Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Light, Dark & Pearly Paint

Well, I ended up changing my mind about what to submit for this week's Artist's Play Room Challenge (Light & Dark). I was going to finish a painting I had drawn out weeks ago so I worked on it and another painting all yesterday. I finished one but not the other I was going to submit. Then, I woke up this morning with a pulled muscle in my neck. Ouch. I guess I've been working "tensely", keeping my shoulders around my ears instead of relaxing into the artistic process. See, I'm desperately trying to find my style and I guess it's kinda stressing me out! So, I'll be posting the other piece, which also thankfully fits the theme, then I'm gonna use some prewritten posts to finish this week out. I'm going to take a couple days hiatus from art, allowing my neck muscle to relax and I'm going to try to relax myself too. It's not good that I'm stressing so much, it's never good for one's health. I know this. I need to learn to stop worrying about where my artwork will go and just let it go where ever it wants.

So, here's my artwork, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's very naive and different for me. even just working on black paper is different. I neither love it nor hate it... at the moment I'm ambivalent. :o) I look forward to your opinions...

Title: "Midnight In The Garden"
As a minimum, I'll be back Saturday for the Artist's Play Room wrap up and net theme. I look forward to seeing you there!

I'm gonna go take a hot shower.
Later Gator,

(Since this was supposed to be for Mr. Toast's weekly challenge, I'll be submitting to that site. The theme was lovebugs, hence the flying hearts, lol. C'est la Vie.)

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  1. Great stylization, like Rousseau only sophisticated.

  2. Good idea to take a break, our bodies tell us when it is time. This is very pretty. Black is hard to work with sometimes.

  3. Hi Jennifer..wow..totally fabulous..it has a very meditative feel to it..i love it! I also love the soft-steel dark backdrop..and the expressive blooming flowers are visually stunning with it! It is gorgeous!It also reminds me of the beautiful ceramics and glazeware ..how striking that art would be on a piece of pottery or those beautiful decorative art-tile pieces you see with artists art on it..wonderful!
    Hope your neck feels better..

  4. I think this is really beautiful! Bright colors just pop on black paper! Neck pain is the worst--hope you feel better soon.

  5. Jennifer, sorry you missed the deadline. We have people from Britain who are 7 hours ahead of MST so thus I have the ability for everyone to sign up through the week. this one was here:

    Also, be sure to follow the guidelines for posting. you need to included the name of the theme and "creative Tuesdays" in your post. One needs to be in headline adn one in post. Either.or-makes it easier to find and maintains branding on our co-op.

    Lovely piece as it is. TY!! hope you can join us again next week. Be sure to read the guidelines if you need a refresher. thanks again!

  6. I think you should spend a few days with feet up and relaxing and you will come back refreshed, neck unpinched and ideas flowing... finding your style will evolve... I once had a lecturer who said you can't keep avoiding the way you are meant to work, it just takes years to learn to get out of your own way... which sounded quite cool at the time, but now sounds a bit lame, but you know what I mean...
    I don't mind this piece and I can see while you are ambivalent about it, because your images are usually stronger... but there is a lot to like about this... working on black is a whole different ball game isn't it... drives me to chocolate every time...xx

  7. ***BIG GENTLE HUGS**** So sorry to hear you've got pains in the neck!

    It took me seven years to find my "style" and most importantly "own" it. All you can do is simple show up and keep on painting that which delights you. I know it sounds trite and simplistic. And as Tracey said, it does take time to get out of our own way. I still blame the gourds when things go awry. *grins*

    I like what you painted and where you were going with it. I think a bit more creative play with working on black backgrounds and lots of coffee and you'll get what you were looking for.

    I hope you are feeling back up to snuff soon!

  8. I can so relate to your words. But I find relaxing sooo difficult. How does one do it?? Hope the hot shower helps to relax your neck! And taking a bit of time off once in a while is certainly a good idea. I like your flower garden, especially the idea of drawing on black paper. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I haven't been brave enough to try anything on black paper yet - seems hard when I can barely manage white paper..... I like the graphic style of the flowers and you know, sometimes it's good to do something outside our 'norm' - for fun or to see if that can be our new norm.... Hope your kink goes away quickly!

  10. Sorry about your neck, hope it is better now. I love the way the colour jumps out at you. Sometimes plain and simple can actually be
    far better than a complex piece. I love it.

  11. Hope you are feeling better. I like this new painting, it is a bit of a departure from your usual style and makes a change. I also like your quote of the day.

  12. wow girl you really are stretching yourself artistically! it's a terrific stylized and whimsical piece! Since i too am trying to find my style i loved the advice from Tracey & Tracy :) I'm trusting that our styles will naturally evolve as they suggest when we get out of our own way! Speaking of evolving, i saw the photos of your floral artistry on facebook.... WOW Jenn, talent just artistic oozes out of you!!
    Please take care of yourself, relax & things easy, so you don't burn out! Hugs & love! :)

  13. I love it...it is so kewl....To me it has a feel of peering into the darkness and finding a treasure.....reminds me of the vegetation at night in the movie "Avatar", it comes to light (life) in the dark....great job!

  14. Jenn,
    I am not a fan of black or maybe I should just say I haven't gone there because I am just love color so much.Truthfully I haven't tried. However, you brave girl, your piece came out wonderful. I have to admit I really, really like it. Maybe now, I will try!

    Feel better soon sparkles!


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