Saturday, July 14, 2012

FLY, Be Free!!

At Inspiration Avenue this week the challenge is "Fly". Fortunately, it came together perfectly with a get well postcard that I have been working on for a good friend Kim (also a member of IA). Kim is a wonderfully joyous woman who seems to exude happiness & energy from every pore. She's generous and special and all the members of IA want and wish for her to get better quickly. So this post about flying is for Kim.

In the challenge, the question was posed about what we think of when we hear the word "FLY". I think of wings and feathers. I also know that Kim loves wings so this challenge was fortuitous timing. I decided that I also wanted to make Kim laugh so I combined wings and laughter and came up with "Flying Pig". Here's my submission for this week's challenge, hopefully, Kim won't be snooping around my blog so she'll still be surprised when the mail carrier delivers her mail a week or so from now. If you're reading this Kim, please get better, we LOVE you!

It is a postcard but I'll leave the back of it just for her. Please be better soon Kim, I miss you. Hugs & get well kisses...


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  1. That is laugh loud loud wonderful and i am sure she will have her day brightened and your wonderful flying pig will bring a smile to her face...xx

  2. OMGosh Jenn, she is so cute!! love the smile on her face, her rolls and those wings!! fabulous and so much fun! Kim will love it!! :D
    and thanks bunches for entering!!! I am so sorry i missed the recipe! Time has been getting away from me but i will make your next challenge a priority!!
    XOXO :)

  3. I love, love, love your pig, Jenn. Blessings!

  4. This cute piggy is sure to make Kim smile when she receives it!

  5. What a cutie this pig is, lol. Great take on the theme too. I'm sure Kim will love the postcard.

  6. Your pudgy piggie is really great! I know Kim will love him!

  7. Hilarious, adorable, whimsical, get-well worthy! I had to laugh when I saw it because my husband is a home brewer and his "company" is Flying Pig! He designs a flying pig label for each of his brews so we have pigs flying over campfires, dancing, etc. Really a goofy image. She'll love it.


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