Friday, November 16, 2012

AEDM - Day Seventeen

Heeeerrrreeee Fishy Fishy Fishy.... We have a lovely Koi pond outside the front of our apartment building. In the pond there are two orange and white fish and two white and white fish, lol. The white ones are excellent hiders while the orange/white ones, not so much. I am enamored with all four fishies but I see much more of the orange ones, I even get to feed our fish on the weekends when the manager is absent.

It makes me happy watching their little fishy mouths make a little "O" as they gulp down the Koi pellets. They're adorably cute and I so totally want to pet their little heads, lol. I refrain myself though. I thought I'd memorialize their beauty in my moleskine, now that winter is coming and I think I won't see them as much (they seem to be hiding more and more). Do Koi hibernate in the winter?? I know nothing about them except their cute and lovable.

I hear that there used to be a bunch of Koi babies, little gold fish-like cuties swimming around in the pond with mommy and daddy. Unfortunately, we not only have Koi but we also have a hungry heron who knows there's a Koi pond. Appearantly, last year around springtime, when the big maple tree was still leafless, the heron could easily fly in, land on the side of the pond and have a four course meal on baby Koi. Grrrr. Sometimes I hate nature. The good thing is once the leaves bloom on the tree, the Koi pond and the resident Koi are protected. When the tree's in leaf, to get to the pond the heron has to land in the parking lot and walk into the round outdoor atrium that holds the Koi pond. That just isn't gonna happen, the heron isn't that dumb. Let's hope this upcoming spring will bring early leaves and late Koi babies. :o)

If you'd like to see all my AEDM entries so far, just click here, it'll bring up all the posts in descending order. I'll be back tomorrow with all the Christmas APR entries, we got a bundle of them! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room for this week, just click here and scroll down to the end of the post to read all about this week's theme,CHRISTMAS, and add your artwork to the Mr. Linky. Hurry though, you don't have long, it closes at Noon tomorrow, Pacific time!
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  1. Popping in from the koi!

  2. Awesome Koi sketch, Jenn!! Great colour and depth! Some parts of nature are indeed hard to watch...I always look the other way when gory parts come on wildlife documentaries. Sometimes, it can turn me off watching the rest of the program.

  3. So pretty love your fishies this book has been good for you. So much unique creativity pouring out of it.

  4. The fishies are beautiful! They appear so calming and confident and I love the colors.

  5. we have a koi pond and they are so fascinating to watch! really beautiful creatures. your bold colors catpure them perfectly!

  6. such a great sketch Jenn... you have captured their movement really well... hope the heron freezes its butt off and leaves the babies alone when they come...xx

  7. Love, love, love your fishies. The colours are fabulous. I've been reading the other posts, still trying to finish cleaning. Two rooms and a patio to go and the downstairs is done. Don't want to look at the upstairs!
    Have fun and I will maybe post this week.


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