Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Stargazing

Ok, not exactly stargazing, more like stargazer. Actually exactly like stargazer. I decided to do a little thinking outside the box for my own challenge and do a tongue-in-cheek tweaking of the theme. This week I'm doing a Stargazer lily. In fact, I'm "cheating" even more as I've just been waaaay to busy this week to do anything else. SO, I decided to show you some old stargazers I did several years ago. ;o)

My thinking was if you're stargazing then you are a stargazer and a stargazer is also a lily, tada!! Now I can do a flower for my challenge instead of actually doing something celestial, hehehe. The stargazer (painting) I was going to show, I actually started over a year ago when I penciled in the macro of the flower and started the background. I then promptly put it away, not willing to try to accomplish painting it, not knowing if I could paint it successfully. Well, it doesn't matter now, because when I went to finish the painting last week, the frisket I had left on to protect the white areas had somehow melted into the paper and the whole thing was a mess. I knew I didn't have enough time to start again so I came up with this innovative cheat idea.

My most expensive cake!
Several years ago, before I was painting at all, I owned my own designer wedding cake business. I used the best baker in town who provided me with the very basic cake layers. I took those and did all the stacking, decoration, icing work etc. I made dimensional flowers in the new style, not the Wilton method but more real looking. This style is what you see on the celebrity cakes now. I was inspired by a guest Martha Stewart had on her show. That's when the business was born. 

At the time, I was trying to fulfill my need to create, but later (nearly eight years later!) I realized I just wasn't happy because all I wanted to do was paint. It was a difficult decision to shut down the business, I was good at flowers but I believed I had to follow my own bliss. And hey, maybe someday I'll teach the flower making, I know people want to learn it and experts in the process are fairly rare in Canada. That's something for the future. But now, I thought I'd show you some of the stargazer lilies I made for cakes over the years. Then I thought, "hey, that's not fair to the other lilies!", so I added a few of the other colors of lilies I've done, for you to see.
Stargazer with lily of the
valley and azaleas.
Stargazer with roses,
lily of the valley & sweetpeas
Stargazer with roses, bows
and lily of the valley
What I did when choosing a lily was I asked the bride what color she wanted her lily in, then I did research to find the perfect one so then she'd have an actual name of an actual flower that her new husband could buy for her, either cut flowers or a beautiful garden plant to remind them of their special day. I prided myself in NOT producing non-flowers, lol. No blue roses, EVER. :o)
Lily with oncidium orchids,
red roses & stephanotis
Lily, red & white roses and
stephanotis with bow accents
Bi-color lily with pink & red
roses in lattice basket.
I'll see you all in APR, do something celestial, be a stargazer or think out of the box like I did! I can't wait to see your work.
Later, K? Yes? YAY!


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  1. Oh my gosh Jenn, they are amazing, what a talent you have. They look so real, can't believe you stopped doing it but if you aren't happy then I understand. I could never cut a cake that beautiful. You are a lady of many hidden talents my dear friend.
    This puts my flop of an attempt at celestial to shame. I do have an excuse though. I am rushing as I am starting on a very special birdy today. If you're lucky I might even get enough done to add a photo to the post this afternoon.
    Still amazed at those fabulous works of art, you can't call them cakes.

  2. Lisa had real tigers lilies swirling up our wedding cake when we got married in 1991. Except for the frosting, it looked almost exactly like yours. I love it!

  3. But how could anyone cut or eat the cake when it looked so exquisite!?!!
    You really have a special gift Jenn...but I can understand if it's not quite fulfilling you. It'll be fantastic to revisit maybe one day in the future though.

    My aunty used to create wedding cakes too and you've brought back some lovely memories. She made our wedding cake plus all the celebration cakes for all the family.

    I certainly looked outside of the box for this week. LOL
    I never thought for one minute I'd even get to visit never mind enter.
    I'll try and squeeze time to check out everyone else but it might have to be as and when :$

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ have fun. :D

  4. My wedding cake was very similar to this, except mine was only 3 layers, and less elaborate (not so many flowers and beads). I also had lilies on my cake!! :-) I can understand how difficult it must have been to give up this business as you are so good with it too, and it is a creative avenue as well. Really wow. I love, love, love cake decorations! Can't do them myself, but I admire good art in all forms.

  5. Jenn, I think when you and I first "met" virtually you shared with me some photographs of your exquisite cakes, and I was stunned and amazed then as much as I am now. Your work in this medium is absolutely incredible. Martha Stewart or no, I have never seen anything comparable, not even in nature, and I'm not saying that simply to kiss-up or to fawn over my dear friend. I am, as they say, gobsmacked.

    You (and I both) are lucky that my daughter and I are both happily wed, or I'd have to yank you out of your retirement to make me a cake like this. It puts to shame the rather ordinary cake my daughter had done by a former cake designer for the White House, and which my daughter's snooty father paid THOU$AND$ to have brought in.

    With the love/care you put into each creation, I can easily see why you might give up that lifestyle of seeing your art eaten!

    Much love,
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  6. These do look like real flowers! Gorgeous!! You should definitely teach this art some day. I think that's a great idea. I have to go back and look again because I can't believe these aren't real. Love the fact you recreated real flowers that the new hubby could buy for his bride. Sweet!! :)

  7. Speaking as a florist, these are amazingly real expressions of stargazers! I've made this type of cake decor using real flowers as a florist, but NEVER have I seen such accuracy in frosting (or whatever it is you use). Stunning!

  8. Very very beautiful Jenn. Complete WoWsErS! :0)

  9. Jenn they are amazing... I love a well decorated cake and these are stunning... I often have stargazers in the house as we get arm loads of them at the markets and they have that amazing scent... these capture them perfectly... you are a clever clogs...xx

  10. Your wedding cakes are incredibly beautiful! I have never seen a cake like this before. Such a great idea to combine "star-gazing" with these delicious yummy cake. I wish I could taste it :)

  11. It amazes me how much we learn about one another when we share our art in response to a prompt, a word, an idea, or even something more ethereal...

    These a gorgeous, Jenn. WOW!!

  12. What amazing and realistic looking flowers. I think you have a great deal of talent no matter what you put your hand to.



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