Friday, August 10, 2012

You Put The Lime In The Coconut...

Ok, you don't actually need a coconut, we're not making a drink here, lol. Sorry to get your hopes up for an end of the day cocktail but it's only a painting of a lime for my APR theme lime & turquoise. Hey, don't get rowdy on me, I couldn't think of a better title, or any title that used the word lime in it. I mean, I'm not opposed to mixing up a little drinky-poo, as my grandmother would call them. She believed in the 4:00 rule. One could start drinking by 4pm and not be considered a lush. Since she didn't drink but one drink a day I don't think that would ever qualify for lush status even if she drank it in her morning Cheerios!

But I digress, let's mix up a jigger of Key Lime Piña Coladas, what say you?? I love the cool glasses that fancy drinks like margaritas and coladas come in, don't you? It's one reason to drink, on top of the fact its' a hell of a fun way to get your fruit for the day, ;o).

Let me go look up a good recipe while you all get the ice crushing in the blender, K? I expect participation and a coordinated effort here, we're not drunk yet!

Key Lime Piña Colada

1 oz. vanilla rum
1 oz. Keke Beach Key Lime Cream liqueur
a splash of piña colada mix (to taste)
2 oz. pineapple juice
1 cup ice
  1. The key to this colada is the use of the vanilla rum and fresh pineapple juice. If you can't get your hands on fresh you can use store bought in a pinch.
  2. First, blend the colada mix, pineapple juice and the rum together with the ice in a blender.
  3. Pour the concoction into a fancy glass and add the lime liqueur so that it sinks slowly into the mixture.
  4. Finally, top with a dollop of whipped cream for a truly decedent drink!

Okie dokie, now that I've gotten you all drunk, here's my turquoise & lime submission for APR this week. :o) I've never done a watercolor painting this way. I worked fluidly with much less anxiousness, I just let the paint go where it wanted. I guess I trusted what I've learned over the last few months. I'm so darn thrilled with how it turned out!!

I started out by penciling in what I wanted, then inking the basic design. I knew I wanted to use turquoise as the bottom and black/white for the "sky". I used my Holbein watercolors and brushed in the basic background, let it dry. Went over it again and started with the lightest color of the leaves. Let it dry. Then got the leaves mostly done and started in on the basic lightest color of the large whole lime. As that all dried, I did the pith of the cut lime. I went back and darkened the lime a little then let the whole thing dry. I did the flesh of the cut lime and again darkened the whole lime. I also added the lightest color to the outside of the cut lime. I finally let everything dry again and got out my Faber-Cassell watercolor pencils. I darkened all the shadows, added a little definition to the background, darkened the black shadow just around the bottom of the limes and added shading to the cut lime. DONE. :o)
Title: "The Lime In The Coconut"
I'll be back soon with... well, something, lol. Can't wait to see everyone's submissions for this upcoming week's APR!!

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  1. OMG, this is stunning. Really! Those limes look perfect and your shading is so amazing. I'm very impressed!!

  2. Came over from glad I did. Love how this turned out. Just beautiful!!!!

  3. Awesome Job....Great looks so juicy....I'd say yummy...but lime's aren't yummy, they're {{{s-o-u-r}}}....


  4. I really like this, Jenn. I love how you share the "less-ness" of anxiety. I have been noticing that decreasing for me, too. It is a little like following your recipe, keeping the just right amounts of courageousness and willingness to BE wrong and crushing up plenty of "It'll BE great to see what happens" to the mix.

    Making art is fun, it's energising, and it's one of the best ways to "spend" and "enJOY" TIME, and yet much of it is spent BEing critical and judging our efforts.

    I'm liking letting it BE an "art-come" and sharing with others as well sharing in their "art-comes" as I'm DOing Here, Now, with YOUR turquoise and lime.

    Love the way you describe your process. So generous of you!!

  5. Beautiful watercolor! Thanks for sharing your process!

  6. These limes look so good, it seems like I can reach into the screen and grab them. I think they would make an excellent margarita on the rocks. LOL! Thanks for sharing the process for the painting - and to make a Piña Colada too. Blessings!

  7. It's beautiful. When I thought of the lime and turquoise challenge last week, I thought of BRIGHT, popping colors...but yours surprised me with it's elegance and softness.

  8. So happy to see you back working with watercolours... it is so quick compared to pencil isn't it and your tonal work in this is amazing... love it...xx

  9. Wow Jenn, how delicious is that. The shading is amazing. The skin on the lime looks so real. I'm glad you told us the process. Now I know where I go wrong, I'm too impatient to let it dry. I just bust on in there and do it.
    It's no good me drinking alcohol, half a glass and I'm gone, no fun in that! Have one for me!

  10. Oh no! How did I miss this last week?! This is so lime and turquoise done elegantly. I really enjoyed hearing about your steps taken, too.
    Your composition and drawing are wonderful. I especially love the random look in the sections of the sliced limes, and the tip of the leaf that turns upward.


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