Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Postman Cometh

As I've said in a couple earlier posts, we did a PostCard swap at Inspiration Avenue about a month ago. Since I'm in Canada it takes longer for my postcards to find me. (I accost the mail carrier regularly but it doesn't seem to help.) Well, finally all my postcards have arrived from all over the globe and I thought I'd play show and tell with you all today.

I received postcards from Evil EdnaDonna Letteress, Marcia Beckett and Lou Anne Hazel. (Rachel's hasn't arrived yet.) Those are the lovely ladies who "picked my name out of the proverbial hat" so to speak. On top of that, I seem to be a postcard magnet because I also received postcards from Kim Collister, Cindy Garner and two from Terrie Purkey (she's going to be in Nanaimo in August so we're getting together for lunch!). I'm putting it down to the fact that it was my birthday midway through last month and they all decided to shower me with love. Thank you to all you wonderful women for filling my mailbox and heart with snail mail love.

Let me show you the beauty, coolness and unique creativity these women exude. 

Terrie Purkey's Postcard, I so totally
love stamps so I'm a happy camper!
Marcia Beckett's Postcard, I love
the colors on this one.
Evil Edna did a beautiful sunset
behind a figure, love it.
Cindy did a lovely and pretty
friendship postcard, thank you my friend.
Kim did her postcard in two parts.
She did a lovely envelope and
a fantastic postcard, cool!!
Kim's actual postcard is wonderful and
colorful with cool embellishments.
Thank you Kim!
This is the front of Lou Anne's beautiful Hawaiian themed
postcard. The back is just as great.
The back of Lou Anne's postcard is resplendent with cool
ephemera all about Hawaii. Thanks Lou Anne, I love it!
Donna drew a girl and her unicorn. THanks
for the lucky unicorn Donna!
Terrie sent me another lovely postcard, what a
generous woman. Thanks Terrie.
Thank you to all the wonderful women who sent me postcards. I loved them all. It was such a thrill going down to the mailbox every day, hoping to have a little snail mail piece of treasure waiting for me. (I'm still hoping Rachel's arrives and hasn't gone to the letter heaven in the sky,crossing my fingers.) Thanks again my friends, happy, happy, joy, JOY.


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  1. cool! you did hit the jackpot. That was a fun swap!

  2. how exciting to get all those goodies .... and you are getting together with Terri.... that will be a treat... two readers together as well as the art talk... you might need to turn into speed talkers to fit it all in!!!!!

  3. What a great idea for a swap! Such lovely postcards and what a lot of work went into them too. Awesome :0)

  4. these are beautiful! how blessed you are :)

  5. It was a pleasure to make a special postcard for you. I'm glad you liked it. All of the postcards you received were awesome! I'm glad you shared them.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed my cards - I have so much fun making and sending them. You received some fab IA cards....I don't have all mine either yet....still hoping.

  7. Wow! Lucky you, Jenn! Each one of these is special and all so different, showing the individual creativity of each artist. The swap was so much fun...I'll be posting the ones I received :)

  8. These are so fun!! It is like having each one of those friends for tea as you enjoy their creations:-)

  9. I like Lou Anne's best - the retro theme, but they are all special.


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