Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brambles & Blackberries

My Artist's Play Room theme this week is sketching & drawing. This is one of my personal loves. It's a new love, I'll give you that, but boy, when I fall in love with something I fall hard. I can't believe the peace that comes over me when I hold a pencil. That peace even covers watercolor pencils, graphitint pencils and even to some extent Copic and Prismacolor markers. My most basic passion though is pencil drawings. In the end I usually add ink over top but I get the most blissful thrill of the first pencil to paper, watching the image emerge from the movement of my hand.

I'll tell you a secret. Another love of mine is paper. Any kind, thick, thin, colored, rough, smooth, patterned or printed. That's probably one of the many reasons I have a love affair with books. They're made of paper. ;o) I was lucky with this sketch to be working on a spare piece of left over from a large Arches 140 lb cold pressed sheet (22x30). What's cool is that the edges of the pressed sheets have a very cool edge on them and I love the edges so I keep them. Here's my Blackberries for my APR "sketching/drawing" theme this week.

Title: "Blackberry Jam"
Gotta love that natty edge of the paper!
Oh, and speaking of books & paper reminds me that I just sent a booklist to my good friend Tracey. That makes me think I should tell all who will listen that if you have never read Robert A. Heinlein then you're totally missing out. I'd recommend "Door Into Summer" first as it's an good way to ease into all things Heinlein. If you want a few other suggestions just email me, I'm always happy to share!

Talk to all you wonderful bloggy people soon. No idea what I'll have to share later this week but it'll be something worth reading hopefully!

Hugs & Kisses. I'm feeling all lovey dovey today, forgive me.


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  2. Love the berries girl!!! awesome sketching.....I love the torn paper too....I'd rather a torn edge then crisp cut...weird I guess....oh wait now...that probably falls into the 'creative licence' category, right Neesie?...lol


  3. I think we all love the ripped edge paper, just looks so good, your black berry sketch is beautiful,

  4. Brilliant drawing. I can't draw ANYthing so I truly appreciate the talent of others :0)

  5. I LOVE the blackberries! It's simply Gorgeous Jenn!! you are an amazing artist! And i also love torn paper or deckled edges... they're so much more interesting! :)

  6. a deckle edge is one of the purest joys in art... like sniffing and touching paper... which sounds a bit creepy but great thick paper has its own scent...just don't so it in the store or they will think you are a bit weird...
    love the drawing Jen... just wonderful tonal work... you would never guess it was a new love... looks like you have been together for a very long time...
    I am off to sit in the sun and send some time with Ender... which is a totally awesome little book... sure your other recommendations are going to be just as awesome...xx

  7. The torn edge gives the picture a whole new dimension. People would pay millions to get that edge :)
    Your berries are fantastic, I just want to pick one and eat it, oh now the mouth is watering, see what you did! Too darn good.
    I would love to sit and read a book but the minute my bum hits a seat, there is always a "mum can you...." coming from somewhere. Enjoy the reading while you can!
    Von :)

  8. Jenn, your berries look good enough to eat! You've done a brilliant job.

    I visited 3 galleries earlier this week and in one they had an artists work exhibited that used torn edges ~ it really added a whole new dimension to her work.

    Interesting to hear your book recommendation. I have a thing for books and as an example there are six balanced on my bedside as I type. Oh to have more time to read.
    Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  9. Love your berries. Your art is inspiring. Thanks for giving us a place to share.

  10. You draw beautifully Jenn!

    The blackberries work wonderfully as a pencil drawing (and I love the rough paper edge)and also with the added colour.

    Very different feeling with the different media - the inked drawing is more smooth and illustrative - but I love the beautiful simplicity of your pencil sketch.

  11. The berries are awesome and I too love the beauty of roughly torn papers .

  12. OH yes, I do so share your love for paper! Your berries are wonderful. Your values are fantastic - so much depth and shape!


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