Saturday, June 23, 2012

Artist's Play Room #15

So sorry this is egregiously late today, I totally forgot to push publish! I've been working all day on art and off the computer so I just never clued in.. until NOW. OOps, sowwies! Last week's theme was momochromatic, I asked you to pick one color, whether that be red, blue, green, orange, turquoise, lemon, majenta, purple, french gray, pink or even persimmon, I didn't care. Just make your art in that one color, using as many variations of that color as you like! I was a little trepidatious about covering this subject, some people don't like to do monochromatic art (I personally love it, but that's just me). But I decided we're into week 14 and you could handle a curve ball. I was totally right, you guys ROCK! I'm in love with all the selections of artwork. So creative, let me show you...

Irina did a beautiful
blue monochromatic
etherial painting.
Laurie was nervous to
put her art out there,
I'm so glad she did,
it's stunning.
Arnoldo has done a
drawing from his
vacation, great job!
Rachana has done a sketch
and captured a bride
in blue beautifully.
Susan has used her skills
with calligraphy and
graduating blue color to
create this stunning square.
Victoria had added many
black & white photos on
her blog to participate in
this challenge, they're all
stunning, go look.
Alice has done a whimsical
drawing in pink, I love the
ice cream trees!
Twinkle Toes has done a cool green
tag, I love tags, they always
appeal to my senses. Very pretty.
Vonny entered a very cool fish
who is definitely all orange. Hey,
don't argue with me, it's MY
Artist's Play Room after all, lol.
Rumi has done a lovely
zendala, a combination of
mandala and zentangle.
Tracy has played in photoshop to
sepiaize her photos, go look at
her other lovely sepia photos,
beautiful! This is my fave.
Darla has done a collage in
pinks. She's done a great
job with color and balance.
Tracey did a beautiful
pencil drawing of some
long beans, all I need is
some butter!
Neesie has done a black &
white photo that's
really terrific, under the
boardwalk, literally!
My yellow rose was
painted for my mom,
her fave color is yellow.
Andrea has done a beautiful
zendala in pinks, it's so lovely,
delicate and symmetrical.
Lynn made a fun and cute
tag in greens, I love
that little bird!!
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

This week I'm feeling inspired by my lovely environment. I have a balcony with riotous pansies and beautiful green hostas with large expressive leaves. I've therefore decided that this week in my Artist's Play Room the theme should be "In the Garden". Now, you don't have to do flowers or even hostas (unless you want to, I love hostas!), you could do garden paraphinalia instead. You could draw your garden hat or do a collage showing all the things one gardens with (trowel, gloves, seeds, watering can etc.). You could do a mock up of your garden shed or paint your lawnmower! I mean, not LITERALLY paint your lawnmower, your hubby might balk having to push around a pink and turquoise machine. But you get my drift. Here are some inspirational photos...
Dion painted her sister Amy's gardenKat's garden collageSucculents Photograph 
Dale's garden veggiesCharity's assembled artMatt's garden gnome
Carol's seed packets paintingSnowberry needle craftWendy did watercolor watering cans!
Now, go sit in your garden or go sit in your neighbor's garden (I'm sure they won't mind) and get inspired. I wait with baited breath to see what you create. Until then,

I'm outta here!! (but I'll miss you...)

I'm going down to Victoria tomorrow to visit good friends, FINALLY. So I won't be answering emails or anything for at least 24 hours. Leave comments to your heart's content, I'll get back to you soon, promise!
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  1. Thank you for hosting this wonderful blog and giving fellow artists an opportunity to share their work. I've enjoyed meeting you and other artists too. Blessings!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love this theme Jenn...anything botanical always captures my imagination. Hugs xx

  4. A hand injury prevents making a lot of art but I found a way to participate - don't want to miss your great challenges.


  5. Jenn, another great challenge. I love seeing what everyone else does. I hope you had a couple of restful days.

  6. This challenge sort of designed itself, especially after I saw both your challenge and the one at IA this week. It was just too fortuitous to pass up.

  7. Jenn!!! I can't post via the Mr.Linky thing-a-ma-do. It gives me an internal error. I'll put it here instead:

    Must be the heat here. The computer is getting picky. There are days I think it needs a dip in the pool. :)

    Warmly, Tracy

  8. I decided to use the Tag I made for the Tag Tuesday Garden Challenge. It's called GARDEN FLYOVER and wouldn't you know it the Doodly Birds got in on the act again.

  9. jenn - was there something wrong with my post? i posted last night - i had 4 people comment, so i know it was there for awhile. should i change it? or do something else? thanks, alice (creator's leaf)


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