Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you know They're a printing company that does the most fabulous business cards, stickers, postcards, greeting cards and mini cards in the WORLD!! If you don't know MOO then you're in for a treat! Go to their link and look around then after, come back here and finish reading my little post. I'll show you the business cards I've had made (several times) and I'll tell you a secret! OK, GO!! See you in a few minutes...

I discovered a couple of years ago and fell in love with their products. See, they make perfect business cards for artists. MOO allows you to print something different on the front of every business card in your pack, then put your particulars (website, blog, email, phone # etc.) on the back! So, artists can put their paintings on the front of the business card and their contact info on the back. Wow, huh?? Here, let me show you the ones I've done in the past, I've done two sets already.
My first set of Moo CardsMy newest set or Moo Cards
Now for some  really cool news! MOO is having a VERY big sale, they almost never do this, but they're putting all their products, including accessories and the new Luxe Business Cards on a 30% off sale. The sale lasts only a few days, until July 14th so if you want to score some major booty for a fantastic price then hop over and buy some cool products. If you want to do me a HUGE favor, you could pretty please click through from my site, as I'm a affiliate and you'd help keep me in Hazelnut coffee. The link is in my sidebar just below all the art supplies list. I'd love you for it! (Oh, and I can't guarantee it, but if you want to try for another 10% off you can email me for a special new customer code and you can see if they'll honor it on top of the 30% off. I can't guarantee it working during a sale though, lol.)

I'll be back soon with recipe art, now back to your regularly scheduled life!

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  1. wow, these really do look great!! clicking thru to moo!


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