Friday, June 22, 2012

Pick A Color, Any Color (But Only One!)

striped rug (not my disastrous work!)
This week's APR theme is "monochromatic". I asked you to pick a color and run with it. That's what I did too. I chose blue as my color and thought I'd try doing a wash. I suck at washes. I don't seem to be able to get them to be a smooth gradation of color like they're supposed to be. This time was no exception. I'm not thrilled with this piece but I decided I'd post it anyway. What the hell. Everyone makes art that they're not thrilled with, me included. Then I totally changed my mind, as any woman will attest, is our right. The gradation of color sucks and I abandoned the effort. So, instead I'm posting a painting I did a while ago for my mom.

I can hear you all saying not to be so critical of myself but it's hard when you know it isn't the way it's supposed to be. The outcome is haphazard, the blue is streaky and it just proves I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to washes and seriously need more practice.

I'll also confess that the practice I need won't be coming any time soon, lol. With the new position as contributing editor on Featuring Magazine and Dion Dior's course in Silks to finish and all the challenges from APR and Inspiration Avenue I find myself behind the eight ball consistently. So, I'll let that part go until I can give it more study/practice time and I'll concentrate more on my drawing and other painting techniques. Maybe I'll just paint leaves, grasses and pears from now on, lol. Anyway, enough pity party about my lack of watercolor skills, here's this week's entry to my APR.

Title: "Torino"
Mom's rose is around 9"x12" and is named after a behemouth of a car we used to own when I was a little girl. The Torino was a bright yellow sadan shaped like those old cop cars, long and kinda bulky. I just remember we never had trouble finding it in a parking lot and because it was long and heavy you always felt safe driving in it. It's my mom's favorite color. She loves yellow. She can NOT wear the color successfully (it makes her look like death on a cracker!) so whenever I buy her celebration roses I always get yellow ones. Hence the painting. :o)

Talk to you all soon.
God, I seriously need a cup of hazelnut coffee and a piece of chocolate. I'll settle for the coffee though. ;o)
I'm out!


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  1. I love that rose. It reminds me og Georgia O'Keefe's syle of work. Your blue piece was not bad,at all. It reminded me of op art. Blessings!

  2. Jenn, your rose is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow! I agree that controlled washes are hard... but what you did looks actually great and the changes are a fantastic accompanying visual for your line: "Then I totally changed my mind, as any woman will attest, is our right." I totally love it and totally agree!;-)

  3. wow! i thought this was a photograph until i read your post - beautiful work! i know your mom loves it!

  4. This is gorgeous - I too thought it was a photograph. Stunning ♥

  5. the rose is gorgeous and I am with you on the washes... I actually find graded washes a pain in the proverbial and that sort of practice just does my head in so I simply avoid it... and I am with on the time management stuff... how you fit in what you do amazes me, I am firmly in the just jump in and do school... if it turns out it is a bonus!!! Your rose is simply lovely though and I am glad your washes didn't work so that you shared it... stunning work...xx

  6. Awesomely beautiful rose! Just perfect!!

  7. Wow, that rose is amazing, I'm sniffing and I can just get the scent of it from here, or it could be my runny nose making me sniff :)
    Seriously though, that is one fantastic painting.
    I think you deserve the chocolate cake to go with your hazelnut coffee.
    Von :)

  8. Jenn, I'm in love -- with that painting. If your Mom ever tires of it, there's a wall here in Pennsylvania that's crying out for it. OMG, I just love your work especially in tight florals like this. Please quit frustrating yourself over washes and such and stick with that which you know and love. Mmmm, I am a bee, sucking on the nectar of that rose. Mmmm, mmm, mmm.

    Much love,
    Hopalong CardMonkey

  9. I wish there was a market for disasters...I'd be a millionaire with the amount of disasters I have stashed away. But I bet your washes are better than you think. Nonetheless your rose is exquisite and I'm glad I got to see it.

    Hugs xx

  10. Hi Jenn...magnificent many soft subtle shades and gorgeous yellows and a wonderful golden the gentleness and power it embodies..very potent and meditative..totally blissful!
    Shine on..loved this weeks challenge!

  11. I agree with everyone else, it looks great! It's probably just a case of "it didn't turn out how I pictured it in my head", but it is beautiful. Shading is something I've never gotten the hang of yet, but I think you did a great job. Your mom should love it! :)

  12. Hi Jenn,
    Your rose is so beautiful. I think roses are the hardest flower to paint, so I wouldn't worry about washes. But I understand,it bugs at you when you want to accomplish a task and you keep trying and can't get it to work. I also think watercolor is the most difficult medium. Have a great week and save some time for just gazing at your garden and not thinking of "must do".


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