Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AEDM - Day Six

Hurry, hurry, I'm late for a very important date!! I've been rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to get art done for both today and tomorrow so I can actually be kind of ahead. I've realized that if I add my link to the Linky on AEDM late in the day, no one visits, they're all so tired trying to get their art done for today and tomorrow too!!

So, my goal today was to finish a couple paintings to fulfill both today (hopefully the last time I'll be so late) and tomorrow's new linky that I can link up onto just after midnight. It's a plan but to get it done I had to make my second piece very simplistic. It had to be done, a page of test colors, but it's kinda boring. Oh well, I'll finally feel a little caught up.

I do have four other pieces drawn up and planned, I just have to execute them. I'm having a thrill of a time trying all the new paints I have. The silks are as amazing as the twinks I tried yesterday. If you'd like to see that, click here.

Once again, I'm working in my Moleskine. I'm loving how it's coming along, I've done 5 pages in it, building a start, theming that start on what I use and need to make art. Here they are in order...
My latest Moleskine page showing some of my Silks & Twinks
I'll be back very soon, within hours, with the other page I did today. It's a race to do a painting a day, I'm having a blast though and I love the new artistic muscles I'm making. :o)

If you're looking for this week's Artist's Play Room, all you have to do is click here then scroll down to the end of the post to read about this week's theme, SUNSETS, and add your art to this week's Mr. Linky
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  1. love this page... the cleaner background is making them explode off the page... and great composition as well... I love my twinks, and find they make my watercolours pop whenever I feel as though they are a little flat... they are a great tool...xx

  2. Love this painting. I've got twinks and some silks but haven't even opened the silks yet. Love the idea of the colour chart. Great theme for the moleskin.


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