Friday, April 20, 2012

This Just In...

I have a plethora (nice word, huh?) of things to tell you all about! Firstly, I have a very exciting announcement. I'm a published Artist & Author! I was blessed with the opportunity to write an article for the premier issue of a new artist's magazine named "Featuring". The article  is about The Butterfly Project that I've talked about many times on my blog. If you'd like to read all about this labor of LOVE by Holocaust Museum Houston just click here. I co-opted several of my artist friends to send in butterflies with me to the magazine for inclusion in my article. It was done as a last minute submission because the magazine closing date for article submissions was only days away. I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to Tracey Fletcher King, Dion Dior and Diane Rank for sending me butterflies and little stories about your creation of them so quickly. You all ROCK!! I can't WAIT to see my article in print with my own artwork! I'm just beside myself with excitement!

Second thing: Have you all noticed the new button in my sidebar? Inspiration Avenue (the artists group I'm involved in) is hosting a PostCard Swap! Yay, such a fun idea. We're doing a sign up currently until April 30th. If you'd be thrilled to receive 5 postcards from 5 different participants then get your art supplies out and make 5 postcards. To sign up, just send an email to us at and tell us, "Yes! I'm in!" Please also include your mailing address and name! We'll be mixing all the names up and randomly matching you with 5 other people to send to. Click Here for more information about what to expect.

Here is our small list of requirements:
  1. Make 5 postcards.
  2. The size of each card should be 4x6 inches. 
  3. Each piece, since it will be original art, should be mailed in an envelope/package of some kind to protect your lovely artwork.
  4. This one's optional, we'd really love to see the back designed like a real postcard. There are lots of images on the web, you can just google postcard to see many of them. You can either print one out like the one below (feel free to use this one) or you can design your own back, adding all the details you want!
Click to Enlarge!
This is going to be such a fun SWAP! I've been working on my postcards already, and one of them fits this week's theme, so this is my official entry for this week's APR theme (Coffee & Tea). Here's the piece...

(I'm not showing the back so if you sign up for the P.S. Swap above AND you get me AND I send you this piece of Postcard Art, you still have a little surprise on the back, the back is fantastic, btw!)

Title: "Join Me Over Hazelnut Coffee?"
Last but certainly not least, I bought my mom a prezzie to make her feel loved. She's been going through some stuff lately and I wanted to cheer her up. I was thinking of her as I perused Etsy, looking at all the lovely jewelry etc. I came across a lovely shop called Tesoro Jewelry. Trolling her shop, I found a terrific key chain that was JUST what my mom needed, as long as I could "tweak" it I'd be golden. See, two things made this find perfect,
  1. Mom just bought a cute new white Honda FIT. (so totally cute, we named her Mattie!)
  2. She used to sing "You are my Sunshine" as a lullaby to me all the time when I was young.

Click to Enlarge!
So, a keychain for her new car that had "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" stamped on it (with a little heart added) was totally perfect as an I love you present/Easter present! The tweak I had to have done was totally fine with the shop owner, she enlarged the key chain so she could use the largest font possible and didn't increase the price!! Jessica is a wonderful Etsian, she was so helpful and made wonderful suggestions to make sure I got the product I'd wanted. I truly appreciate her attention to detail and speed of completion of my custom order. I look forward to ordering again from her the next time I want a little something cute. Please go check out all of Jessica's jewelry, it's really beautiful, cute, funny, sweet and just plain wonderful. Thanks Jessica!

That's it for this multi-subject post, kind of a mash up of all that's been happening this week to ME. Hehehe, yep, didn't you know, it's all about ME?? Well, tomorrow it will be all about YOU as I'm gonna wrap up this week's APR Challenge and show all the world your PURRRTY artwork. The wrap up post and new challenge post will be a little late tomorrow, expect it late in the afternoon. My aunt's coming over so I'll have to do last minute tweaks in the afternoon! You can wait that long, right? YES? I KNEW you could! Thanks in advance for your patience.

See you soon my bloggy friends!
I'm out.

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  1. Congratulations on publishing your article and artwork. Quite a feather in your cap.

  2. That's AWESOME, congrats!!!
    I'm not surprised though, I've witnessed first hand what you can do with simple "words"......

    p.s. have you noticed that most of the challenge entries prefer TEA....Yahoo, TEA ROCKS....just sayin'... :0)


  3. Congratulations on your awesome news. I'm doing the happy dance for you!

    I was touched by the little story about your Mom & how you tweaked the gift you bought her...I sang that song to my daughter ever since she was first born! When I later made her a quilt, I sewed "You are my sunshine" on the back with the date!

  4. How did I forget to say...I like your coffee themed postcard!

  5. So excited for you Jenn...congratulations. And thank you so much for including me. Hugs & Gratitude. xx


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