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Artist's Play Room #19

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Last week's Artist's Play Room was such fun! I loved all the creations that were submitted last week. You people are so darn creative and it's fun discovering all your art as you link up. For those of you who landed here and are reading me for the first time, APR is held every Saturday and continues throughout the week until the next Saturday when I do a wrap up of the previous week and then announce this week's theme.

Last week we tackled Pearology, the love of pears. I confessed that I love drawing fruit and more specifically, my favorite is pears. I asked you to create with whatever media strikes you, a beautiful curvaceous pear (or if you have a specific fruit love then I guess you could do that, lol). Ok, on to the ART because that's why we're all here.
My Pears I really do love them and
seeing all these different pears
has made me endlessly happy.
Bonnie has done some lovely pears
and has embellished, zentangled and
stamped them. Great job!
Dion has started a wonderful new series on
her blog. It's called "When Artist's Cook" and
she'll be illustrating scrumptious recipes and maybe
even someday putting it all together in a cookbook
This is a beautiful start Dion!
I'm loving these green pears, they somehow elicit such
humor to me. They look like they're all standing
around waiting for the bus, you know, like
pears do!! Hehehe, really great Terrie.
Lou Anne has done a pear fairy and has
come up with the brilliant idea to do
the whole fruit bowl into fruit fairies,
I think they'll be just adorable!
Diane has given me a twofer this week, this is
pear 1, a wonderful painted collage that she
does so expertly. I think this looks so
delicate, really pretty.
Tracey has done some wonderful and happy
looking pears, I especially love that they're
three in a row, making the painting an odd
size. Pears are unusual fruit and deserve
a unique treatment. Thanks Trace!
Darla has pulled out an older piece
this week as her finger is still down
for the count for another week. Thank
God she did, this is gorgeous, I love the
old world feel, wow.
Gina has done an absolutely lovely
and colorful pear. The colors are
so clear and bright that her pear
just jumps off the page!
Tracy has done some gourd-geous pears for
this challenge, I'm loving the colors and
the shine is stunning. Really wonderful!

Gloria has done a semi abstract drawing
with watercolors. I really appreciate the
swirl of colors it makes the pears look
almost hidden, and you have to search to
find them, cool!
Cindy decide to do cherries and
cherry blossoms and I'm so glad
she did as this painting is just
beautiful. I love it as always Cindy.
Vonny has rendered a pear that
she's wholly unhappy with but
I know that we ALL love it.
I especially love the pink, it
looks so happy!
Debbie has used crayon shavings,
her imagination and her toaster
oven to create a wonderfully
simplistic and colorful pear.
I'm in pear love!
TwinkleToes has rendered an
excellent set of zentangled
pears, they looks absolutely
pearfect (I couldn't resist!)
Awwww, Minn did a pair of loving pears who
stay together through thick and thin
because they love each other. Isn't that just
the pearfect sentiment??
Serena has painted a wonderful
watercolor of three pears. She
totally made me laugh by telling me
she got hungry and ate her still life!!
Neesie is just exploring her inktense
watercolor pencils, what a wonderful
watercolor she made. The pears
look soft, bright and juicy. Really
well rendered Neesie!
Elizabeth has given some love to
the apple, since pears seem to have
gotten wholly enough love
all the way around! This is gorgeous.
Rita has done a couple of lounging
pears, resting on their sides like they're
sunning themselves. I think they look fab
but if they don't get out of the sun they're
gonna brown that puurrty skin, lol.
Nordljus has done a beautiful still life
 of many different kinds of pears and
it makes for a spectacular art piece.
Arnoldo had overachieved this week,
doing tags and atc's in the theme of
Pears. I think they're all exquisite.
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

This week the theme for APR is Ink, pens & paper. Use these words however you want to inspire your art. Here are some wonderful examples...

Tracey Fletcher King
Andrea Joseph
MarinaTina JettDigital Dancer
Beautiful Photograph
zentangle Pens & Ink
As always I encourage "out of the box" thinking and all media is welcome. Remember our motto here, "You don't have to be great, just create!". Now Go, create something spectacular, something dazzling, something that will fill others' with awe. Actually, just make yourself happy and I'll be tickled pink. :o)

Love to all my bloggy friends,

Stay tuned as this week I'll be rolling out another Blogging 101, YAY!! Come on back and learn to make your blog more functional and beautiful. We'll talk soon.
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  1. I love your challenge... but would love to see the pictures... they are all way to large for me to see with dial up... boo hoo... but I still enjoy doing the challenges... Have a fun week playing with paper, pen and ink... love, light and peace...Bonnie

  2. This was great fun and really took me outside the box to do something I had never done before! Can't wait to see what everyone else did!

  3. Your drawing is out of this world. I am always amazed at your talent.

    Sorry, I have no "ink," so had to go with what I had. Guess by now, you realize I normally have to bend the rules a bit. Hope you like it, though.

  4. What a beautiful and juicy collection of pears! I'd never thought that drawing and painting pears would be such fun :). Seeing all these is so inspiring. Your pair of pears is just gorgeous, I especially love the leaves, the shadows and highlights are just perfect.

  5. I am so glad I found your blog. It's truly encouraged me to continue to develop my fine arts skills. Blessings!


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