Saturday, November 3, 2012

AEDM - Day Three

So I have a Strathmore Visual Journal that I'd purchased a while ago so I could play in it. I'm already in love with it's multi-media paper, it has a smooth Vellum finish and it's easy to both draw and erase on. Many of the papers I work with seem to leave a  shadow of pencil when I erase (which I do a lot). The weight of the paper is 90lb, which is good for laying down watercolors, ink or acrylics. I usually work on 140 lb but I think this will do fine for the purpose I have for it.  I plan on learning how to work with my Silks in this Journal and also play with different ideas on how to use my Holbein watercolors and new Inktense watercolor pencils. It'll be fun to have a place that I can just be free to try stuff and allow myself to make mistakes. 

Usually I'm so worried about ruining a piece of art that I don't take it farther, instead I get to a place where I'm happy with it even though I suspect it could be better if I tried something creative. That means though, that if I screw up, then all those hours of work are wasted. In this journal I can just let that fear go, I'm not trying to create great art, I'm trying to LEARN.

I've drawn up four pages so far, ready for playful paint, creative thought and inspiration. I still have my Moleskine but I'd like that to be an in-between kind of book. I'd like it to be somewhere I can try smaller pieces but put in the effort to make them good. I think this'll allow me to, in one way or another, find my way to where I want to go with my art. I guess that's why I'm doing "Art Every Day Month" this year. I was inspired by Tracey Fletcher King (oh, she's playing along again this year too, lol), she said doing the one month challenge really changed her art and the way she worked. I'd like that, to find my balance.

Even better, I'd like to not only find my artistic balance, but also learn to be more prolific. I want to do some kind of art everyday. I think the artistic muscle is something you have to use everyday for it to be healthy. I don't do that yet. I let life intervene constantly. Something is always more important than my sitting down and painting. I'm going to endeavor to change that this month. 

This is my second piece for AEDM put on by Leah at Art Everyday. I added a cool alphabet to my moleskine, it was inspired by a font Dion Dior loves to use. I noticed it on several of her pieces for her series "When Artists Cook" and practiced and played until I got to an alphabet that I was happy with.

Title: Acorn to Zipper
I'll see you again tomorrow as I continue to do the near impossible and create art everyday. Wish me luck!!

If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room, all you have to do is click here and then scroll down to the bottom of the post to read about this week's theme, SUNSETS, and add your art to the Mr. Linky.
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  1. love the alphabet and I have one of those journals.... sure you will love getting artistically fit over the month... I kind of think it is like creative boot camp... lots of fun and can't wait to see what it does to your art...xx

  2. I've seen these at the art shop and now I think I will get one. You can't ruin a visual journal - you just cover mistakes or things you don't like with gesso and more layers. Have fun filling it up :)

  3. you kind of have to roll right on over your inner "Eloise Gumpert" sometimes. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with making pages that are $#!+ [or so you think] BEcause that gets the $#!+ out of the way.

    last year was my first time and out of that daily practise I BEgan my 366 Daze of Grace blog and BE Currie and Now I have moved my Gratitude Practise onto a blog, too.

    no more am I afraid to make(r@P BEcause that always opens the way to the good stuff. ALWAYS!!

    I love your alphabet. I love your boldness in making it for YOU. I love that you reminded me about a Strathmore Visual Journal I have tucked away.

    Art Every Day Month is just like APR only everyday all day for November.

    Shine on, Jenn!! xoxo

  4. MORE please.... can I see inside the other pages of your journal?

    I owe you an e-mail, and I'll get right on it. I'd like to thank your readers for voting for my GIVE THANKS table decor over on Paper Craft Island, as I wished. My torch was snuffed by my fellow competitors (that's part of the deal), but I DID lead the way with 16 of 24 fan votes! Thank you...

    ... and this TOP FAN VOTES means that for me, the competition continues, as I am vying for a "2nd chance win" for a spot in the Final 3 competition on the island. This weekend pits me (with two Christmas cards) against another (with a recipe book). Voting deadline is TODAY (Sunday 11/4) if you can find it in your heart to vote again for this slacker. Just send an email to and tell her you're casting your vote for #1, Christmas Cards. If you'd like to actually SEE the cards before you vote (LOL, rather than voting for a pig in a poke!), visit the island at BIG THANK YOUs!

    Slacker has a bit of an excuse for her dally. While we came through SuperStorm Sandy with only a brief power outage and no real damage, the majority of my community just got power yesterday after 5 days in the dark. It's amazing how much this affects everyday life -- things we take for granted like banking, grocery shopping, traffic lights, operating a gasoline pump (no can do without electricity!), HEAT, even celebrating Halloween.

    We're slowly getting back to normal. Here, I had my daughter's family in my home for 3 days in a makeshift arrangement, since their power was out that long. The little one (Charlotte, 23 months now) was quite bored at Giii and Pop's house and stuck inside while the winds blew away things twice her weight (and more!).

    Peace, and happy art every day!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  5. I too have a couple of different ongoing journals that serve different purposes - I think that's really helpful. Love your alphabet and will practice it in my alpha journal where I keep great lettering ideas. I'm working on AEDM as well but my computer is down (using Dan's right now) so I can't upload the pics - hopefully it'll be resolved soon! Hope this exercise does all you want it to do!


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