Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do You Have A Linen Addiction?

It seems that some of my readers have an addiction to linens. I mentioned in my last week that I had gotten a new bed set and new sheet sets too. I was then inundated (ok, three or four poeple asked, go with me here) with emails about just what my new bedroom linens look like. Here's how I described them, you tell me if I was accurate...
"The comforter is decorated with great HUGE artistically interpreted flowers in turquoise and fuchsia, with leaves in many shades of lime. There are other vibrant colors in there too (orange and yellow tulips) but those main three favorites shine. I also got "eye searingly" lime and "poke your eye out" fuchsia sheets in a cotton sateen fabric."
So, whadya think? Kinda Puuurrrtttyy, right? Makes you want to get out the paint supplies and and have at it, ya? Hehehe, ME TOO!! Ok, and now I'm gonna admit something a bit weird, but you guys are my friends so you won't tell anyone, right?? Good. 

I HATE getting caught up in a sheet at night, this is the reason I don't wear a nitie to bed, nitie strangulation. Hehehe. But, see, I wanted to use the eye searing lime or poke your eye out fuchsia sheets so they showed therefore I needed a solution. What I did is I sewed twenty little snaps to both the underside of the comforter and the sheets then I snap the outside edge of the sheet onto the underside of the comforter and TADA, no sheet strangulation!! Brilliant, if a little quirky. Hey, I'm fourty-two, I'm not gonna change any time soon so I made up a solution and it works GREAT. Those sheets are sooo soft and now because I'm using a sheet the comforter won't need washing as much and will stay bright and cheery for years to come. YAY. It's the prettiest set I've ever had. It makes me happy, isn't that what your home environment should do? Yes, I agree.

So, there you go, for all you linen fetshists. It's ok, I understand, I have a serious addiction to art supplies, nail polish, hazelnut coffee and chocolate. We should start a support group. Tell me your addiction, be proud! :o)

I'll be back tomorrow with wonderfully informative stuff on the newest most amazing, informative, brilliant and colorful issue of FEATURING yet! You'll love it because there's also a giveaway. I'll be doing a giveaway in the near future too so stick with me, you just might win something. Hehehe.

I will see you anon. I'm off to indulge one of my addictions, can you guess which one? It involves a lime green cup. ;o) Later my friends.


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  1. Sooooo puuuurrrty!!!! Where you and I differ is that I would have had one sheet of each colour on the bed ie. green on the bottom and fuschia on the top and one pillow of each colour. Gotta be different and when they are in the wash you have the other sheets in the other order. Don't know how you get tied up in the sheets, do you have fitted sheets on the bottom or are you like my little miss and sleep in about fifty different positions in the night, usually ending up at the wrong end of the bed?? he he. That cover is really gorgeous.
    Von :)

  2. Mine's white with poppies in hot pink and purple. I can't stand nighties or pyjamas either :)
    My addictions are books and art supplies and plants.

  3. You must be a real tosser and turner to get tied up in your sheets ( my mind just went to 50 Shades of Grey, lol ) I think it's an awesome solution for your problem though, even if it makes me smile and raise an eyebrow! hee hee They are pretty, love those colors, it does make you want to sink into all that colorful goodness! OK, here is one of my linen fetishes, I have 3 different looks for the seasons, right now it's the "mid" season look, green comforter and gold sheets...lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Wowzers Jenn, that's not just Purrty it's stunningly GORgeous!! Makes me want to roll around on it like in a field, lol.
    Your no-tangle idea is ingenious! I can't copy though as I prefer separate blankets to a comforter/duvet. BUT the sheets HAVE to be 400 Thread Egyptian Cotton *sigh* As smooth as satin without the chill :0)

  5. I feel positively boring now because I like crisp white plain Egyptian cotton bedding :$
    But in my defence I do add a little colour with cushions and a throw.
    WOW...you're bedding is a bootilicious!
    I'm surprised you can sleep at all or maybe that's why you move around and get tied up so much...you're have a pj party!
    Have fun xoxo

  6. I love your non-strangulation solution - only one seriously creative person would think of THAT! Of course, I especially like that if means less washing:-)


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