Friday, October 5, 2012

Hosta & Moleskine

I've wanted to start drawing in my Moleskine since I figured out what I wanted to do in it. When I bought it I had no flipping idea what the heck to do with a sketchbook, I mean, I don't just draw for practice, it's not in my nature to "waste" time practicing. When I put pencil to paper I'm serious about making art. I knew this strange compunction wasn't gonna change anytime soon so I had to figure out a way around it so I could use my Moleskine! When I saw a friend's botanically themed sketchbook I knew I'd found my loophole. Botanicals are supposed to be kind of half finished, a leaf, a stem, some flowers to illustrate the genus of a plant etc. So I could "practice" but still have a cogent themed and professional looking (read: puurrrty) Moleskine.

This week's APR (theme: Botanical) seems like the perfect time to finally christen my first Moleskine sketchbook with a botanical drawing. Since the Hostas that we brought with us when we moved started blooming/growing again I've been hankering to draw up a bushel of Hosta leaves. That's what my first botanical pages in my Moleskine are going to be. I really do love Hostas, they're about my very favorite plant. I love their myriad green colors. Their leaves range from bright limey green to deep blue-green, and don't forget the creamy edges for a bit of interest!

The above is what I'd wrote a week ago, preparing to happily draw up my hosta leaves. So much for plans. I ended up going in for a doctor's appointment on Friday (to fulfill some prescriptions that needed re-upping) and picking up a cold from someone. Grrr, I've been down for the count since mid-Saturday. I have asthma and terrible breathing difficulty when I have a cold so I've just been so tired and under the weather that I didn't get time to draw up my pretty hosta. *sigh*. What is it they say about the best laid plans??

So, instead of showing you a gorgeous line drawing highlighting the beauty and form of the hosta leaf, I'm going to once again, show my favorite Hosta painting. This painting proved to me that I could truly create something beautiful. I still even have that exact hosta plant, sitting on my balcony. I love that plant. :o)


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  1. You poor thing, an asthma sufferer myself, I know what you mean about having breathing difficulties if you have a cold. Another blog friend who also happens to be an asthma sufferer told me to drink lots of black, hot tea and I do find it gave temporary relief.

    Your hosta painting is lovely!!

    Feel better soon ~ xo

  2. My son also gets astma when he catch a cold. But he uses two different sprays that helps him alot. First one that helps him breath and then a second one with Cortisone that heals. They work fine for him.
    This painting is very nice and is a perfect chose for this week! I hope you are feeling better again now.Take care!

  3. Bless you for your best efforts, Jenn, and I hope you're feeling fit as a fiddle soon.

    I understand your thoughts about practise. I have felt the same way. And then I started to DO little things when I have little pockets of time. I've grown quite fond of it Now and have discovered PRACTISE a lot like what you wrote about botanical sketches and their evolutionary bent.

    For me, APR has given me many opportunties to practise different things I want to try. I suppose having somewhere to share it and people who will actually share back about it with me makes it DO that "purrty" thing for me.

    Anyhow, I love your painting and I really admire your way of painting. It reflects discipline and focus and it's always "purrty" too!!

    Feel better. Rest easy. enJOY!!

  4. well i hope you are feeling better by now! being sick is no fun :( i love your painting - i've never heard of a hosta plant and i think it's a lovely plant. the leaves are really cooly shaped!

  5. HI Jennifer..hugs..hoping you feel bright and sparkling real soon! Take care! Beautiful stunning..wonderful!!
    Happy TG!
    Lots of happiness and joy to you and yours!

  6. Double WOW! I love hostas too and are blessed to have one in our garden as well. Blessings!

  7. Get well soon!!! I know this also from my son who gets astma when catching a cold. This is no fun. So I'm sending my best wishes to you for getting better. And your hosta is beautiful!!! Perfectly proportioned and beautiful green leaves. I also love this plant and have one on my terrace since five years. She survives everything.
    This week I was unfortunately 8 min late after linky widget expiration on the artist's playroom, but I posted something referring to "botanical". You are invited on my blog if you want to and have a look on it. All the best from Stefanie

  8. Is it safe to enter Jenn?

    How you doing? I hope you've managed to recover by now as I'm late visiting. Typical...and when I visit I don't even bring flowers! :$

    Sorry I missed the challenge...
    but I do love hostas and have always had them in my gardens when in the UK.
    Your painting is stunning and showing its full beauty.
    Take care xoxo

  9. This is such a beautiful painting, Jenn with wonderful perspective. Those colds are going around everywhere! The cold part lasts about a week and then some extra days of coughing! I hope you feel better soon.

  10. I am so bloody late it is a joke... I did read this the other day but knowing you aren't a fan of germs I didn't want the sneezes to get you across the net!!!! the leaves in this are just too lovely... they look like I could touch them...xx


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