Friday, August 17, 2012

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes For Ellen

I have a generous, sweet, wonderful friend who's having a birthday today! Her name is Ellen. I wish I lived closer so I could throw her a spectacular birthday party and I'd do her up one of my special cakes, all decorated so it's puurrrty. I'd blow up hundreds of balloons using helium so the ceiling was covered with color and I'd buy her a special prezzie, just for her.

I know we'd spend the rest of the day in her Paper Jungle, creating art and playing with her huge collection of paper, stamps, ephemera and all things art. What fun we'd have! Since I can't be there as she lives in the USA, I thought I'd put together a little blog post so she knew how much I love her. 

As a present I thought I'd get you, Ellen, to go through some of the photos of my artwork and choose three that speak to you, that'll give me an idea of what to paint for you! I really have no idea which pieces are your favorite as you're always so enthusiastic about liking them all. :o) Gotta love friends, huh?

I hope your day is filled with happiness and sunshine, laughter and lots of presents. I know it'll be filled with love because you're just so lovable. Happy Birthday my friend.

Many hugs and lots of love,

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  1. OMGeeeeeee, aren't you the very sweetest of sweet friends in the world!!!! I mean, THE World!! It is so very nice of you to remember my birthday in such a special way, with a virtual birthday party, one ripe in my imagination.

    You might know that I look at a piece of Jenn art every day -- the beautiful Iris amongst leaves, topped with my favorite quote: "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. (~Leo Buscaglia)."

    YOU are my gift! And I enjoy you, and honor you, and so God is happy too. One day, I hope you WILL travel all of the 3,000+/- miles so we can meet (or we can meet in the middle, or who knows, maybe my path will lead me northwest!?). We'd have such a great time together, I know.

    This big, impersonal world becomes more warm and wonderful through the miracle of the internet when we can meet friends across the (s)miles because of it. I have been truly blessed.

    Forever yours,

  2. ...and since you asked, I looooovvvveee your flower art the most, particularly close-ups of roses (e.g. Opera Rose, Torino, Red Rose, Undiscovered Rose and the yellow one you did for Mom).

    (Blew you a kiss!)


  3. happy birthday to Ellen... you sure know how to make people feel special... must mean that you are very special yourself...xx

  4. What a wonderful gift ~ your friendship Jenn ~ it's truly special! :D
    Just one little thing...I won't be able to use an egg ever again!!!

  5. Oops forgot to say 'Happy Birthday' to Ellen! Have a good one! x

  6. Happy Birthday Ellen! (Are you the fork lady)?

  7. Happy birthday to Ellen!
    That was the funniest birthday video ever! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Ellen! I hope it will be as good as everyone wishes it can be for you and better than you could wish for yourself.
    That video is just hilarious Jenn and the neon sign very cute :0)

  9. Happy Birthday Ellen, you are so lucky to have found this wonderful lady. Jenn is the best. Hope you have a fabulous birthday and you are going to love whatever Jenn paints for you. That video is so funny Jenn, where do you find these things?

  10. Happy Birthday Ellen! you are blessed to have Jenn as your friend!
    and Jenn, what a wonderful post! LOVE the video!! great find! :D


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