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I love pears and I don't care who knows it. I'm thinking that over a lifetime of creating art I could ostensibly paint pears hundreds of times. I love their round bellies and stumpy or long necks. They always look so delicious. Now, don't get me wrong, I also like apples but me and apples have a rocky past. I'm allergic. Sad, I know, and a strange allergy to boot. But that said, I don't discriminate even though they do give me hives and a tummy ache, I'll paint them anytime I find a good photo of them. (It's not like I'd have them in house, I'm allergic, remember?? hehehe.)

So for this challenge I finally finished my pear painting from a few months ago. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. Here it is...

Title: "Pearology" (the love of pears, lol)
Now those are some purrrty pears. The background is Holbein watercolors in sepia and a dark teal, also with the leaves in all greens. The pears however, were done using Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. I love the texture that the combination of Arches Cold Pressed paper and the pencils add to the pears. That just can't be achieved any a way else.

I look forward to seeing all the pear artwork that you all do for my Artist's Play Room! It'll be a pear Lovefest. Do you think I'm weird that I love to draw pears? I heard that!! No laughing. ;o)

Talk to you all soon. Maybe I'll post a Featured Artist this week. I'll see what I can do.
Until then, I'm out!


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  1. I love pears, too. But I love to eat them, not draw them. However, I found an apple rubber stamp, so I hope that will do this week!

  2. I can see why you love your painting. Nice style! Love the textured look of the pears too.

  3. Such a beautiful pear painting, Jenn! Great job on those leaves and I adore teals so the background is a real winner too. Would you believe I have never drawn or painted a pear?! This challenge will be my first unless another fruit wins out. ;)

  4. Wow!!! I love the effect of colored pencils on watercolor paper too. I better get some pears and start working on mine. However, I know it won't have all the beautiful detailing that yours does. Blessings!

  5. Those are some gorgeous pears alright. I love how pears with the hint of pink or red or orange and all the shades of green/gold in them just lend themselves to watercolor or your pencil technique. Your pencils certainly captured the smooth/bumpy of their skins. Delicious!

  6. wow Jenn this is fabulous! first i loved the sepia and teal background!the combo is awesome. I loved how the leaves have a sheen, and then to do the pears in pencil... PERFECT! WOW!! you are an ARTIST! :D

  7. Great pair of pears.... and the apple allergy is a bit weird... my mum is allergic to tomato which is also a touch unusual, and really hard to avoid.. but apples are one of my favourite things in the world to eat so I am a touch sad for you... I love eating pears as well... and your pears look delicious... have you tried that smooth pen and wash paper I sent you yet... hope you like it
    trace xx

  8. My dear, art may be your yin but my yang is the meaning of the word. Your "pearology" is not the "love of pears" but the -ology suffix would be "the study of." Which is fine, as I too love to study them. I can only guess then that were there to be an actual word assigned to the lovely subject of loving a pear, I assume it would be something like pyrusaphile. Pyrus, the genus for pear, and -phile the suffix for love.

    And if you think that YOU love pears, you should check out this website ... and perhaps enter your pear art:

    We too, are quite a pair.

    Love from your worse half, a true Jennaphile,

  9. Beautiful pears! I have to admit I don't like eating them and have never drawn/painted them; but I am hoping to have an experiment to post this week--good or bad!

  10. Your pears are wonderful. Thanks for explaining what you used. I wondered how you obtained that texture.


  11. Beautiful pears that look ripe for the picking (and eating!) I love the leaves too, and the way they contrast with the color and texture of the fruit.

  12. I really like your glossy leaves and textured pears. I think I have only done pears about 4 times, but it is interesting to me that they always have different personalities! Thank your for this challenge!

  13. I love the texture and colors! You have painted such a lovely pair of pears... makes me hungry for some. Must remember to put them on the grocery list. :) Warmly, Tracy

  14. No wonder you chose pears for this weeks challenge Jenn...your's are fantastic.
    The colours are brilliant and I love the background ~ it really is beautiful.
    You've really captured the light on the leaves too. ;D

  15. These truly look good enough to eat and the leaves look like they've just been polished :0)

  16. Your pears look scrumptious, the only thing missing is a bite out of one :)
    The pencil really give it great texture against the smooth background. Love it.

  17. I love the combination of colored pencil and watercolor. And the paper's texture - perfect!

  18. jenn - your pears are beautiful! i can see the wax on the leaves and taste those pears - excellent!

  19. Great set as always!!! I love the feel of "dimension" on that one.


  20. I'm always in awe of your drawings/paintings. The detail on the pears is pearfect and the teal background just makes the whole image.


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