Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artist's Play Room #7

It's time for a new APR Challenge, I can't believe we're onto week seven! Please be patient for a few more minutes while I wrap up last week's challenge.

The theme we worked with last week was "Rainbow". What a fun theme this turned out to be! I'm not surprised though that I'm so thrilled as I covet color, I can't get enough of it! In fact, when I go to do a more morose piece, much of the time it comes out happy and colorful. The more color, the better. Here's my "rainbow" piece and all the wonderful submissions from last week...

Title: "Over The Garden Fence"
This was a real departure for me. I've never done anything at all like this. First, it's NOT from a photograph. I made it up!! I know, wholly cow. I didn't know I COULD. I knew I wanted flowers growing up a fence so I figured out the dimensions of a fence moving slightly off  to the right then sketched in my very favorite flower, the Echinacea (cone flower). The cone flower is also a real butterfly magnet, when you google butterflies, 99 times of a 100 if the butterfly is on a flower, it's a pink cone flower! But I digress. I knew I wanted the background to be deliberately naive and the sunset to just be lines of color. I'm thrilled how my first original piece came out. I've always either worked from reality or a photograph. I'm really happy now. :o)
Victoria created a
painting with many
layers of paint &
colorful feathers 

on her dress.
Cindy has done a wonderfully
colorful painting. So sweet!

I think how the color is
flowing off the paint brush
is wonderful.
Terri made a wonderful
impressionist piece.
I love the riotous 

color she used.
Lou Anne did a mosaic
raindow. She doesn't think 
it's good art, I disagree, 
I love it.
Leslie did a great
job on a commissioned
piece.I especially love
the perspective she's 

achieved. Wow.
I love how expressive 
this piece is with
minimal lines.
So great Darla!
Tracy @ Domestic Gourdess
has made some fabulous
earrings in bright
colors. I love these.
Peace, Baby!
Ayala painted a dower
face with happy colors
in the background, love
the juxtaposition!
Andrea does beautiful
mandalas, this one is a
rainbow of color!
Debbie broke out of the
mould and made a
rainbow catcher!

Lovely idea.
Minnemie has done a great
painting of a Zebra, so
wonderfully expressive, wow.
Gloria has done a
beautiful oil painting
I absolutely love it!
And one last beauty, again by
Gloria, she says when she
doesn't know what to paint
she paints fruit.
There's something just wonderful about painting fruit, I love the curve of the flesh. I've done several fruit paintings so I guess I felt that I should do other things but my friend Diane has changed all that silly thinking. I changed my perspective about repetitive work when she said "I'm a serial painter, I paint in series." That freed me, changed me and allowed me to paint whatever I wanted. If that's more pears, so be it! You can read more about Diane by going here.

If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!
This week's theme is totally opposite of last week's. As I've shown above, we did color last week, this week let's explore darkness and light. In your artwork I want you to show me how you'd interpret these two words. If you only want to illuminate one of them (pun intended) then pick one and go for it. Here are some examples of how to interpret Darkness & Light...

Marney has played strongly with 
shadow and highlights 
(light & dark)
Shelly has used black & white 
and  color to illuminate the idea of
darkness and light.
This example by Tummy Mountain 
is literal, a light in the darkness.
Stephanie gives a perfect example 
of how to successfully use a light
background and dark subject.
Robert shows here how just black
and white and the placement of one's
subject truly makes stunning art.
Julia added shadow under each brush 
stroke by loading her paint brush
specific way, wow. (Click to enlarge)
I hope these examples help you find your way to a beautiful and amazing piece of art. As always, feel free to do any kind of art, from collage to watercolor, from crochet to altered books and journaling. Just remeber, you don't have to be great, just create!

Talk to you all soon,
I'm going to make a cup of hazelnut coffee, anyone want a cup while I'm up?
Line forms to the left, taking orders...
I'm out!

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at all these pieces, a riot of gorgeous colour!

    I love that you painted yours from your imagination. It's worked really well, the design and composition are excellent as well as the colours :)

  2. what a wonderful collection of work, just beautiful! Lovely co-op full of talent.

  3. Some sonderful artwork here...fantastic :)

  4. such a beautiful collection of artwork... and amazing to see how differently everyone interpreted the theme. thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow - I so enjoyed all this magic both your own work and those of others. Love the challenge. I'll try and join in this week - time permitting!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your painting! Great job!

  7. I love this - your painting is beautiful - i love the fence - and yes, coneflowers are amazing butterfly attractors - they are loely - maybe i need to plant some - love what you are doing with your blog, here too!

  8. Your painting is stunning! I really like the style of it--the coneflowers are so beautiful!

  9. Lovely painting ~ Have your Play Room Badge on my blog but haven't figured out what day your link is or is it all week? ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  10. Hi Jennifer..what a fabulous and beautiful piece..i love cone flowers and yours are magical..wonderfully inspiring and so beautiful! Thanks for welcoming me in ..i enjoyed seeing everyones beautiful creations!
    PS: is photography allowed in the challenge as an option?

  11. love this!!!! shall be back to read the rules and go forward!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cheers, dana

  12. This is a great piece! I love your colours and your white picket fence. Well done! :) You rock!! Hugs

  13. Great sum up and love your pic... yes it is a departure, but a great one.... and I do love your round up of everyone's work.... you are very generous with your time... the next topic is a great one and the creative juices are already flowing...xx

  14. Oh Jenn, your painting is Wonderful!!! I LOVE it! I can easily see your work as a stained glass window. It's fabulous. I love seeing you spread your artistic wings!!
    Light & Shadow... boy my weakest area... glad you picked it, this will force me to stretch!!! :) Hugs!!

  15. Jenn, I agree wonderful painting with those beautiful flowers. The flower squeezing through the fence is great!

  16. I love your original painting of flowers and sunset. It reminds me of a stained glass window!

  17. Sorry to everybody, I forgot to add the Linky!! Silly me. Funny, I write these weeks in advance, usually two at a time, but you cannot without serious confusion, add two linkies in the same day. So, I add the first and this week, I forgot to add the second linky in the second APR. lol. It's up and ready for ART, link away peoples!!
    ~Jenn (lunkhead)

  18. Jen, love the whole thing, but especially the textures you accomplished on the grass and sunset. Did you use watercolor? I like the contrast between the detailed foreground and more abstract background.

  19. Lovely idea for your blog ~ also believe you are part of Featuring Magazine which I just subscribed to ~ Excellent publication ~ My contribution was a photograph ~ if that is not appropriate please let me know ~ thanks for linking up to Magical Monday Meme ^_^ ~ namaste, ^_^

  20. Your painting is so gorgeous,the colors and composition so appealing. I am amazed you did it without a reference,Jenn. Great job. I love seeing everyone's artwork.

  21. This is just beautiful--I actually thought I was looking at stained glass at first. And I'm sure it must have been scary to do--I also work off a lot of photographs and reality so it's tough to cast aside those training wheels.

  22. What an interesting theme. I tried to get to the "Rainbow" theme, but the week got away with me, so here is my attempt and Light & Dark. Hugs to you're inspire me. xx

  23. Yikes, I don't know why, but I had a lot of trouble posting this time. Now you have an empty extra space. I tried to see if there were somehow to delete it, to no avail. Your work this week is so beautiful. It looks like embroidery. When I lived in the country I couldn't wait to see from the Whiteflower Farm catalogue what the new cone flower introduction for the year was.

  24. Hi Jenn! this was a great challenge! would you believe i was a bit apprehensive about it? (lights and shadows are one of my weak areas)
    BTW, how are you feeling??
    hugs! :)

  25. Hey Jen -- I'll join you for hazelnut coffee. What a view of the garden fence. I love zennias -- the big ones. Thanks for the party. Blessings Terri


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