Sunday, September 9, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

This week's challenge is "JUICY". I decided to do a macro of a strawberry and I even have a little strawberry story to go with my painting.

When I was about three years old we went to a U-Pick strawberry field. It was the height of summer and the day boasted clear blue skies and soaring temperatures. We started picking, mom tells me I picked one for my bucket and one for my tummy. I guess about half an hour later I was covered, hands and face, with berry juice. Now that I was full of ripe strawberries I'm guessing I was bored and started complaining that I was hot. Mom suggested that I take off my top so I could cool down. I looked at her in horror! I was a GIRL. Girls DON'T take off their tops!!

Now, remember that I was all of three years old. Somehow in the last twenty minutes I had grown a sense of embarrassment, that I somehow was wholly aware of being a girl and girls didn't take off their tops, it was just not done. My mom smiled that smile that all moms get when their little girls aren't babies anymore. She said to me to keep my top on and be hot or take it off and be cool, we were the only ones in the field so no one would see. I'm sure she knew none of that meant anything to my mortified soul. I stayed hot. Kids.

Title: "Strawberry Fields Forever"

If you're looking for The Artist's PLAY ROOM just click here and go submit your artwork for this week's theme, "JUICY".
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  1. LOL I love it! The story and the painting... what fun both are.

  2. LOL! Ditto to what Teri said. I already planned my entry in my head, but haven't put it to paper. That's half the creative process, right? Have a blessed week.

  3. I'm glad to hear you have such high morals Jenn...I'm so proud of you ;D
    I thought you were going to say you took off your top and got terrible sunburn ~ ending up looking like a strawberry by the end of the day!
    Tell me how did you get the texture so real...even to the little dints with the seeds!
    Brilliant...the colour is stunning :D
    Have a wonderful creative week my friend ~ enjoy! xoxo

  4. Love the story and your strawberry is awesome, those little seeds look so cute, probably as cute as you were at 3 years old! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I loved your story! And I'd like to know how you did the strawberry close up and got the little dents around the seeds, too. Perfect! :)

  6. Love the sweet juicy strawberry & the adorable story to go along with it!

  7. Great story to go with your very juicy work... we had the opposite problem with Phantom... we spend half our life telling her to put her clothes back on!!!! luckily she grew out of it...xx

  8. Super strawberry Jenn, the colour is just fantastic and a well cute story of little Jenn ;)

  9. oooohhhh, I LOVE your macro strawberry! YUM!!! Fun memories too - your mom sounds like the most fun ever!

  10. AW..what a sweet story..I am giggling..too cute! and fabulous lush strawberry art..totally gorgeous and decadent and rich with energy! the color punch is exactly what i need this morning..thankyou..simply beautiful! and now i am craving strawberries..time to make a smoothie!

  11. What a wonderful painting, Jenn. Doing the berry huge was a great idea, and so artsy of you:)! Would have loved to have seen your strawberry covered face and hands!

  12. That's a great story, glad you are like me and won't show your bits. My little miss is always stripping off, even now I'm always telling her to cover up. I love the way you have subtle variations in colour on the strawberry, it really give the impression of indents. Just fab.

    I'll have some strawberries tonight, just for you.

  13. hahaha! i know just what you mean. i have a story, too, that i won't share with you, thank you very much - haha! but i remember that moment myself when i realized the same thing. moms! sheesh!

    and i love you strawberries, by the way :)

  14. great story. reminded me of when I was just ready to start 1st grade and we'd moved and I was told I HAD TO wear my shirt [I did NOT know about that "rule" until that moment] and I felt it was silly, dumb, and probably unfair...
    your painting is very delicious. I think I would like to add some of your strawberries in my mango smoothie!!


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