Sunday, October 28, 2012

Calling All Friends!!

Hiya everybody, I have a small and easy favor to ask of you. Here's a short background explaining why I'm doing this post. I have a good friend, Ellen (I've mentioned her on the blog before). She emailed me late last night begging for help. :o) Jenn to the rescue!! She told me that not only is she's in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy but she also just came down with pneumonia! She didn't seem concerned with her health, silly girl, what she was upset about was that because of the hurricane she's sure she's gonna lose her internet connection and because of that, she'd drop out of contention for a huge prize in a contest she's involved in. This is the reason I'm begging all my friends for a tiny favor.

She's one of three semi-finalists in something called "Paper Craft Island". She won't be able to blog or promote herself for days without an internet connection so she's worried that without votes for "her craft project", she's gonna LOSE. EEk!!
Ok, so if you want to help Ellen, my good buddy, win, could you please click this email address below and send an entry for her craft project? Ellen's project is #2, a Halloween wreath, here's a picture of her cool and gorgeous project.

I know she (and I) would really appreciate your support in this. Ellen works tirelessly throughout the year making cards and decorations that groups she's involved in send to the children's hospital. She deserves a little love, because  she's so lovable. The email address that you send your "I'm voting for the Halloween project #2. Thank you!" is (Don't mention that it's Ellen's, just the number 2!!). The voting is only open until the end of tomorrow, Monday October 29th @11:59 pm EST (Eastern standard time). Thanks all who vote to help her win. I'm gonna send her some virtual chicken soup and an umbrella. :o) That and all the love I have for her quick recovery.

Thanks for listening my friends, you guys rock, for serious. :o) I'll be back soon with my "SHADOW" art for APR. Can't wait to see this week's submissions. Happy Halloweening!


BOO!! Ya, I know I scared ya this time!! Hehehe.

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  1. I voted for your brave and courageous friend. Besides her courage, her wreath is beautiful.

    Hugs xx

  2. I cast a vote for your friend's beautiful wreath. Hoping she feels better soon! Sandy's coming for us, too.

  3. I voted but not sure what the time is over there. Hope it was in time.
    Hope she is okay.

  4. I'm so sorry that I missed the date...I hope Ellen won? The wreath is fantastic.
    I also hope that she's safe and well now. ;D


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