Saturday, July 7, 2012

Artist's Play Room #17

Don't you find that the summer is running away with itself this year? I do. I mean, it was March just a few weeks ago. ;o)  Well, last week we celebrated Canada Day (and Independence Day for those of you over the border). The theme for last week's APR was illuminate the colors red and white (and blue, if you must) and if you want to do a Canadian theme added to it (or American, sheesh, don't say I never did anything for ya!) then all's the better. Here are the fun and terrific pieces submitted last week...
My maple leaf for Canada Day!
Bobbie has done a zentangle bird
in lovely red white & blue, she's
just so round and cute!
Twinkle toes has done a
digital collage of Canada!
I love the patriotic theme.
Sandee has done a beautiful
bookmark thong, adding
maple leaf beads to the end
of it. Beautiful.
Lynn has done a lovely
combo of ephemera to
make a very american
patriotic statement.
Arnoldo has painted a
stunning vignette of
an evening in the
wine country.
Darla has done a celebration
drawing for the 4th of July.
WooHoo, Happy 4th!
Tracey has painted her
favorite tea and lined
up red and white bottles
to make a Canadian theme.
I love her artwork!
Terrie has done a terrific
job of making a celebration
collage for the 4th. Looks
really GREAT.
Neesie did a truly Canadian
painting, that of our most
famous Maple Syrup.
Tracy has done a a wonderful
American gourd to represent
her Country's past, Great job!
Minn did a really good drawing
of Grumpy from the 7 dwarfs.
It's really well rendered and he
looks ready to join the Canadian
Rita has done a wonderful red and
white zendala. I always love the
balance these have. Really
great Rita!
Von did the cutest Canadian
Bookman for me and even
better, she's sending it along
so I can love him in person!!
Serena has done some FAB
kitchen tins, I'm in love
with this painting, I WANT it,
lol. So well done Serena!!
Alice  was raised in Canada so
she has done a wonderful
totem to represent Canada
Day, Love it!
Gloria did a gorgeous American
flag for the 4th, is so pretty. I
especially love the way she did
the white stripes. wow.
This is really wonderful Gloria!
There's something about this
style that I'm always so
attracted to. Love it.
Cindy has submitted my
favorite moose as her
Canadian post, isn't he
just the cutest!!
Andrea has done a beautiful
sketch in her sketchbook
using red and white theme.
I really love the hearts.
Elizabeth has been
working on a quiltlet.
The colors make you
feel so warm and cozy.
I bet Bluebeard love is too.
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

This week I decided it'd be a bunch of fun to share some of our favorite recipes!! So, here's what you do... Pick a recipe you want to illustrate, then make art around it! You can collage a jar with layers of "stuff" or paint little jars or this and cups of that or just draw what you want to. You can do an assemblage and use actual things like labels and herb bottles or you can even artfully arrange all the things for your recipe (remembering to leave space for the actual recipe!) and photograph it then digitally alter your photo with pointers  & labels. The only caveat is that you have to be willing to share your coveted recipes with the world. These could turn out so great, I can't wait, it's like a twofer... We not only get great art but a recipe to boot.

I really don't care just how creative you want to get with this challenge, in fact I encourage you to think outside the box, it inspires others to try something new. Here are some terrific examples of recipe art, I'm absolutely in love with them ALL...

Pineapple Jam RecipeFresh Pumpkin Soup White Chicken Chili
La Soupe un PostouLittle Children StewHow To Make Tea
Chocolate Chip CookiesRecipe for LoveRumpot recipe collage
I'll talk to you all soon! Remember, you don't have to be great, just CREATE.


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  1. Great Idea!
    Love it!!!!! Do you think there is a recipe with roses....LOL...I'm going to have to plan OUTSIDE the box....!! I love forcing myself to go outside the box♥


  2. This sounds like, I just have to decide which recipe I should release to the world from the family vault. lol

  3. WOW Jenn! What an amazing challenge!
    and the examples you gave us are great. How do you come up with these?! I really want to do this one, so i'm putting my thinking cap on!
    Hugs! diane :)

  4. All of the artwork is so wonderful and inspiring! I'm SO ready to get back to the playroom after my move. Keep up the great work everyone!!!

  5. What a great idea, Jenn. I can't wait to see all the wonderful illustrated recipes from around the world. We could put out our own recipe book! Blessings!

  6. Wow..these are all such gorgeous entries..such talent and beauty!
    The new challenge looks fun too..hope to play!

  7. I got my entry in early this week. I hope you don't mind that I'm going to be busy this weekend, so I brought back a very few pages from an altered recipe book I made in 2008-9. Since this will be new to many, and because this challenge seemed to have my name written on it, I decided to take these out of mothballs for your challenge.

  8. This is just a marvelous idea! Since I know we have some chocolate lovers among us, I just had to go that route... I live to tell that both versions are divine... but I may just have been lucky to survive the 2nd version. Make at own risk;-)

  9. Well, I struggled with this one, not sure which recipe, how to show it, if I should try collage,etc. But I combined my on-line class with Dion Dior and Jenn's recipe project. A real challenge!

  10. Well done everyone there are some real mouthwatering recipes and eye-catching drawings this week.
    Lynn and the Doodly birds


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