Thursday, November 15, 2012

AEDM - Day Fifteen

Well, another day, another dollar as they say. It's been two days of frenzied work. I realized that I was seriously behind when I heard a commercial from Canada Post that reminded potential customers that if they wanted their packages delivered on time, they better get them posted. So I spent all yesterday crazily trying to finish all my projects that were being shipped out. This is why no art got done, or at least nothing that could be shown here. ;o)

I spent all of today trying to stuff, shove, wheedle and cajole carefully wrapped presents into the smallest shipping boxes I could use. It was a day filled with a dozen step sister's big huge feet not fitting into Cinderella's petite glass slipper! You see, Canada Post has recently changed it's policies. You cannot ship anything without insurance and tracking. This seriously increases the cost of shipping anything anywhere and the prices were already egregious before hand!! The only way to get costs down is to use smaller boxes, hence the stuffing, cajoling and begging the items to magically shrink and GET THE HELL IN THE BOX!!

I'm tired. Exhausted, actually. Not only am I trying to do all things at once, but I'm also dieting my ass off, literally. I figure if I don't get this diet moving faster for the next 6 weeks then I don't get to have cookies and chocolate at Christmas and I'M HAVING the damn chocolate!! Hehehe. So, obviously I'm working on fumes and getting twice as much done than I should in half the amount of time. On top of that I cut down on the coffee, too much sugar and too much caffeine just can't be good, right?? RIGHT?? Please agree, actually, let me change that, if you ALL agree that sugar and caffeine would be a GOOD thing, then as they say, one hundred thousand people can't be wrong, right?? Now all I need are 100,000 followers to tell me they think I should have that cuppa with a couple of teaspoons of sugar five or six times a day. Think of it as your early Christmas present to me. K?

Anyway, I'm ranting. It's the hunger talking. I'll shut up now. :o) ... Oh, I guess I have to explain my sketch. I was coming in my apartment building's front door and to do that I have to pass the Koi pond with a huge maple tree growing over it. For weeks I had noticed all the leaves collecting in the pond, obscuring the fish entirely so well that I in fact started thinking the fish had somehow walked away, lol. Maybe they'd been moved for the winter?

Strangely, today, as I walked toward the Koi pond to go inside I looked up to the naked branches of the maple tree and actually thought, "hey, when did the tree lose all it's leaves?". Holy Cow, talk about brain fog, lol. Ummm, Jenn, where did all the leaves on the ground and in the pond for the last two weeks COME from?? The leaf fairies??!? Hehehe. This led to my current leaf drawing in my Moleskine. God help me, I think I need a nap, a cup of coffee with sugar and a bloody donut. Hehehe. Burning fumes, seriously burning fumes here. ;o)

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with another piece of art for AEDM, but I can't guarantee it, I might just sleep all day and say "to hell with it!"

See you tomorrow? Ya... *eye roll*.

If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room for this week, just click here and scroll down to the end of the post to read all about this week's theme,CHRISTMAS, and add your artwork to the Mr. Linky.
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  1. I love your leaf sketch! Great colours! I can't go without coffee (I take mine without sugar though), so good on you for giving both up! Coffee isn't really the best thing for the body, but I'm stuck with it. :-( Hang in there with the diets, you'll feel proud of yourself for sticking with them, not to mention being healthier for it!

  2. Listen to your body; if it says it needs a caffeine & sugar rush - go for it ;)

    Fantastic leaf drawing.

  3. I say go for the caffeine and sugar and cut out lots of other stuff... but then again I am no skinny minnie so maybe you shouldn't listen to me!!! ... the leaf is lovely though hate to think of the poor bare tree freezing... we have a leopard tree that loses its leaves in spring...every single tiny one... and there are millions of them, not pretty big leaves either...teeny tiny little suckers... blowing through the house... getting stuck in the dog's hair... they are seriously driving me nuts... but in just a few weeks it will be giving us gorgeous deep cool shade... hope it hurries up though...xx

  4. shipping is insane everywhere!! If you give up carbs for a month, you see a difference faster. READ the ingredients.....!! There is only 16 calories in a teaspoon of sugar....more in honey, although honey is supposed to be healthier for you...I just drink my coffee black....good luck.

  5. Ah - dieting before the holidays...a good plan but tough to stick to. And then, dieting AND no caffeine - you must be some kind of crazy! Even when I diet I don't give up my Diet Pepsi (yeah, yeah, not good for me, I get it!). Sending all my 'success' energy your way.
    Oh yeah, great leaf drawing... :)

  6. well... I don't really DO coffee caffeine and haven't enJOYed any chocolate in quite awhile. it was right after I let go my car that I started letting go of some other habits, too. I mean coffee and I haven't been seen together since August 2010. then, without a car and wanting to make that $$ last me, I decided NOT to "treat" myself for awhile. NOW I don't even think about the treats, I mean the edible and delicious ones, though I realise I could have them, if I wanted...
    I think, go for what makes your heart happiest. And as for diets, I've tried MANY and you know what?! without even trying to "diet" I've dropped 20+ pounds. my problem is my clothes are all too large and the same i$$ue as why I let the car go means new clothe$ are NOT in the budget.
    sorry to go on so. I was inspired by your rant ;~D
    BEautimous leaves, by the by. Makes me want to give them a try... of course they would look very different as our leaves here aren't the pretty ones but there is one leaf that is pretty darned gorgeous so there's hope for me yet!!

  7. The leaf is gorgeous. I love that it looks like a real leaf that you've laid on your sketchbook.


  8. Yet another fan of the gorgeous leaf, which I can't help noticing is in various shades of, um, chocolate. ;-)

    As for coffee, I'm not much help, I'm afraid, as I drink it black by choice.

    I do understand the dieting-to-splurge idea. I eat light 4 days a week so that I don't have to be so concerned with what I consume on the other 3. Oddly enough, I've discovered that the habit tends to carries over to the other 3 anyway, so that I eat less overall.

  9. I thought your leave was real when I first saw it. It really looks 3d. Beautiful

  10. What a stunning leaf! Hope you get some rest soon so you don't have to run on empty!

  11. I feel for you and your posting problems. One thing I found when I sent a package to Canada was it was almost as cheap to send there as it was to send here. However, it sounds like I got my package sent in time to not force, shove, or even cajole. Just in time for a well planned Christmas hike. Of course, maybe that doesn't apply to those of us sending to Canada.

    Love your leaves. Glad you had a chance to create something today. BTW, stuffing packages is an artform!!

  12. I forgot to mention. Coffee is good, sugar is NOT (grin).

  13. The leaves look beautiful and brilliant. I admire you because of all that beautiful artwork you did within the last days for AEDM!

  14. Okay now listen here Jenn, you actually scared me reading this post...I think you may need a little if you need coffee, sugar, brandy, lemsip, or whatever...then you have it girl! GO FOR IT!
    You sound extremely near to the edge...but then your leaf is fantastic so maybe dieting, mind cashing cheques your body can't render etc works for you. ;D

    The colours and shading are brilliant. But it does sound a little frightening though.
    Maybe just ease up a little :D

    I can't even catch up with all the AEDM entries never mind produce the work for it! Hmm...maybe I should diet and give up my cuppa???? Nah....


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