Friday, May 25, 2012

Mermaid In The Mist

This week one of our newer members at Inspiration Avenue, Lou Anne, is doing her first challenge which is always daunting. They're actually not hard but the very first one always leaves the host biting her nails and asking many "is this ok?" questions. I was so flattered when Lou Anne turned to me for that advice. I think she did a superlative job of fleshing out what her theme is and it's origins. Her theme, as my title indicates is MERMAIDS. I'm not surprised that she chose this theme since her blog's name is The Misplaced Mermaid.

Ok, so I really don't do human forms. Maybe some day I'll get my mom to school me in the intricacies of how to draw the human body as she took art courses when I was young. So, don't expect beauty here but I wanted to support Lou Anne's first challenge and to do that I gotta make a mermaid, lol. It was a nice challenge and she turned out ok.

title: "Mermaid Turned To The Right"
I'll see you in my Artist's Play Room on Saturday for the wrap up of this week and the introduction of our new theme for the upcoming week.


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  1. You don't do humans? Well, in spite of that you do Mermaids very well. I like the bit of mystery the pose holds.


  2. Lovely work of art! Love the choice of subtle colours!

  3. This is a beautiful mermaid. I'm so glad you were part of this challenge and very thankful for all of your help and support.

  4. I really like your mermaid's hair and the detail in the tail! I think you do "fantasy" humans very well!

  5. It's probably just as well you don't feel you can draw humans very well. If you could, you wouldn't have created this, and I think we're all very glad you did. It's a beautiful piece.


  6. So humble. I have seen your work, there is nothing you can't do!!
    Your mermaid is simply beautiful and mysterious!!


  7. Jenn - this is fantastic. I love her form. Great image this week.

  8. I think she is just thoughtful and serene, quietly watching the sea!!

  9. She is fabulous!!!My favorite. LOVE her!


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