Saturday, October 6, 2012

Artist's Play Room #30

This last week we did all things "botanical". I loved the breadth of ways that you lovely people thought of this theme. I'm always drawn to nature and the beautiful plants that grow in our gardens. I actually have a huge file with a plethora of photographs mom has taken from our gardens over the years. It's so easy to find inspiration to paint, draw and sketch by just looking at all the riotous colors and beautiful leafy greens. Let me show you what gorgeous artwork was submitted this week.
Ritu did a drawing with a
beautiful flower in it,
reminding us to pause and
smell the flowers in our day.
Bonnie has rendered a
beautiful piece in many
shades of lavender. I
love all the cut outs and
pretty flowers.
Catharine has painted
her love of books. I
totally agree, there's
nothing better than a
real book in your hands.
TwinkleT has collaged a lovely
piece about botanicals. It's
so whimsical and lovely.
Tracey drew some seed pods,
they're so realistic looking, I
always love her work!
Linda decided to paint her
lime tree, it's a work in
progress as she's not happy
with it. I think it looks
very etherial.
Hwee has painted this
beautiful tulip. She started
the background ages ago
but just finished it for us!
Elissa has painted some
really lovely red poppies,
I do so love red poppies,
& the background, wow.
Sharon has done
a commissioned floral
fairy. She's a lily fairy.
Just gorgeous.
Serena has been playing
in her sketchbook, no
pencil allowed!! Now
that's brave!
Currie has trolled her myriad
of photographs and done a
montage of botanicals.
Rita has painted these black
eyed susans, she isn't sure
if she likes them, I think
they're gorgeous!!
Darla decided to combine
two challenges, on of
roses and mine. THis is
a beautiful & simple card.
Alice has drawn a zentangle
with roses and vines to
finish two challenges. Such
a lovely background too.
Terri has photoshopped
a beautiful bi-colored rose
with a quote, I love how
she did the background.
Victoria has photographed then
manipulated the photo. It's a
beautiful Fall feeling.
Catharina has done a
watercolor painting of
luscious red berries. I
also love the background
My favorite hosta painting.
Although we've moved, I
still have this hosta plant
on my balcony!
Gloria has painted a really
beautiful backyard scene.
I think it's reminiscent
of Monet's style.
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

This week's theme is "Masquerade". I guess I've been thinking about all the costumes that we'll be seeing with Halloween coming around the corner soon. Feel free to interpret the theme any way you want, and since it's based on Halloween, you can always do something that leans that way too. I can't wait to see all your interpretations, I think this theme will be fun! GO!!(I'm doing masks)


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  1. Thanks for letting me post with last weeks theme, Jenn. It is an Autum theme, though. Blessings!

  2. Wow..all of these entries are magnificent..beautiful! I love your gorgeous hosta...powerful!

  3. Great entries this week! I think I´ve looked in to all of them! I couldn´t stop myself! :D
    Thank you Yenn for doing this for all of us humble artists!
    See you soon again!

  4. More fabulous examples this week Jenn. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to come up with anything and then today I remembered about the mask I made. Yippee :0))

  5. I really enjoyed this one. Sometimes it is hard for me to think of something fitting the theme, this time it was easy.


  6. Long time no see!
    I hope to join more often! :)


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