Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's A Black & White World

I've been dabbling with the idea of finally screwing up my courage and trying some landscapes. This week's challenge seemed perfect to try my hand at something that scares the heck out of me. I know, I know, I can hear you all now... fear is kind of a useless emotion when it comes to artwork. It's great in a dark alley or when you're being chased by a snaggley toothed monster, that adrenaline kick becomes real useful. But with art creation it's about as useful to the artist as a screen door on a submarine.

Ok, so I'm conquering my fears today. You know, I'm gonna run out of artistic fears soon if I keep going like this... all I have left is fear of drawing humans/faces. I'll get to that maybe in the fall or winter. (Yes, I'm putting it off!! So sue me. I'm a big chicken, feathers and all.) Anyway, I digress... SQUIRREL! (click it, it's a link. It'll explain an interesting little personality quirk I have, lol.)

Here's my first Landscape...

Title: "The Night"
Cool Grays
I decided that my first foray into landscapes would be in black & white (hence the title, lol). I totally mixed my media and used everything that came in black, grey or white! My cool toned Copics got a thorough work out, in fact, I used up both my 01 cool gray and my colorless blender. I'm not surprised though, my 01 warm gray is dead too. I used Prismacolor Jet black for the entire right side of the painting and I LOVE how the leaves turned out, they actually look like a tree overhanging a street. I then went to town with all my other black, gray and white tools, I used gel pens, watercolor pencils, Graphitint pencils and even acrylic white paint to brighten the lamp standard's globe and highlights on the pole. I just kept layering and layering, I was seriously surprised just how much abuse Arches paper can take! I must have made the paper twice as heavy with all the supplies added! (kidding, sort of)

The above is my submission for this week's APR Challenge"create art from the inspiration around you". I had promised my mom a drawing of her favorite bridge outside the apartment and I still will get to that this week. I also promised myself that I'd go around the house and collect some everyday items and just draw them. I think the most mundane objects can be so beautiful. So, to all my bloggy friends who want to participate this week, go create some cool art by just looking around you then come back to the Artist's Play Room and add your lovely creation. I look forward to all your submissions. 

I'm off to bed as it's after Midnight here. Totally yawning at the moment. In fact, just typing yawn has made me yawn again! So I'm gonna stop typing that word. What word, you say? Ya, I'm not falling for that trick! I'm not so dumb as to... it seems just thinking about yawning makes you yawn. Seriously, now STOP! Did you know you can't type and yawn at the same time? Yup, just learned that. I'm full of useless knowledge, and I'm rambling about YAWNING.... and I keep DOING IT!!! 

I'm going to bed before my jaw locks in this position.
Night peoples.
Sleep well, although you're all prolly much smarter than me and in bed by now! 

I'm out!

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  1. Awesome pic.....I'd love to understand these"Copic" markers I keep hearing about.....I totally LOVED the "squirrel" reference, my sister and I use it ALL the time ( our explanation comes from the movie UP when the fighter pilot dogs see "Squirrel".....
    Looking forward to this weeks challenge.


    p.s. another blanket of snow this morning....some April fools joke....LOL

  2. "The Night" is beautifully done. The highlights & shadows are just right. I have never used Copic markers but have also heard a lot about them lately--they are definitely on my shopping/coupon list!

  3. Your landscape shows that you have good control over light and shade, although a dedicated one-point perspective or vanishing point might have helped with the road, unless the idea was to make it appear to be going uphill. As a former portrait artist, I look forward to seeing what you'll do with human faces. It's great fun watching your artistic progress. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Jenn, this is your "first foray into landscapes"? WOW! VERY nicely done girl!!:D

    btw, Yawning is contagious, just reading your yawning made me yawn...seriously it did!!!lol

    And i don't know where Cindy lives, but it's snowing here too as i'm writing this!! talk with you later! hugs!! :)

  5. Really love this picture. Thost copic markers must be really good. My best is ink pens and pencils. Not sure if I can play this week as it is school holidays. I do have a tree picture that I did for Audrey for school, if I can find it I might put it in (it's probably screwed up in the bottom of the toy box).

  6. I adore this drawing, but was SHOCKED at how fast the Copic pens dry up. At their individual cost, it's another reason I won't be getting them any time soon. But I sure like what you did with them. Yep, those leaves are incredible.

  7. REally lovely! Now I'm wondering if my submission really was on topic. O.O

  8. That's beautiful! You should dabble more often ;)


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