Monday, July 30, 2012

Generous Friends

I am blessed with several wonderful and generous women from the blogosphere. When I started blogging about two and a half years ago I did it to support my new Etsy Shop where I wanted to sell my paintings. I had just started painting after years and years of fearful procrastination. When I started, I had no idea I would meet such wonderful, friendly, generous and wholly interesting people. It has been such a blessing in my life.

Even more specifically has been a strange little coincidence the Universe seems to be playing with me. I'm collecting Australians. Yes, Aussies, those wonderfully friendly people with the cool accents? Ya, them. It seems I'm attracting friends from down under like a magnet! First there was Tracey Fletcher King, one of the most generous and funny people I've ever met. She's highly addicted to both tea and chocolate and she loves to do art and hilarious blog posts about both. 

Tracey sent me some beautiful bookmarks
and don't you just love this card? Her
painterly talents are awe inspiring.
Then I met Vonny Kaus a few months later, she joined up for one of my APR's and after perusing her blog I was struck with how realistic her work was. She loves to paint underwater scenes, with beautiful schools of fish and colorful coral. They are spectacular works of art. Von has added a bit of whimsy to her repertoire by drawing Egbert Bookman bookmarks, cards and notebooks. He's a curious little elf who loves to read. She's sent me a sweet collection of Egbert paraphernalia including a personalized Canadian Egbert!

Von made me Egberts, one dressed like a Mountie!!
I think that card in the back is so cute!
Last but certainly not least is Denise Allen. Neesie, as she likes to be called, is an expert zentangler and sketch artist. She takes pen & ink work to superlative heights. When I saw her work, a collection of zentangled flowers etc. I was truly blown away. Her work is the best I've ever seen, truly. Now she's taken on watercolor painting and with her talent she'll make beautiful art no matter what she tries. Neesie was so generous to send me one of her zentangle cards, I can't wait to frame it.

Neesie's pen & ink work shines and always
allows her subject to be the dominant
force. The pattern brings out the
beauty of the form.
Now, it's not like I don't have wonderful friends who live in the same hemisphere as I do. Ellen Jarvis, my sweet friend (currently laid up with foot pain, sending my love...) sent me THE most adorable chickens that I've ever seen! They make me smile like nothing else. The hilarity of the bird feet and the bulbus nature of the chicken form just makes me smile from ear to ear. What I really respond to though is the COLOR. I love how colorful these cluckers are!
I keep telling her she should do
notecards & prints of these
gorgeous chickens.
I love Ellen's chickens!
Isn't she talented??
I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to all my wonderfully generous friends who sent me such beautiful artwork. I'm truly blessed with friendship. I love you all.

I'll be back soon with new art for this week's APR. I hope all YOUR art is going well. Have you thought of which things you want to do "in Series"? I'll see you all here in a couple days!


If you're looking for the current Artist's Play Room just click here and you'll go to this week's art challenge.
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  1. Blogging has allowed me to meet some wonderful generous people as well, mostly in the gardening realm..just getting into the artist/crafting realm the cluckers!

  2. Hi Jenn,

    I passed on your link to my friend and she wrote back and said it was just what she needed. So glad. She's not even an artsy one, but she does a blog.
    And now I'm learning about setting up "Pages" on my blog. I"ve been seeing and wondering about that for a while. Good for you in paving the way for us less techy folks. Bless your heart. And your blog has really blossomed. I'm proud of you.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  3. You really are a lucky duck (or is that chicken?)! I have to say that's one of my biggest surprises in blogging - finding and making friends. Who knew?

    Love the chickens - you're right, they should totally be made into cards; I'm sure they'd do well. And your APR theme this week is a goodie. I've been wanting to start working in a series; this is just the impetus I need.

  4. The blogging world is the best isn't it... though I have a bit of a bone to pick with you as ever since Peas please arrived at our house Sinus has been obsessed... he happened to plant some pea seedlings out in the vegie patch that morning so he took your painting as a sign... so now he alternates between checking on his babies, and wanting peas at every meal... he even cooked last night, and yes half the plate was mushy peas... kind of like eating your babies isn't it... so whatever you do please never ever paint Sardines... I couldn't handle them for dinner every night...xx

  5. I'm so glad Tracey convinced me to start a blog as it allowed me to meet people like you. You have done so much for a non techy like me. Your 101 has taught me heaps and the button and banner you did for me were just wonderful. I feel lucky to have a talented friend like you.
    Thanks for the wonderful comments.
    I'm still having trouble with what to draw for this weeks theme.

  6. Aww, Jenn, you're a dear ( or is that a deer? ) to feature and rave about my chickens on your wonderful blog. It is I who has been most blessed by our friendship. Finding friends like you is what has been the real benefit of this marvelous world wide web. Who would have ever dreamt possible such love, support and encouragement were it not for this connection over the (s)miles?

    The foot has afforded more crafting time, and still, there are not enough hours in the day to do all my juicy brains dream. APR has stimulated much of what I want to do.Thank you for it, for your love and creative genius.

    You are loved, worldwide ... Imagine that!!

    Love from the same continent ... But still, 3,000 miles away...

  7. Hi Jenn..what a beautiful post and tribute to these mega-talented souls! The blogosphere is a pretty special land to meet like-mind kindred spirits!Wonderful..and gorgeous art shared here!

  8. Wow...well that was a surprise Jenn, but then this blogosphere keeps providing wonderful surprises daily.
    I just feel so fortunate to have started this journey and heaven knows where it will lead or whom I will meet, which is so exciting. I've met some incredible friends already but one thing for certain is that I'm blessed to have met you :D
    You have lifted my spirits when I needed it...given tirelessly of your time and expertise, inspired, keep my mojo motivated and generally been such great fun!
    I treasure your friendship.
    But please can you make you're challenges easy eh??? ;D

  9. Isn't it wonderful to meet such great friends by blogging? I absolutely love those chickens, by the way.

  10. I've become acquainted with Tracey, Vonnie and Nessie through my blog, and agree that they are all extremely talented artists. I have also figured out that they are tender hearted. Have a blessed weekend!


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