Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snail Mail Extravaganza!

As I'm sure you know, I'm a member of Inspiration Avenue, a blog and Etsy Shop group of talented artists who support one another. It's a great group of women. A couple of weeks ago we did a PostCard Swap and invited all our bloggy friends to sign up and happily swap snail mail with us. It was a resounding success! Each participant made five original postcards using any artistic media they wanted (I did watercolor and mixed media) then they also decorated the back to look like a postcard. Each postcard was sent in it's own envelope to protect the artwork. There are hundreds of handmade and wonderfully artistic postcards now flying around the world as we speak!!

Here are the ones I sent out, front and back, then I'll show the lovely postcards I received in the past month. (click to make any picture larger)
I doodled on purple cardstock then found some
clear plastic for an overlay so it looks like a window.
I added a note and address to the recipient
but this pic was taken before that!
I used 300 pound paper for the ABC zentangle then
mounted it on 140lb  paper, then added the lines.
In matching colors I drew a feather pen and added
postmarks and a hand drawn stamp.
Again, I mounted on piece of paper on another, the
background is done using sepia ink smooshed around
and the addition of gold flecks and black marker.
Matching back & front, I drew a scroll, connected it
to the stamp. I had "griffin & Sabine" stamps from
the book series. I added flowers and a postal stamp!
This was made much like the ABC one, zentangled,
highlighted, mounted & stripe the background
using gel pens. These were such fun!
Here's one that I had filled out, I added Airmail and
Urgent handmade stickers then the postmark was
added over the stamp.
This is my "girl with the dragon tattoo" postcard and
was fun to do. Dragon wing, fire & scales with a
background made with ink and metallic paint.
I sent this one to Shelly, adding the checkerboard
around the edge to mimic the front then adding
a postmark over top of the stamp.
I also made original bookmarks for each of the 5 women that I sent a postcard to. The bookmarks were personalized with their initial. Here's pictures of them...
(Click each to enlarge for detail)
This was such a fun swap. Hopefully we'll do it again during the summertime. Getting little pieces of art through the mail has got to be one of the most satisfying piece of mail one ever receives. Thank you to all who sent to me, I'll treasure them. When they're all finally here I'll be showing off my stash in a future blog post.

Until then... I'm off to make some (can you guess?) hazelnut coffee and put my feet up.

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  1. Jen people will be beyond thrilled to get these... they are just so beautifully done... gorgeous stuff and they will be treasured...xx

  2. I know there are a bunch of happy artist/crafters/bloggers out there now! Beautiful!

  3. WOW...those are totally awesome....great the added treat of the bookmarks as well....they are fantastic....a girl might start to read something just to use her bookmark....

    blessings my friend,

  4. As one of the lucky recipients, I'm thrilled! I love the paper mounted on paper and of course the bookmark was such a delightful surprise. Now I see the range of what you did - it's amazing! Thanks!

  5. These are so pretty! I'm sure they will love them! :)

  6. What fun! Amazing talent. Each one is so unique.


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