Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a Masquerade Giveaway!

As a little girl, I was truly blessed at Halloween. And as we come into Pumpkin and goblin season I think of all those lovely Halloween costumes I wore. See, mom was an excellent seamstress, she had been forced to learn to make her own clothes as a teen and years later she still had the wicked skills to pop out a new dress or cool costume in a couple of days or so. Combine her sewing skills with the fact that she's also where I get my artistic talent (just a chip off the ole' block, as they say) and you can imagine that I always had some seriously slammin' costumes!

When I was about nine or ten she took some serious time and made me an authentic clown costume. In fact, she made three! One for her, one for my dad and one for me. We were the best dressed Halloweeners that year, bar none. I remember how amazing the neck ruffle was, it literally filled from chin to chest and had red and blue rick-rack all around the many layers of ruffles. She made pom-pommed hats for us all and even put pom-poms down the front of each costume. As I grew, I got to choose which clown costume I wanted to wear, I think I wore each one at least once, I always felt so loved as all my friends would ooh and aah over my hand made costume. Gotta love mom.

Ok, on to the main event, my APR submission and the Masquerade Giveaway. I decided I really wanted to draw up some masks so I trolled the internet looking for some inspirational photographs. WOW, a lot to choose from, for serious! Now I wish I were throwing a masked ball and I could invite you all so we could wear gorgeous masks all night and try to guess who each other was! Each guest could bring a bag of candy (I KNOW I'd have to bring Swedish fish! I love those darn little gummy fish.). Then we could all make up our own Halloween candy goody bags! I should have been a party planner, hehehe.

Anyhoo, what are you doing this Halloween?? Do you decorate and go all out? Do you just do a Jack-o-lantern? OOh, do you roast the pumpkin seeds every year?? Yummo! OH, and I really want to hear what your all time favorite candy is!! Leave me lovely comments, I'll enter all who comment into a witch's hat and pick a winner. The winner will get a special mystery bag of wonderfulness. You didn't expect me to TELL you what you win did you?? This is a MASQUERADE theme, remember?? Sheesh! ;o)

Title: "Masquerade Ball"
Remember, add a comment to this post to be eligible to win the mystery giveaway! (I'd also love it if you'd answer some of the questions I asked, hehehe.) I'll announce the winner this Saturday on the wrap up APR for this week (and new APR theme). SO, get your comment in there so you can win!

Talk to you all soon!


Click here to go to this week's Masquerade themed APR. Remember to leave your comment to win a mystery goody bag! Come back early next week when I'll be finally giving away my two issues of FEATURING magazine, issue 2 arrived today so we can do the giveaway next week!!
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  1. Great masks Jenn! This has been one of my all time favorite challenges. My entry will show you my favorite costume. Hard to pick a favorite candy but every year I look forward to the traditional "candy corn". I don't so much like eating it, I like looking at it and besides it is such a throwback to childhood.

    That said, I'm throwing my hat in for the giveaway drawing!


  2. Fantastic drawing Jenn, so theatrical. It's perfect! ;D

    I wasn't going to play this week but I just couldn't get the 'Masquerade' tune from Phantom of the Opera out of my head!
    Can you believe I've even posted it on Thursday too? Whoohoo...
    I just need time to visit everyone now but we're off to New Zealand on Sunday so it'll be a challenge in itself :D

    Oh nearly the fancy dress party that we had before leaving for Oz, I dressed as Sandy out of Grease (leather trous and all ~ shocking) and my hubby was Danny!
    What a blonde wig was so big it was difficult to move my head! Yes there is photographic evidence but if I showed you them I'd have to kill you ;D

    Not sure this would be my favourite costume if I had to do it again, but it was hilarious (and kind of scary all at once).
    As to my favourite candy...I'm not sure you'd class it as candy but it has to be anything chocolate! Predicable maybe but oh soooo good!

    We don't go out at Halloween...we hide! LOL ;D

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for the mysterious bag of wonderfulness to come magically my way.
    Thanks for a great theme and lots of fun :D

  3. Halloween has never been my holiday - I embraced it more when the kids were little and did the whole costume thing, but for me - not so much. Candy - hmmmm don't eat much, but it's hard for me to turn down a Snickers or my mom's melt-in-your-mouth fudge.

    I'm working away on my silly entry into your masquerade'll make you chuckle (or wince). :) And who wouldn't love to win a bag of wonderful?

  4. I love Halloween and decorate my house all up. Even though I am a grandma with no kids in sight. I do make Halloween cookies with the neighbor kids each year. I know its not a "candy" but those cookies are such fun to make that they are my favorite treat. thanks as always for sharing.

  5. We carve pumpkins every year and leave them outside the front door so the children from the neighbourhood know we're participating in tricks-or-treats.

  6. Aww, I feel very lonely, we don't do Halloween here, so no dressing up or nothing :( Winning the goodies would cheer me up (he he). Halloween is catching on here but hardly anyone does it. My daughter (18 at the time) went to a Halloween party once and I got her some white clothing and covered it in "blood", that looked really effective. The spattered look (mwa ha ha).

    Love your mask Jenn. I am trying to enter this week. Paint wouldn't dry yesterday as it was raining and I have to do some housework, so will try to finish something this afternoon, promise.
    Luv Von.

  7. Great mask. I love dressing up and coming up with a new one each year. Last year I was "an accident waiting to happen". Homemade caramels are my favorite candy.

  8. I love your masks! And would have loved to have seen a couple of your homemade CLOWN costumes!!!! I used to collect ceramic masks and had them hung on the walls until they began to give me the creeps! Hahahaha! top it all off, I LOVE SWEDISH FISH!!! My favorite! I was just telling my cousin that I had the cravings for some last night! And here I am reading about them on your blog! Gotta go get some today!!!

  9. Such fabulous masks Jenn!! The details are so beautiful.
    Halloween wasn't 'done' as I grew up, I barely even knew about it. Weird huh, but I guess with seven kids my mum steered us away from anything that would cost more money at the end of the day. Consequently it's not something I have acquired a 'taste' for as I've aged either; particulalry as my wee boy gets scared as he doesn't understand it at all (he has an ASD), but I do like to see the local kiddies enjoying themselves tho'.
    Anyhoo, what I hAVe acquired a taste for is CHOCOLATE! haha. I don't eat much of it as I need to watch my weight, but I do loves a bit of the yummy stuff :D
    A mystery bag of wonderfullness would be sOOper, thank you very much :0)
    Enjoy the rest of your week :0)

  10. I haven't been feeling good all week so no entry this time. :( I love your masks!!

    I only was into Halloween some when I was little and when my son was little we carved pumpkins. But now I don't decorate and rarely have any kids at all since I moved here seven years ago. I think the most I had was five one year and most years it is zero. So I don't deserve Halloween treats, to be honest. But I do love chocolate. We always got so excited if we got Hershey bars when we were kids! Plain chocolate or caramels are the best!

  11. Gorgeous Jenn, the music manuscript effect on the harlequin mask bell embellishment pieces is super, really love that.

    So enjoyed reading your post, especially about your Mom making clown costumes for you. It brought back happy memories of my making a Little Bo Peep dress and bonnet for my daughter when she was six years old and wanted to enter the fancy dress competition at the School summer fete. I so loved making that costume for her and I still have the dress... sadly not the bonnet, it got sat on and squashed :-/

    Halloween in the UK has been getting more and more popular over the last few years. We get many groups of trick or treaters calling at the house now. I love to see them all dressed up, from the tiny toddler with Mum and Dad, the slightly older groups of children (with Mum & Dad waiting at a discrete distance)to the older kids and teenagers out in groups unaccompanied.

    I'm already stacking up the goodies for when they call and this year, as well as the mini chocolate bars, jelly fish and chips, fondant mini mushrooms, boot laces etc., I'm going to be making toffee pieces and toffee apples to hand out too.

    Yikes, looks like I'll be having a busy Halloween this year.

  12. Love the drawing and you were lucky to have such great costumes... no real costume stories as we don't celebrate Halloween ... sometimes I wish we did but then at other times I am kind of glad the stores aren't full of chocolate... just what I don't need...xx

  13. haha! and you asked a lot of questions :) let's see. no decoration - kali and i will be on the road traveling and we are coming back home that day. getting home too late to really do anything.

    i do recall one costume my mom sewed up for me as a kid - probably 1st grade, thereabouts. it was a hobo ensemble (almost an oxymoron there :)) and she sewed a clothes line of little clothes across the back and across the front. it was the coolest thing!

    favorite halloween/fall candy has got to be those little orange pumpkins with the green stems that come with the candy corn! for sure!

  14. one of my favourite childhood memories is the Halloween when it rained [well, ONE of them anyway!!!] and I was probably 6 or 7. I got home all excited and all my candy was gone out the bottom of my bag that had worn out...
    my brother went out all over again and got me a new batch and I really never have forgotten his kindness.
    I don't DO much anymore, but I DO love the kids' excitement and Now that I have 3 little ones living in the house in front of the Wee Cottage, I am enJOYing their wonder.
    I am less inclined to eat candy anymore, though that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to. sometimes. but after so long, I don't REALLY know that it would have the same magic...
    I love your masks, Jenn. I think they are so subtle and they make me think of the magic of Halloween and BEing someone or something else for a day...

  15. Your drawing is amazing and I love your notes too. Your writing and the picture makes me feel as I would sit beside you and listen to all these exciting stories about halloween. We did not celebrate it in my childhood, but meanwhile you can find all kind of scary masks in our German shops too. I do not like these scary things but I like the mystical atmosphere in autumn. Thank you so much for hosting this ARTIST's PLAY ROOM. I very much enjoy this kind of playing!!!

  16. Wonderful masks you drew, Jenn! I love the one with the musical bits sticking up-top! My favorite costume I ever wore was when I masqueraded as "The Grim Reaper". I had a simple sheet over my head, like a ghost, but carried a (fake)scythe. Whenever anyone would talk to me, I never would answer, so it made me seem creepier! My favorite candy is Almond Roca. It is a toffee covered in chopped nuts with a thin layer of chocolate! Each inch long candy is wrapped in gold foil and they come in a tin. Great challenge, Jenn, thanks

  17. I love halloween! We decorate the house inside and out. The kids usually wait till the last minute to decide what they want to be and I try to work some magic and make it happen. Pumpkins are a must-sometimes we paint other times carve-depends on the mood. Candy candy we have sweet teeth here. Tabs are recess and butterfingers. Tum. Now I need to go to the store. Loved the submissions so far. Makes me want to start on some costumes. O and sidenote I am one of those parents who will let the kids ho as long as they want. Aging out is not stressed here. Lil. Too much kid in me to tell them no.

  18. Gorgeous mask Jennifer! Totally magical and mesmerizing and full of movement and energy! powerful! Love them! We celebrate Celtic New Year in my home, it is a wonderful feast, reflection of the year and awaiting the new year being born, we light candles and lanterns outdoors, very festive(basically it is new year's eve and a spiritual festival combined!)

  19. I love your masks, Jenn. They are so detailed. I used to dress up and go to Halloween parties all the time until my wife and I had children. After that, it was all about the girls. We carved pumpkins, roasted seeds, made pumpkin empanadas (Mexican turnover), decorated cookies, and went trick or treating. It was still a lot of fun. Now that the girls are older, we decorate, but just to greet the trick or treaters.


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