Sunday, May 13, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge: Hands

Inspiration Avenue (of which I'm a member) has this week's challenge hosted by Shelly and her mom Loretta. They've decided for this challenge that ends on Mother's day, to illuminate "Hands". Loretta pointed out that now when she looks at her hands she sees her mother's hands. Those hands that nurtured and loved and mothered her, teaching her to be a good person so she could grow up to be a good mother to Shelly who then went on to be a good mother to her children. Our hands are important and deserve to be celebrated. Applause for our Hands!

Here's my submission for this week's challenge...

Title: "A Bird In The Hand"
I want to wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day, especially to my own mom. She's truly the best mom ever. I totally lucked out in the Mother department. When other's give me a compliment, saying I'm helpful or kind, they're really complimenting my mom. I learned how to be the woman I am by her stellar example. I listened to her words and emulated her behavior. I soaked up her teachings about manners and compassion like a sponge. All I can say is I love her beyond words, she's always been my hero. Thanks for everything, mom. I Love you muchly. 
I'll be back very soon with a new post and probably artwork, I'm trying to finish several pieces! 

We'll talk soon, K? Yes? Good!
I'm out!

I will be linking up to Inspire Me Monday as my inspiration this week and always is my mom. If you're looking for this week's Artist's Play Room just click here, it's my Special Birthday Edition!
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  1. I love your image - the detail is amazing x

  2. Great Job, love the detail,very Gentle...♥


  3. This is an exceptional drawing Jenn!
    I always wondered what they mean by "a bird in the hand is worth 9 in the bush"
    BTW...we have a town called Bird-in-Hand right down the road in PA Dutch territory. Have a beautiful day♥♥♥

  4. That hand is fabulous, you can just feel the gentleness with which the hand is holding the bird.
    Beautiful, Jenn.
    Sorry I'm do late, I've been flat out this weekend.

  5. I'm always amazed and impressed when people draw hands. Of course, this one had the added fun of a bit of a "pun" with it. How much fun is that.

    I'm late visiting because I've been unplugged for nearly a week, although I had scheduled my IA challenge entry.

    You have some wonderful words for your mother. How lucky that she is still with you. I hope your Mother's Day was awesome, too.

  6. A very interesting composition leaving a dual impression. On the one hand, the hand is nurturing and protective of the little bird, but that sharp sword-like beak seems poised to strike.

  7. Love your drawing of hands and love whatyou had to say about your mom. Thanks for sharing your talent and your honor for your mom. Bless you, Gail
    I'd love for you to share this on Bible Love Notes B&BB link up here:
    P.S. I love your blog creative!

  8. awesome work on the hand... they are a challenge aren't they, but you have handled them beautifully... and I loved your words to your mum... she must have felt wonderful to read such words... just perfect ...xx

  9. Wow beautiful..gorgeous little bird and the hand is totally sublime..beautiful shading..lines and creases of the wonderful!!
    Shine beautiful!
    Wishing you a beautiful week!

  10. Drawings are my favorites and yours is really wonderful. Great entry for the IA challenge.


  11. What an excellent drawing...both of the hand AND the bird - wish I could draw half as well. Great entry for IA

  12. Love the drawing! New follwer :)

    Sandie lee

  13. Excellent drawing ~ very well done ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  14. Such tenderness in these hands! Wow!!

  15. Great picture. Hands are so hard to draw. Our mother's day is a couple of months back. But Happy Mothers day to all mothers on your side of the Atlantic.

  16. Love the drawing! You did such an awesome job on the hands.

  17. Oh that's definitely a challenge. Hands and feet are both on my "to practise" list, but I'm still rather avoiding them. Love your drawing and your words!


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