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Blogging 101 (Part Seven)

This is an unexpected Blogging 101. Usually I publish this series approximately every month and the last one went live a couple of weeks ago. But something important has come up with Blogger that I know you all will want to know. The problem is kind of confusing to explain but the solution is fairly simple and I'll walk you all through the solution with requisite pictures and everything!;

Bear with me, I'm gonna go back a bit to help get the problem clear. When any of us first started our blog, Blogger asked us to enter an email address and "warns" that this will be public, people will see this email address. Many of us, at this point, kinda panic. We think, "Hey, I've heard that giving out my personal email is bad so since Blogger doesn't require me to enter an email, I wont!". Now, as we new bloggers go through the arduous process of setting up our blog, usually we do end up using an email somewhere publicly. BUT this public email (in all probability) hasn't been directly connected to our blog the way Blogger requires. So we never even know that something is amiss.

If you didn't initially fill out that public email box with your email address then Blogger can never send any replies you get from other bloggers. Here's what's happening... YOU comment on your friend's blog. YOUR FRIEND receives an email with your comment to her. She clicks "reply" and your name fills in the email address section with a Blogger email address because you didn't connect your email address directly to Blogger. This Blogger email address ( is a dumping ground for emails that have no where to go. The person replying to you never figures out that YOU aren't getting HER responses to YOUR comment. This is because YOU are a No-Reply Blogger, you didn't initially connect an email address for Blogger to use publicly. YOU didn't tell Blogger where to send any responses.

The even worse thing is both YOU and YOUR FRIEND don't know that you aren't getting any responses. (So she thinks you're rude for not responding to her reply!) She doesn't know you're not getting her response and you don't know that she even responded. Here's a flow chart to help you see what's happening.

Now, ask yourself, have you ever wondered why no one ever seems to reply to your comments?? Do you wonder why you seem to get less email than others?? This just may be your problem. All your friends are replying to your comments and those replies are disappearing into the ether, they don't know it and neither do you!!

I have several friends who's email shows up in my email address box (when I reply) as and I just assumed it was a strange email. I never really even looked, who would? You click reply to an email and you assume it replies!! Well if Blogger doesn't have a public email to use for you, it uses a dump email and you'd never know this is happening. The only way I became aware is there was a glitch this past week with the Blogger dump email. Email to it became undeliverable so I was getting announcements back that the reply I'd sent to a friend wasn't delivered but Blogger would try again tomorrow to deliver. I was supposed to not do anything. Assumably, Blogger must have fixed the glitch because replies stopped being sent back.

I only discovered this wasn't MY email problem when I happened onto a blog the other day and the blog owner (Brea of Utterly Chaotic) had gotten a bunch of these "not delivered" messages too. My ears perked up, it seemed the problem was way bigger than one or two replies not going through and it wasn't just something that had happened to me.

Alright, enough stalling, let me tell you the fairly easy fix to this disastrous email reply problem. First, you want to click on "Dashboard" in the right hand upper corner of your blog or click here. You will end up in the back room of your blog. It looks like this for me but it may look like the second one for you, I think it depends on whether you have one or more than one blog. (Remember, you can always click a picture to enlarge it.)
multiple blog dashboard viewSingle blog dashboard view

Again, at the right hand side, upper corner (beside your little avatar picture) is a tiny triangle that when clicked gives a kind of drop down menu. Click it and choose "Blogger Profile". This will take you to your profile page. In the upper right hand corner of that page, click on "Edit Profile". This is what you'll now see...

Under the "Privacy" section, what you want to do is put a check mark in the box next to "Show my email address". Then scroll down a little to the "Identity" section and fill in the "Email Address" box with the email address you'd like to have as your public email.

Let me say a little about this. I decided that if I was going to be a public artist I might as well put the email address I always use in this section so everything goes to the same address. If you're uncomfortable with this or you want to keep Blogger email separate from your private (friends & family) email, then go and make a new email address using or or some other online email client. It's easy to do, just keep your password, new email address and the link to the site together so you don't lose where you set up your new public email, lol. (I'd show you how to do this with Yahoo but I really don't have internet mail, as I said, I use my oilandwater email for everyone and everything. I just find it easier that way. To each his own.

So, now, scroll down to the very bottom of that page, now that you've added whatever email you've decided you're ok with being public, and click "SAVE PROFILE". Hey, guess what?? You're done!! Now you're NOT a No Reply Blogger. Yippee!! Now when someone replies to one of your comments, it'll go to that address. Done. You're welcome, ;o).

I want to be clear, I respond to nearly every comment. If you haven't received a reply from me and you have left a comment, you just might be a No Reply Blogger. (I wouldn't want you to think me rude or anything, lol.) I hope everyone finds this helpful and informative, hopefully you'll all start getting your replies!

Waving from Western Canada,

If you'd like to read the whole Blogging 101 series (Part 1 to 7), then click here and you'll be brought to all the blog posts, starting with this one! If you're looking for this week's APR, click here.
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  1. I do find this helpful and hope that more people will connect to their emails. I've often wondered why they don't - really how many of us only have emails for friends/family any more? It seems to me if you have a blog and are commenting on other blogs, you're willing to put yourself out there so should be willing to share your email.

    I too always respond to comments and usually I try to visit their blog to leave a comment, but sometimes you want to answer a specific question or say something not for public consumption.... hitting reply is always a preferable option. Also, there's the occasional person out there using Google Plus which I find almost impossible to navigate to leave a comment or response, so those people must think I'm terribly rude! Thanks again Jenn for clearing the air and if only a few more people link their emails, this will be a rousing success!

  2. Thanks for this. I've (hopefully) sorted that out now and am no longer a no reply blogger...
    I must check out earlier 101's to find out what else I am clueless about!!

  3. I really appreciated this, too, Jenn, and I am especially glad you put it out there NOW. I, too, received a lot of those undeliverable messages and sort of just out of nowhere. I've wanted to connect with people and respond personally to their comments, and until you wrote of this whole uproar, I hadn't quite put it together. Even still this morning I was futzing about to respond to comments where I got the noreplyblogger in the email.

    One thing I wonder still... when I comment and someone replies to my comment further on in their own comments, would I need to subscribe to their comments to read that?! Just curious BEcause often I read those when I am later on in the comments, but I never have gone back.

    I'm glad you have this and I will surely go back and read the other installments.

    You're a peach!!

  4. I wish you had done this one a couple of months ago, but I had muddled through it on my own back then and succeeded, after someone had pointed out that my e-mail wasn't hooked up. How about working on that audio clip that's on the same edit profile page, what does that do for your blog? :)I figured you needed something else to do, don't want you to be bored! lol and running....

  5. I followed your steps and it was already ticked and the email was in. Do I still come up as a no reply??
    If so, what do I do now?? :(
    A very confused Von.

  6. That's so helpful Jenn, I'm sorted already thanks. ;D
    I used to be paranoid about keeping my identity hidden when I first started blogging. Hence not using my real name etc but then someone came through and asked why I didn't have my email available because it was easy for them to contact I added it. I always answer everyone who comments on my blog but also copy my reply into an email...but so many come up with the noreply address. I then wonder if the person ever comes back to read the comment I might have left...I doubt it when there's so many other blogs and time restraints.
    Maybe they'll be less next time thanks to your helpful hints.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  7. Here's my "help" test comment. Hopefully it connects correctly.

  8. How silly that they just send the e-mails into nowhere, instead of saying that the person hasn't got an e-mail address linked to their blog. I didn't know about this. I didn't even now that you can send an e-mail to someone via a blog. I usually reply to comments by leaving a comment on the other person's blog. Thanks for the information! I've now changed the settings on my blog (which apparently was a no-reply blog too).

  9. Hi Jenn, thank you very much for coming to Tag Tuesday to let me know about my no-reply thingy. I don't actually have a blog, but I set up Blogger as it helps me to see when 'you good peeps' have made a new posting, so I can come snoop :D
    I then tend to hop back into blogs I know I've commented on to see if there is a response waiting for me. I have no idea if I have missed any via email, but will see if I get more now that I have updated my profile.
    Maybe I'll think more about starting a blog - especially as I have your awesome 101 to help me ;0)
    Thanks again Mo x :0)

  10. Thanks for posting this. I figured it out soon after I started blogging but didn't think to blog about it!

  11. Thanks for the great tip! There's so many little ins and outs with these sites and I'm such a novice at it all--I didn't even have a clue you could fix that! Thanks! And I will happily check out Saturday's APR challenge--anything that keeps me thinking about creating and moving forward artistically, I'm game!! Thanks again Jenn!

  12. I hope that this means that more people will add their emails... will make it so much easier to answer questions that they leave in comments... funny how many people don't connect their email to their blog... great info as always...xx

  13. OK, just want to say this is an amazingly well done tutorial! Diagrams and all!

  14. I have been having problems as a no-reply blogger again, (no idea why google changed it), so I have tried these awesome instructions again. Fingers crossed they work like last time (4 years and 20 days ago!!) ^_^


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