Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pre-Ordering For FEATURING Now Open!

It's finally available!! We've been waiting for the second issue of FEATURING to go to the printers so the we, the editors, could sing it's praises and rejoice in a spectacular and exciting new magazine once again available to buy. Once again, FEATURING is a highly readable, colorful and interesting spread. Of course, we have our regular sections, "In The Spotlight" where we highlight one inspiring artist, this issue we turn the spotlight on Michelle Reuss and "Into The Studio" where we explore an artist's place of work. This time the artist's space we invade is Jennifer Beinhacker's. (I wrote this article!) We also have a "Featured Blogger", Tammy Garcia of Daisy Yellow and don't forget our "Theme Gallery" where we publish art from our readers, this issue's theme way The Road AheadThere's a huge selection of other interesting articles on Zentangling, photography, Twitter & henna art, with lots more to keep you reading.

Other than the excellent content, I have another sensational reason to pre-order issue 2 of FEATURING magazine. We're doing a giveaway! Purchase your pre-order copy of Issue 2 before September 21st and be entered into a draw to win ONE of thirty inchies we're giving away and will be displayed on the back of issue 3. Wouldn't that be just the coolest thing?? Having a little piece of your artwork on the back of a published International magazine!! Here's the latest back cover of the magazine, go check it out. Remember, even if you don't win a free inchie, you can also purchase one to be displayed on the back of issue 3. Click here to read all about it and order your inchies. You can even purchase a block of four so you can display a larger art piece. (as long as you indicate you want them grouped)

I can hear you all wondering just what Issue 2 looks like inside. Well, click here to see a little preview of some of the cool pages you'd see if you were reading your very own copy. Click here to read the entire line up of articles in this, our second issue. Also, if you haven't purchased Issue 1, it's still available and you could be cost effective with shipping by ordering both Issue 1 & 2 together. Here's a breakdown of your savings if you purchase several copies of the magazine at once. (It pays to collect all your friends together and order the magazines in one lump instead of separately.)

People living Within Europe:
  • if you order two magazines at once, you save 11.2% on shipping costs.
  • if you order three magazines at once, you save 40.8% on shipping costs.
People living Outside Europe:
  • if you order two magazine at once, you save 15.8% on shipping costs.
  • if you order three magazines at once, you even save 43.8% on shipping costs!

Did you know that FEATURING magazine wants YOUR art?? Yes we do!! With every issue we choose an inspiration for our Theme Gallery and we ask our readers to send in artwork to represent what that theme means to them. Our theme for Issue 3 is "Soundtrack Of My Life". You, as the artist, can take this sentence literally or metaphorically, we just want to see your interpretation of our theme. Click here to read all about how to enter your artwork to FEATURING Theme Gallery. The deadline for Issue 3 is November 30. There are a bunch of other ways to participate and be in our publication, read all about that here.

Remember, if you want a chance to win an inchie, pre-order your copy of Issue 2 before September 21. I know you'll love this new International art magazine.


If you're looking for this week's Artist's Play Room just click here and you'll be taken to the latest challenge page. Just scroll down to the end of the post to submit your art for this week's theme of "JUICY". I can't wait to see your work!
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  1. I have the first one and it truly is worth ordering! I have already ordered the second issue and I have 6 inchies on the backcover! OOh Laa, I can't wait to see what fabulous things the second FEATURING will share with us.

    I will post on my blog Jenn and can't wait to read your article as well!


  2. Hi Jenn, just letting you know that I posted this one my blog today:
    waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)


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