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Artist's Play Room #18

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We're into APR #18, quite amazing, isn't it? We've been getting together here for 18 weeks! It's been such a pleasure getting to know you all and your art. Last week's theme was "Recipe Art" and I asked you to pick your favorite recipe and illustrate it any way your heart desires. I figured then we could share recipes and art! Since everyone's art is always wonderful, this week please accept a group hug from me for your beautiful work. 

It was such a different challenge to post, I'm so glad you all liked it as much as I did. This week I'll just be putting artist and recipe title under each piece of art so it's easy for all to see which recipes they may want to steal!! Obviously you all can just go and oggle the lovely artwork, even if the recipe isn't your thing. We've got a great collection of artwork, here's mine and all the other terrific participants from last week. 

(If you need recipe clarification, I'm sure each artists won't mind a personal email or comment on their blog!)

Here we go...
Best Ever Meatloaf!  My Recipe here!
ALERT: it should be teaspoons
NOT tablespoons for the SALT!! Oops.
Homemade Christmas Mincemeat by Twinkletoes
Spiced Glazed Pears by BonnieFavorite summer salad by Gloria
Granny Parkinsen's Brown Sugar Shortbread by CindySausage Stew by Neesie
Chambord Savory Brown by ElizabethLemon Bars by Darla
Chocolate Truffles by MinnPB&C Squares by Tracy
Corn Casserole by SandeeCornbread by Terrie
Dream Bars by TraceyPico de Gallo by Arnoldo
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

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I love to paint fruit. More specifically, I love to draw, sketch or paint pears. Yes, you read that right, PEARS. They have such a lovely curvature to them. Their pear bodies look so rounded and interesting. Great fodder for an artist. I got the idea of doing a pear Love-fest from a woman who blogs and teaches an online course called Pearology, how to paint watercolor pears. If you'd like to learn how to paint the lovely pear then go to her site by clicking the links under the picture and sign up.

Martha Lever of Art du Jour teaches "Pearology"
If you have a love of another kind of fruit and you just must paint that, then have at it, paint me a watermelon or an apple or how about a kiwi, but I'm doing pears. Because I love them. Here are several beautiful, sweet and funny examples of this wonderful curvy fruit.

Lupen's pear photographNancy's watercolor pearsJan McCorkie's assemblage
Britt's word artAmy's Paper Mache pearLaurie's sewn papers pear
David's pear wall hangingTara's mixed media pearsOomen's pear in oil
Well there's a big bunch of pears, isn't it?  Geez, we could make pear jam or pie. You think the artist's would mind? Us borrowing their subject matter to make a pie?? It'd be yummy, promise, I have my grandmother's crust recipe and she was a fantastic baker. But that's another story, I digress. Pears. GO.

I'll be back with more art. Until then, keep on keeping on.
Later gator.


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  1. Hi Jenn, this is the perfect theme to launch my new blog series "When Artists Cook". Yummy food, recipes, and culinary inspiration.

    Hugs xx

  2. I love to come on over to see what you're up to now.. I enjoyed the recipy art and now its pears... hmmm - what's with all that food girl? Hungry? I only used one image of a pear on an ATC a couple of years (?) ago... and here I sit now, wondering why I never use images of fruits. Or other food. What does that say about me? I might try getting fruit on my next AJ page for a change...

  3. Hi Jenn. I couldn't resist the fruity topic. I think I may have to create a whole fruit bowl of these little fairies.

  4. Recipes were fun and I picked a few new ones to try. But pears? I LOVE pears and can't wait to share. Yahoo!

  5. Oh Jenn, i LOVED doing your pear challenge! i am not a fruit or still-life painter, but i thoroughly enjoyed this challenge! in fact i may even do some more!!:D Thanks Jenn for all you do! HUGS! :D

  6. There is something about the pear shape that is so attractive. Great challenge.


  7. I had fun and this was good water color phobia therapy!!!

  8. So much fun to see what everyone else does! Thank you Jenn for your pearfectly delightful challenge.

  9. As I prepared my pears, they evolved into this odd pair, who seems to have, after all, a firm grip on reality.;-) A fun place to come, as always!

  10. I couldn't get on Blogger yesterday, so my post, which I had ready, published, although I couldn't get it to you. I hope this will be OK, since I'm no good at drawing ANYTHING.

  11. Sorry, I forgot to change the link and had to repost. I couldn't figure out how to delete the first linky. I messed up, but at least I am here this week--LOL! Sorry.

  12. This was a real challenge for me, Jenn. However, I had lots of fun putting it together. Blessings!

  13. jenn - i seem to be having the same problem as last time i posted to APR. i don't see my link, so i can't tell that it worked. i've tried twice. when i hit enter, it shows up for a moment, but then disappears. any ideas why? am i doing something wrong?


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