Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Phantom Steve!!!

It's my good friend Tracey's daughter's birthday today, we call her Phantom Steve because she likes it that way. P. Steve is a wonderfully unique and newly minted 16 year old! I have happily gotten to know P. Steve as I got to know Trace. She writes about her fantastically brilliant daughter in her blog posts sometimes but it's through personal emails that I've gotten to just love this girl. I must admit, I wish I had been as unique and interesting a human being at 16. P. Steve, as you can tell just by the name she likes to sport, is creative and unafraid to be herself. That's mighty unusual in this day and age and it makes me want to meet the young lady who breaks the rules of teenage-hood and marches to the beat of her own drummer.

I hear from Trace that P. Steve has decided to adopt my Birthday Week concept and she's doing it just at the right time, her 16th birthday, always a special milestone in a teen's existence. So, although I apologize to Trace for complicating her life, I think it's GREAT that P. Steve will spread out her birthday to a week of celebrations from now on, I wish I had started this earlier in my life, it's makes all the difference and takes the pressure off everyone. Now P. Steve doesn't have to cram EVERYTHING into one 24 hour slot. She can let special friends take her out to coffee (or tea in this case if she's anything like her tea addicted mom!) and still have that extra special day, May 26th, for family celebrations etc. She can even pick a day in that week to do as SHE pleases, her very favorite things that only she likes. I, for instance, feed the birds EVERY birthday. This year I could only find one lonely crow (I swear an angel sent him to me, but more about that in another post) to feed my McDonald's fries to but he was a seriously happy camper and made me laugh out loud.

So, I wanted to Celebrate Your Birthday here in Canada and send you a shout out on your very special day. I feel privileged to be getting to know you and I'm glad to call you a sweet friend (OK, neice!). I also wanted the Birthday Girl to know that I think she ROCKS!


Ok, so I'm not a professional videographer... this is our first attempt with the new camera to do a video, we forgot that there is no way to turn a video 90 degrees, oops. We couldn't re-film 'cause the candle burned out and I ate the cupcake. Hey, it's the thought that counts!

Your Birthday present is the custom bookmark above, now if you catch your mom red handed using your bookmark you'll have proof it's yours, I mean, her name doesn't start with a "P" for Phantom, does it?? ;o) I'm sending a small care package to you in Queensland Australia with a few extra goodies you and your mom tucked inside like a bookmark for her so she finally leaves YOURS alone!! (Trace likes to steal P. Steve's bookmarks, she's notorious about it, then, it seems, she promptly loses them! Since mother & daughter are having a meter high stacked book read-a-thon to see who can finish their stack first, I'm thinking stealing bookmarks would be like cheating on a test or bumping an elbow in a pool game. I call FOUL!!

Tracey's and P.Steve's bookmarks are my entries for my APR this week as the theme is appropriately "Bookmarks & Books" (inspired by P. Steve's challenge to her mom.)

I'm sending much love, hugs & kisses your way, hopefully they don't leak out of the box and accost the post guy 'cause I really dislike our postal system (but that's a post for another day, probably on my new blog that I'll be co-hosting with my bloggy friend Ellen. Go here for the curious!)

Talk to you all later, hope to see you in The Artist's Play Room on Saturday for our new theme and a wrap up of this week's submissions!


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  1. Aunty Jen and Canada Grandma you are the bestest family in the Northern hemisphere... awkward for the birth cousins currently occupying your fair nation but its not like I heard from them... not like A. Jen and C. Grandma... you know how to treat family....
    yours sincerely
    P. Steve xoxo

  2. nice one you two... now I look a bit ordinary for not doing a cake and a candle... though glad to see that singing ability does seem to run in the family.... awesome awesome post... got a bit misty at how wonderful you both are whereas P.Steve just gave me the glare and said... see that's how you do it and wrote you a comment... A.Jen indeed... and C. Grandma... she cracks me up!!! Hugs from us all including Mushu... he send a smells doggy lick...xx

  3. What a great birthday treat. Must pop over to Australia quickly to greet the b'day girl herself (well, her Mum, but I'm sure she'll pass the message on!)

  4. Now that's putting a bookmark to good use I'd say!


  5. Now this just warmed my heart to pieces! :)

  6. Wonderful post, great bookmarks! Wish i had gotten some made, even more inspired now!


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