Thursday, November 8, 2012

AEDM - Day Eight

I had some serious fun today painting up this piece. It's in my new Strathmore Visual Journal, size 9 x 12 inch. I'm loving the new size, slightly larger than I'm used to painting on normally. I'm hoping to move to larger and larger paper until I can do really large full Arches sheets of 22 x 30. That's my goal in the next year or so.

I must admit that daisies are one of my favorite flowers to paint and draw so this was extra enjoyable. I love how the background came out, so loose and colorful. I finally seem to be allowing cleaner colors and freer lines.

Don't you love how daisy petals droop in the most delicious way? Such great fodder for an artist's pen. I can see myself doing a series of daisy paintings. Now all I need is a good name for the series. I'll take all suggestions.

Before I show you the final piece, I want to send a heartfelt thank you to my good friend Vonny. She painted a beautiful portrait of my parrot Berkley. I love how she paints pets, it's amazing how totally accurate she is with a paintbrush. It's extra sweet because earlier last year (after twelve years) I had to give Berk up as I became highly allergic to the powder from her feathers. She now lives with a loving older couple who spoil her rotten. Having such a wonderful portrait is so special and looking at it pulls at my heartstrings. Thank you Von, you're the best. 

(If you'd like your own pet portrait you can purchase one in Vonny's Etsy store. She also sells gift certificates, what a great Christmas gift for someone hard to buy for!)

Here's the main photo of my latest piece for AEDM. I'm calling it Lazy Daisy. :o) If you'd like to see all my submissions to Art Every Day Month, just click here and all my posts labeled AEDM will show up.

I'll be back tomorrow with both my submission for APR and AEDM - Day Nine... I think this month is gonna either make me one hell of a better artist or kill me! Hehehe. Now I'm off to bed... am I snoring yet? ;o)


If you're looking for this week's Artist's Play Room, all you have to do is click here then scroll down to the end of the post to read about this week's theme, SUNSETS, and add your art to this week's Mr. Linky
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  1. your daisy is one of your best pieces yet... great background to really show up the white on the petals... I really realy love this ... a lot ...

    and Von is awesome with her pet portraits... I have her painting of Mushu on the wall in the breakfast nook ... I love seeing it there...xx

  2. I immediately thought of e e cummings' poem...
    one winter afternoon ee cummings
    One winter afternoon
    (at the magical hour
    when is becomes if)
    a bespangled clown
    standing on eighth street
    handed me a flower.
    Nobody,it’s safe
    to say,observed him but
    myself;and why?because
    without any doubt he was
    whatever(first and last)
    mostpeople fear most:
    a mystery for which i’ve
    no word except alive
    —that is,completely alert
    and miraculously whole;
    with not merely a mind and a heart
    but unquestionably a soul-
    by no means funereally hilarious
    (or otherwise democratic)
    but essentially poetic
    or etherally serious:
    a fine not a coarse clown
    (no mob, but a person)
    and while never saying a word
    who was anything but dumb;
    since the silence of him
    self sang like a bird.
    Most people have been heard
    screaming for international
    measures that render hell rational
    —i thank heaven somebody’s crazy
    enough to give me a daisy


  3. You have a nice way of making the daisies look like they're bathed in sunlight.

  4. The daisies are very well contrasted with your background. Really good! I love it!

  5. Fantastic daisies, especially against the out of focus background. Perfect :)

  6. OMG, this is gorgeous! I love the background, I love the droopy petals, I love the shadows! Just a beautiful lazy daisy. You should be proud.

  7. What a beautiful daisy. Colors are gorgeous. Nicely done.

  8. Fabulous! It looks as tho you could pluck it off the page.

  9. so beautiful! i live the background, it really makes the daisy pop! the lazy petals are exquisite - it sure looks like you could pluck it off and smell it!

  10. Wonderful picture, colors are gorgeous!

  11. i love your daisies--they definitely are the friendliest of flowers! I particularly like how the stark white and crisp lines stand out against the soft, colorful background.

  12. These are absolutely perfect, so realistic and the background is..... i can't even think of a good enough word!

  13. these are really beautiful, jenn! i am enjoying your art every day series - what a fun thing to do! and your work is different every day - looking forward to the next day's results :)

  14. Your daisies are awesome, I really love that gorgeous background. Really beautiful.
    Thanks you so much for mentioning my pet portraits, I loved doing Berkley.
    Hope she brings you lots of loving memories.
    Luv Von

  15. GORGEOUS daisy Jenn!! Warmly, Tracy

  16. Jenn, your daisy is stunning. I love those white petals. Would you please show a tutorial of how you accomplished such perfection?

  17. Fantastic daisy painting Jenn,
    I have to confess I enlarged it so that I could take in all the's brilliant. I love the shadows, shapes, colours and that background is stunning.

    Vonny's painting is amazing too. What talented ladies you both are!

    I never realised that you had had a Berkley! What a wonderful portrait to remind you of him.


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