Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Featuring Magazine

I think I mentioned before on here that I am now a contributing editor of the new FEATURING magazine that is published out of the Netherlands, ;o). It is a wonderful international, english language magazine focusing on art journaling, mixed media and other alternative and traditional art. It concentrates on artist-centered articles and in depth interviews. The first edition has an extensive article on copyright and also on Etsy and Artist Trading Cards. It also has interviews with Andrea Joseph, Natalie Malik, Jill Zaheer & Seth Apter and Lea Goode-Harris who designs labrynths. We visited Michael Mew in his studio and learned about The Butterfly Project. The magazine's first issue, as well as being colorful and interesting, is also very informative.

Since the magazine is not published by a large corporate conglomerate and is written by actual artists who blog and write, it's contents are more insightful and art/artist centered. The second issue is being published at the end of this month and I highly recommend it. I know, you're thinking, "hey, she's biased, she's a writer for the magazine!" Yes, I am but I fell in love with the magazine well before I was a contributing editor. It's truly a spectacular publication with meaty articles and luscious photographs of beautiful artwork. If you'd like to purchase the first issue just go to the website,, and buy a copy, we sure would appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

Even more exciting is a cool giveaway that our Editor-in-chief, Marit Barensten, is spearheading. This is what our Head Honcho says...
Marit Barensten with the debut issue.
"So, how about this opportunity? When you purchase FEATURING'S debut issue, you’ll have a chance at winning the second issue by filling out a brief survey. We want to know your thoughts. Your honest opinions matter to us! Therefore, everyone who purchases our first issue receives an email** with a link to our poll. Fill out that poll and you are in the drawing for a free copy of the next issue. FEATURING is nothing without its readers."
**(If you purchased the first issue and did not receive an email, please make sure to contact us at )
Also, you can buy "inchies" that are printed on the back of the magazine. A one inch square is $10 and you can buy sections, like four in a group (as long as you specify that you want them grouped). There are then instructions on what to do to put your art on these one inch spaces. This means YOU can have your art on the back of FEATURING magazine!

I thought you might want to read some of the wonderful things being said about FEATURING.
  1. Hanna of iHanna reviewed our first issue and had some incredibly nice things to say!
  2. Seth Apter of The Altered Page had wonderful things to say about FEATURING too!
  3. You can also read an interview with our editor-in-chief, Marit, done by Tammy of Daisy Yellow. 
  4. You can even watch a You Tube video of the "birth" of our first issue!

After purchasing the magazine, so many readers were kind enough to go to give their impressions of  FEATURING on our Facebook page. Here are just a few...
Lorell of Common Sense Scrapbooking said, "I got my copy yesterday and it's awesome... great debut issue!"
Peg of Peg's Kitchen Studio said, "I just received my copy and I LOVE IT! Congratulations to Marit and all of the contributors! This magazine is informative, thought provoking, and has plenty of beautiful and insightful artwork:) Will definitely recommend to my friends!"
Sandee of Sandee's Sanity said, "Got mine today, and boy oh boy! I'm loving it!!!"
Bernice of Newly Creative said, "Just received my copy. Looks great! Looking forward to reading the interesting articles!"
Linda of Linda Loe said, "That is really quick (shipping) Marit. I ordered Friday and it was on my doormat just 1 hour ago. Mmmm, and it looks great! You won't hear (from) me this evening. ;o)"
Diane of The Expressive Palette said, "I love FEATURING magazine!"
Terri of Morning Duedrops said, "Hey Marit and Creative Team Collaberators All - Finally getting around to expressing how much we all love FEATURING ... A gift to my coffee table..."
Jill of Jaz Works said, "Just LOVE FEATURING! It's gorgeous, smart, polished and so creative in its content, visual display and the ariticles! You have a real WINNER here. I am so honored and blessed to have work of mine in your premier issue. Can't wait to see issue two!"
If you would like to get update tweets and information on what's happening at FEATURING, just start following us on Twitter. I encourage you to go purchase the debut issue of FEATURING, it's a spectacular magazine, truly unique and an enjoyable read. Look for issue two to be available at the end of this month.

In case you missed it this week, I've posted a new Blogging 101, it's an important one as it talks about making sure you're getting all your reply emails, many aren't. Click the icon to be taken to the latest Blogging 101 Part Seven.


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  1. Oooooh Congrats to you..that is wonderful....what an Honor..Marit is such a devine artist and inspirer...I cant wait to see all of the issues..I really need to catch up....Have a great day...and thanks for stopping by as well..!

  2. hey where is your FB button..or page..?

  3. Congratulations on being a contributed editor! How fun and interesting this experience has to be. The magazine really sounds very interesting!

  4. Hi, Jenn!

    Of COURSE you must know that I did in fact purchase the first edition of FEATURING, so I can vouch for its high quality. I love that the features are indeed focus; the magazine is not drowned in advertising. The articles are informative, interesting and well-written. And the art, including the photography of it, is stunning. Inspiring! I'll be buying volume 2 and on, though would love to win a copy to share with my friends. I don't recall getting an e-mail questionnaire (though may have) and would appreciate it if you could get me in the running for the giveaway. Thanks, sweetie!

    Ellen - cardMonkey

  5. I am looking forward to seeing you as a regular contributor and this is a great outline of the mag... they are lucky to have you...xx


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