefully :D

  4. Superb artwork, and love the humour in the titling :)

  5. Gorgeous heron ~ well done ~ thanks for the wishes for our Holiday ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. Beautiful page Jenn. All I can say is "supplies it UP!!" no greater joy for an artist. Hugs xx

  7. Gorgeous heron, Jenn!! The Neocolors II are on my wish list. I also order from Dick Blick as availability and costs for certain brands in Australia are ridiculous! I've recently heard that http://www.utrechtart.com are quite reasonable on their postage but I haven't done a comparison yet. I don't think they're as well stocked as Dick Blick are either.

    We've had home-made veggie soup for the past couple of nights for dinner. My son and I like to add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to the bowl of soup before eating...SO delicious!

  8. Oh, I love herons and yours is lovely! We have a blue heron that likes to hang out in the pond behind our house. He's getting awfully brave. We may end up becoming friends. Happy AEDM!


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