Monday, September 24, 2012

New FEATURING Giveaway!!

The second issue of FEATURING is just coming off the printers bench and will be shipping to all who pre-ordered ASAP. Until then though, we at FEATURING are doing a NEW GIVEAWAY!! Anyone who pre-ordered Issue 2 has already been entered into our newest giveaway but those of you who haven't ordered the new issue can get in on the hoopla. The new magazine is available to buy now and once again, FEATURING is a highly readable, colorful and interesting spread.

By purchasing Issue 2 before October 30, you get to enjoy the excellent content of the magazine and you could win one of five (5) copies of a brand new book that was just published on September 21st. The new art journaling book written by Margaret Peot is entitled "Alternative Art Journals" and is useful for both beginners and advanced art journal artists. The theme of the book is driven by the concept that we are all inspired in different ways. Alternative Art Journals shows how to create personal and unique journals, breaking free of the traditional sketchbook format to embrace formats customized to the individual.

This book is packed with innovative and interesting projects that take help the reader approach their new sketchbook with more unconventional approaches. Encouraging instructions, creative prompts, and step-by-step demonstrations will inspire the reader to discover the art journaling method that is best for them. A picture-filled gallery of ideas provides an additional springboard for the creative artist.

So, order Issue 2 of FEATURING magazine by October 30th and be entered to win this terrific new book. (Persons who have already pre-ordered Issue 2 are already entered into this giveaway.)

  • If you'd like to see inside issue 2, click here
  • Read the entire line up the second issue
  • Also, if you haven't purchased Issue 1, it's still available for purchase here.
  • Click here to read all about how to enter your artwork or article ideas to FEATURING magazine.
  • Remember to order your copy of Issue 2 before October 30 to be elegible to win a copy of Margaret Peot's "Alternative Art Journals".

I'll be back with art and possibly a featured artist post this week, I just have to organize my time and get a move on, lol. Wish me luck!

Talk soon? Yes? K!

If you're looking for APR this week, just click here. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to enter your artwork for the "You Choose" theme.
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