Friday, September 28, 2012

An Artist's Favorite Toys

I got the pleasure of purchasing my mom a gift this last week. Years ago she was a successful oil painter. I remember our house always had her spectacular, large paintings hanging on the walls. Seeing her talent and that beautiful art is what inspired me to want to be an artist. Scroll forward thirty years, she is showing interest in painting again but the rigors of oil paint isn't what she wants. She doesn't want the smell throughout her apartment and the drying time is seriously prohibitive. So, Golden heavy body acrylics it is!

Off to Dick Blick we go (ok, I opened my computer, work with me here!). We lamented, drooled, dreamed and puzzled over Golden paint colors, palettes, paint holders and all things painterly. What fun we had for a whole week, planning and strategizing, reading reviews and thinking COLOR. Finally she settled on twenty-two glorious colors, it took some convincing but finally I won the war that she didn't just have to get the basics, she could get some cool, interesting premixed colors too. Like titanium buff and quinacridone magenta. She's old school, you mix your own, but now there's something like nearly one hundred colors of heavy body Golden acrylics to choose from!! The prices were quite reasonable so I sold her on the idea of choosing a few unique colors that she really loved and may have trouble mixing herself. We purchased all the colors in the 2 oz tube size except black and white, we figured as she decides on her favorites we can upgrade to the larger jars. Here's all the puurrrty colors that arrived a few days ago!

I also bought her a cool palette that's nonstick so the paint peels off and a storage system called a Possum palette that keeps paint wet so it's not wasted from one painting session to another. I spoiled her, I love doing that. I can't wait to see what she produces and since she has owed me a large painting for years (she destroyed all her art when I was a young teen, it seriously distressed me!!), I'm definitely gonna collect my pound of flesh, so to speak, lol. ;o) I've got my wall space all picked out.

This week's APR was "You Choose" and since I've been thinking all things paint, I decided to draw up my own supplies. I was inspired by one of Tracey Fletcher King's drawings that she did of her tubes of paint (come to think of it, I think they were goldens, hehehe). I use Holbein Artist watercolors and I love their vibrancy, so here's my love letter to my art supplies.
Holbein's & Microns, this artist's staples.Thank you Trace, for helping me loosen up
my style! You rock as an art teacher. :o)
One last note to all my friends who blogged, talked, tweeted, facebooked and generally shouted from the rooftops about FEATURING magazine and it's new issue... A sincere thank you comes directly from the Editor-In-Chief and owner, Marit Barensten. She was truly touched that my friends in the blog world came through to help herald the coming of Issue 2, the coolest art magazine on the planet. If you haven't perused this awesome and inspiring international english language art magazine, then you're really missing something. Go over and read all about it here. Both Issue 1 and Issue 2 are available and there's a giveaway going on as we speak until October 30 for those of you who order issue 2. (you can win one of five copies of the new book on art journaling, click here to read all about it!)


If you missed it, this week I posted a new Featured Artist, Kim Collister. Go check her art out, it'll blow you away. The latest APR is here, just scroll down to the end of the page and enter your art, I can't wait to see your creation this week!
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  1. love your ode to your supplies... only grumble is that you didn't make it bigger!!!! I clicked on it so it was bigger... and it is awesome so it should be centre stage...
    The paints look great... though I wonder if they will ever get paint smudges on those tubes... or will they get cleaned off and put away????
    have fun and tell your mum to get painting...xx

  2. Oh my! That is so cool that you got your mom supplies!! I can hardly wait to see what she does with them. :)

    And I love your supplies painting! It did remind me of Tracey's painting. You are both so talented!

    What a joyful post!! The only thing that bothered me was why on earth did your mother destroy her paintings?

  3. I am seriously impressed Jenn,
    it's brilliant...I love it!
    Oh how I wish I had talent like you and Trace :(
    It was so interesting hearing about your mum too...I feel excited for her about to start her creative journey once again and can't wait to see what she creates. You will show us won't you?
    It sounds like you have a great relationship and I agree all mum's should be spoilt at every opportunity ;D
    It's such a pity she destroyed her earlier work.

    Sorry I didn't make APR this week but I've been thinking about it all week whilst galavanting. (Only one more week to enjoy my daughter to the max before she takes off....boohoo)

  4. Wow..spectacular post..firstly, I love your art..gorgeous..beautifully done! And cool that your mom is wanting to paint again..that is fantastic..and a special bond you both share! I am new to painting and really haven't even begun to try new products/paints..and I always hear good things about's awesome..enjoy!I hope she enjoys!
    Wonderful post..

  5. Shopping for art supplies is so much more fun than shopping for fashion. Sounds like you and your Mom had a great time.

    Really liking your illustration of your own supplies.


  6. What a darling daughter you are for treating mum to such luscious goodies! I bet it was such fun searching and choosing and then the delivery is SO exciting!
    Your painting is wonderful Jenn, those tubes look so squidgeable! :0)

  7. Wow, Jenn, this is an excellent painting! I now covet Tracey's wisdom and secrets as well! You are awfully sweet to treat your mom so well. I can just imagine her smiling when she sqeeeezes that first dollop of paint out. YUM. And now that we know her secret (about being an amazing artist like you) she needs to come out of the closet and share her work with us! Tell her tomato-girl asks ever so nicely:-)

  8. After meeting your mom and hearing stories of her talent, it's so exciting to hear she's going to be painting again. Talent should be shared so hope you can convince her to add to your blog next! :) Your drawing is fab! - I was on vacation last week so missed the fun "our choice" category...hope you'll do it again sometime. This week's botanical theme should be fun too! I have some great botanical photos from vacation that might make it in.


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