Friday, September 7, 2012

Color Makes Me Happy!
I am so energized by color. I'm in total and undeniable LOVE with Lime, Turquoise & Fuchsia (as you all know) but there's so many other colors that also float my boat. This week's theme is "Pick Your Favorite Color" but I'm gonna do all the colors because I can. I mean, hey, I wouldn't want to leave a color out and hurt it's feelings. Hehehe.

I wanted to use all the colors in their purest, most vibrant best, to show them in all their glory. So I decided that I'd take the opportunity to finally (FINALLY!!) put a mark in my new watercolor moleskine. I'd been avoiding it like the plague as I was afraid that I'd make a mistake and the pages don't come out. Eeek! Anyway, I got over my fear a couple days ago by just putting some pencil lines in the damn moleskine and *poof*, the fear disappeared. I painted my travel watercolor kit that I got as a lovely and generous birthday prezzie (a few months back) from Ellen, a good friend and fellow lover of all things art and art supplies related. Thank you Ellen. :o)

Coincidentally, I just bought a new bed ensemble as my old duvet cover set was looking seriously tired, the chocolate brown had faded to a wimpy dusty brown and the white was now a dirty cream color. So, off to the Home Sense store to find all new bedding!! Can you guess what colors are in my new set?? Oh, you have an idea, do you?? Who made you so smart, huh?? The comforter is decorated with HUGE artistically interpreted flowers in turquoise and fuchsia with leaves in many shades of lime. There are other vibrant colors in there too (orange and yellow daisies) but those main three favorites shine. I also got "eye searingly" lime and "poke your eye out" fuchsia sheets in a cotton sateen fabric. OMG, they're sooo soft! I'm in my glory! The bed now inspires me to go paint in COLOR. I love owning things that scream that an artist lives here, lol.

Anyway, here's my colorful submission for this week...

I'm in love with my watercolor moleskine!Another view of the first page in my moleskine.
There have been several announcements this week that people are "just under the wire" or "tail end Charlie" when handing thier APR submissions. Well, I'm here to claim that status officially. In fact, I had to back date this post by 2 hours so the Artists Play Room would post on a different day!! Sheesh, late for my own party!! Hehehe.

We'll talk soon, K? Yes?? Good! See you "tomorrow". ;o) Now I gotta go get some beauty sleep or my body's gonna object to daylight tomorrow morning!


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  1. A perfect first page this looks awesome.

  2. You and I have very similar tastes when it comes to favourite colours. While you love turquoise blue, lime green and fuchsia...I love turquoise blue, lime green, and purple. I don't mind the magenta or fuchsia pinks either but purple has long been a favourite so beats them by just a tad. lol My favourite bedroom ensemble is turquoise blue and lime green although I also have a set with multi-colours which I swap about now and then.

    Congratulations on breaking in your new Moleskine watercolour journal with such a fabulous piece of art! Awesome job!!

  3. BEautimous, Jenn!! And I wish you sweet and dreamy sleeps in your new bed ensemble!! YUMMY!!

  4. Gorgeous piece as usual, and a great opening piece to your moleskine. And remember, it's your party and you can cry if you want to... Or be late in this case. /:-). Blessings!

  5. Hi Jenn...gorgeous and inspiring makes me want to paint and create! yay..your new bedding sounds divine..and yes those color combos are blissful..Thanks for sharing your uplifting energy and electric personality as usual!
    Happy wkd!Wonderful challenge for all!

  6. What a cool painting! Love it!

  7. I love your watercolor journal page, and congrats for diving in! Now, that being said...I really, really want to see your new bed assemble!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. I lOVe the decription of your new bedding ensemble! I'm with Sandee - would love to see it ;)
    Your painting here of course, is perfect! :0) x

  9. jenn - i really like those colors together, too! love my moleskines, though i don't paint much - they make me feel special about myself cause i know moleskines are really nice :) i bet yours is beautiful now that you are painting in it :)

  10. Well !! Now I am seriously honored that you'd paint as your first in your moleskin the travel watercolor set I've given you! What a nifty way to be recognized and loved. SMOOCHES to you for all you do, and are to me.

    I stand with the rest of the gals here in saying to take a damned picture of your coverlet, girlfriend! Let's see!!!! You know how much I love those vibrant colors too. I'm particularly partial to the peridot of yellow-green with anything fuschia or hot pink, lilac, or aqua. But as an August baby, I lay claim to peridot.

    Miss you and hope you are rich in love and fingernail polish and warm wishes from your bestie 3,000 miles away!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  11. great drawing and nice pure colors. I guess most of us don't want to eliminate any possible color combo! Thanks for a really fun prompt.

  12. I would give anything to find a doona cover like that, but everything is boring here, or a million dollars. I've been on the lookout for a bright cover, I'm sooo jealous :)
    Your painting is gorgeous and also something I would love. Real paints in a real holder (sigh) and you have a moleskin journal (double sigh). I'm glad you started in the journal, I tend to just look at things and not do anything with them because I'm afraid of ruining them. Yours has had a perfect start.

  13. I bet you can't wait for bedtime Jenn, I can imagine you lying there just admiring the covers instead of sleeping! ;D
    I love your painting...and now want to go and paint, but it's nearly time for my beddybyes...but alas I don't have your lovely bedding!
    Have a wonderful creative week ~ enjoy! xoxo

  14. nice work on breaking in the journal... and a totally appropriate page to open it with... I love my little travel set and now realise that I have never actually drawn it... might have to rectify that I think... you have inspired me xx


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