Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh To Have A Vacation!!

This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is "Fantasy Vacation". My fantasy vacation would be a month in Hawaii, lazing on the beach, reading and drinking those silly fancy drinks with the umbrellas in them. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not just a fantasy and that within the next couple of years I can be relaxing in paradise and learning what poi tastes like, lol.

I decided to do Hawaii at sunset, kind of my take on what it would feel like standing just off to the side of the trees, watching the sun be swallowed up by the vast ocean. Yep, that would be bliss.

Before Color

After Color
Title: "Hawaiian Sunset"
Please forgive the not so great photography. For some reason we had some serious trouble capturing the sky in this photo. In actuality the painting looks much better than what shows here. I'm pretty thrilled with it. I used a new technique I discovered the other day, using Copic marker colorless blender to "liquify" watercolor pencils. The colorless blender brings out the beauty of the Faber-Castell watercolor pencils and makes them glow. The great thing is that since I don't use water the paper doesn't warp!! This was such a fun one to do, I really would love to go to Hawaii and just soak up the atmosphere. It's also a terrific honeymoon destination place. Just throwing that out to the Universe, lol. ;o)

Ok, I'm off to finish some jewelry. I'm slowly adding lockets filled with tiny paintings to my shop. It's difficult to come up with something that will be visible when painted in a 1.5 inch square! Kinda fun though.

Talk later, K? Thanks for all your lovely comments people. You're all so wonderful.


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  1. I love this and blender markers are awesome, I have several!!

  2. Amazing!! It DOES look like a tropical sunset.

  3. Oh wow, I'd love to be there right now instead of here where it is so dull and wet there's no way it's 'Summer time'
    Gorgeous colours! :0)

  4. When I first saw the piece, I thought you had sewn the sky in the color piece. This is truly stunning. You did an excellent job on your fantasy vacation.


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