Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh Look, A Chicken!!

The other evening, late at night (it was after midnight for sure) I was out on our balcony playing Scrabble on the iPad before heading to bed. In the distance I hear someone's car alarm go off. BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP..., on and on and on and on and ON, ad nauseam. I thought it would never stop. Finally it did. (hold with me now, this is a cute story) a few minutes later it starts again... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... for another 2-3 minutes then finally it shuts off. THEN, once again, a couple minutes later it starts AGAIN. Here's where the funny part happens. I hear BEEP... BEEP... BEEP... SQUALK!!! ... BEEP, SQUALK!! ... BEEP, SQUALK!!  on and on until the car alarm goes off again. I guess it woke up the irritable resident bird who lives (and tries to sleep!) in our pine trees. 

It gets funnier. Once again the damn car alarm AND the bird go off... but we add to the cacophony with... BEEP, SQUALK!!, RIBBIT... BEEP, SQUALK!!, RIBBIT... I started to laugh, hey why not add to the litany of noise going on at almost 1 AM?? I'm seriously guessing that no bird, person, reptile or fish was sleeping by this time. It just made me smile and laugh, all the animals up and complaining about the noise when they are usually the ones waking us up!

Speaking of animals, the theme for Inspiration Avenue's Challenge this week is CHICKENS! I think this is a cute, funny and wonderful theme and it inspired me to make some children's art which I usually don't do. This will be twice in a row with IA challenges that I've done a children's theme. :o)

So, without further ado, here are my chickens!! 

So, why did the chickens cross the road?? To get home of course!!
Okie dokie, I'm sure I'll be back soon with some other kind of post. Maybe a Blogging 101 or Cool Tools or well, something fun. As a minimum, my drawing for this week's APR!

We'll talk soon, K? Yes? Good!

If you're looking for this week's APR please just scroll my sidebar and click on the Artist's Play Room Button. It'll bring up the current APR just for you!
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  1. aaawww what cute chickens!! I love it.

  2. squalk... beep ... ribbit... moo... I was once sitting on our front deck when I looked up to see a cow walk past... so I would add a moo... not like I live in the country or anything... just a random cow and I think it would have been a great addition to your evening symphony.... love the chickens crossing the road too... in our street they get half way and stop for a chat... most people have chickens and they get out... so they cross the road to chat to the others...xx

  3. wow, thats a night and a half,

    great painting though!!

  4. That's quite a symphony you had going there. I'd be laughing too.
    Love your chickens. Reminds me of my three little terrors out in the garden. They aren't allowed to cross the road though. They do enough damage to the garden and would probably dig up the road!
    Von :)

  5. I love the chickens you created! They'd be great in a children's book too.

  6. That is so funny!!! Cracked me up! :):)

    Love your chickens crossing the road. So cute! :)

  7. Love your chickens. And the story about the car alarm.

    Thank you for sharing both!

  8. Hilarious story - very cute chickens :0)

  9. Now that cacophony would keep me up too, and smiling. Isn't it fun? I sit here writing this, window open just before dawn, and the birds are chirping. Behind me, my little whining dog Sadie, who I swear moans the word "Mom" when she wants to go out, is sitting squeaking her favorite (DEMOLISHED!) toy to get my attention away from the computer. I guess I should go, so she can.

    Chickens ... dogs ... what a hen house!

    Much love,

  10. Fun art and story- enjoyed this post!

  11. Nature isn't quiet as is, and add in an annoying man made noise and I bet it was noisy! People always talk about nature being quiet and I look at them like really? Between the birds singing all day, and then the frogs and crickets, throw in an occassional raccon or a bob cat = NOISE! Oh, you could have added in to your cute drawing.."why did the chickens cross the road?"..."to turn off the alarm system!" LOL waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  12. I love your whimsical drawing. I am learning about so many wonderful art blogs through your posts too - thank you. Blessings!

  13. Great! Colorful, amusing, just a delight in every way.


  14. i just love your entry!! and you're much more gracious than i re. car alarms - even with funny bird responses :) - they're forever going off around us, and always when you've just dropped off...


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