Friday, April 6, 2012

Artwork Retread

My Original Abstract
So I've returned to an old piece to do a rework. I painted this abstract more than a year ago. I kind of liked it at the time but didn't love it. One morning, as I passed my art caddy, the abstract was on top of all the other art. I glanced at it as I was exiting my bedroom. I stopped in my tracks and turned toward the abstract again, I was surprised that instead of seeing an amorphous blob of colors, I "saw" a rose and leafy foliage surrounding it. I thought, "OOh, I've got to rework that piece!"

Fast forward 6 months. Yes, you guessed it, I was afraid to screw it up so I put off the rework. As time passed I knew the rose was "in" the painting but I was having more and more trouble seeing it. This morning I once again passed that undiscovered rose abstract and thought, "what the hell." So I picked it up, took it out of it's plastic, ripped of it's matting and sat down to "find" that rose.

First I defined the most obvious "leaves" on the left side of the painting using Sakura Micron Archival ink (01). Then I defined a few lower petals. I had to spend several minutes (read an hour, lol) sitting and staring at the abstract, sometimes making a few marks. It took a while to know where to go to define the petals. The leaves were easier but the petals were quite arbitrary. After picking and choosing where to go I then started highlighting and darkening places on each petal. Some needed shading, some needed more coloration to define the highlights. I thickened the lines around each petal using a 08 Sakura and added a few other leaves here and there. Oh, I also added a stem and calyx to my fuchsia/Opera rose. Happily, as I wrote this post and said I was going to find the undiscovered rose in the abstract painting I inadvertently named my newly reworked painting. Here it is...

Artist: Jennifer McLean
Title: Undiscovered Rose
I thought you might like some close-ups... (click to enlarge)
Close-Up #1Close-Up #2
When I had finished this rework I had planned to keep it and post it later. Then a few minutes later I got an email from Illustration Friday reminding me that this week's theme word was "RETURN". I don't usually get emails from IF, even though they're on my challenge "to do" list. I don't think I've ever actually participated in IF. I always get distracted by Friday and I'm working on completing IA challenges or my own, for that matter! It just seemed a sign that I should put this up for Illustration Friday's challenge. I returned to an old, unloved painting and found an Undiscovered Rose. Happy day. :o)

I hope your upcoming Easter weekend is spectacular, filled with both Peace & Chocolate.

Happy Easter! my lovely bloggy friends. I truly appreciate all your love and comments. It warms my heart as more and more followers add themselves to the new Follower tool and leave happy comments in my inbox. You are all a joy to me. Have a wonderful weekend filled with family & friends. Oh, and gosh, don't forget the bunny chocolate! 

Love & Hugs,

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  1. That is such a spectacular save... I love a good rework but I don't think I have ever had one that has turned out as beautifully as this one has... I love the composition on the first close up as well... would be a beautiful card... you are a clever chicky...xx

  2. Your rework is amazing! Just goes to show that you should never give up on a piece. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. I like both pictures equally. The original seems more like an expressionistic painting while the redo looks more like an illustration. I know some people put illustration down as compared to fine art, but I'm not one of those people. Have a very Happy Easter.

  4. Can I say.....totally awesome.....whew o.k.!!!!....{{{ Totally Awesome}}}....your bravery paid off....great job.


  5. are an artist! beautiful beautiful work!

  6. A beutiful rose. Sometimes you have to put aside something and look at it after some time with new eyes. :)

  7. That's fantastic! :)I'm glad you didn't give up on it. :) Happy Easter!

  8. It's really beautiful. Lovely colors!
    I agree with Tracey, it would be a beautiful card! Have a Happy Easter.

  9. Oh I LOVE it! It's an absolute rush to set something aside and come back to it after a looooong period and see it with "fresh" eyes. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful! Warmly, Tracy

  10. I usually follow your progress through My Yahoo RSS reader but I saw your link at Artists in Blogland so I figured I'd better comment! I love how the rose came together from colors to form.

  11. Absolutely stunning. It is just beautiful.

    I'm visiting from Artists in Blogland:)

  12. OMGosh! this is just an amazing transformation! Wow! Beautiful!! :)

  13. 'Ello, Ms. McLean ...

    Strolling through your blog to catch up over too many months gone by, and finding myself sleepless with a wickedly painful foot episode interrupting my dreams, I came across your reworked art, "Undiscovered Rose.". I admire that you have risen her from the wash; somehow, I identify with her. I didn't see her on your Etsy shop as available or sold, and wondered if you'd give her up in exchange for some freshly minted US dollars?

    In other words, girlfriend, that one is mine! Much like you have my sold artwork of the chicken, I want to buy that rose!! Name the price, my Nanaimo Queen!

    Hope you are well ...happy Autumn! Do let me know about the PayPal price......

    Your serf, Ellen


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