Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, Whatcha Up To??

Just a very quick post to inform you that my first post with "When Artists Cook" is up on Dion Dior's blog. She made me blush with her kind words, thanks Dion. I'm so happy to be participating with her and other lovely and talented artists in this unique series conceived of by Dion. Please go on over and check it out, click here and it'll bring up all the When Artists Cook blog posts so far. :o)

Just to fill out this post a little, I thought I'd share what I did all yesterday. I played with colors! Nope, not art supplies or watercolor paint, but NAIL POLISH. If you've read me for a while you'll know my secret, I'm addicted to hazelnut coffee, chocolate and nail polish. I ordered a couple of new colors and also some nail spoons (I couldn't believe I found them!) to swatch all my colors. That's what I did all day, I got my Brother P-Touch label maker out, typed in ALL the funny nail polish names (a.k.a. "I'm Not Really A Waitress" or "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ") then spent hours swatching all the puurrrtttyy colors. I thought you all just might want to see what I ended up with. Now, if only I had something like this for my watercolors!!

If any of you see a color you love just ask, I can send you it's name and brand. ;o) OOh, it just started raining, finally. Big fat raindrops that smell heavily like ozone. Wow, haven't had a thunderstorm here for such a long time! IT'S POURING!!!!!! HOLY COW!!! I Happy, happy!! Joy, joy!!


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  1. I am mildly disturbed by this in an awesome sort of way... I can get the attraction of having all the colours organised and on show like that but there is no way in the world I could calm my brain long enough to do that... or the labelling... they do like mighty pretty though...xx

  2. Well done! I'd be mesmerized by that too, much as I am so into playing with my Copic markers. I started in on tags -- individual ones for each of the 358 colors -- and then thought I'd much rather do more like paint color cards, with favorite combos. So after cutting 358 tags with a Sizzix die (and breaking it once nearly complete -- and ordering a new one to get the rest done), and doing about 50 of them, I became bored. ADHD!! On to the next project!

    Slowly, I'm becoming somewhat of an expert on the various brands of alcohol markers. I will be happy to share with your readers, once I get my thoughts organized (Bwaahhh-hahha-ha-ha! Don't hold your breath!).

    The Gimp
    (*Coming along with extensive PT. That stands for Pain & Torture, don't you know, 3x/week.)

  3. Oh my, that is so cool! Love all those gorgeous colours!

  4. What a fabulous idea!! Loving the 'spoons' and all the colours are wonderful. I might have that many colours in pencil crayons, but nothing remotely wet, lol. I seriously need to get my Christmas pro-marker wishlist going :0)

  5. Never heard of anything like this before. Pretty cool. :)

  6. like rita i have not heard of these nail spoons before. i think it's a great idea! i have a blog friend i am going to send a link for the post to - i think she'd love to see them - she has so many nail colors. she does at least one post a week just about her nails :)

  7. Look at you, all colorful and organized. Sorry Tracey - this is totally something I'd do too. It would start off simple and then I'd add the labeling and then I'd alphabetize, etc. :) You have some seriously fun colors there - I'm lovin' that purple. I actually bought a purple the other day but once on it's more of a fuchsia. It's nice but I was looking for purple. Guess I'll go try again - clearly it's okay to have multiple bottles of polish!

  8. Welp...I left a comment about how organized my house is on Dion's site in response to your awesome post...but I can honestly say that I'd NEVER be THIS organized!!! Have you heard of that company that goes to the quilt festivals and if you buy their nail polish kit...they'll give you free replacements for life? I can't remember their name but I DID get several refills...so I know it works. I always used the polish for art instead of nails because it has a fine tip brush on one end.

  9. LOL, not sure what made me smile more, your nail polish obession or the fact that rain makes you happy! I LOVE rain, too. I always create better when it's raining and sleep wonderfully! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. oooh pretty colours. Do you find yourself stroking them?? I didn't know you could get so many colours for your nails. Now if you wanted to be really crazy, you could paint little flowers and things on the blobs of nail polish and create artistic nails. The labeling bit is going too far for me, hey call me lazy but the fun is in the finding (he he).
    Never seen someone that glad to see rain lately, we've had so much are rest from it is wonderful.
    Have fun with your nails.

  11. You've just confirmed the fact that I must be soooo boring...I have never ventured into colours like those...I just have french polish! (yawn)
    The wheel is a serious work of art!

    Hey...if you like rain you'll love it here Jenn!
    I've had enough now and need some warmth.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo
    (p.s. I'm not sure I can make APR this week...I'm still trying but the time is running out)

  12. wow -- I would love to see a painting done with nail colour polish -- after seeing the great variety of hues available, plus the shiny sort of way they are - ti would look awesome!!! expensive though I bet


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