Saturday, April 21, 2012

Artist's Play Room #6

The time has come, a new week, a new theme for APR. Are you gonna play in my Play Room this week? Well, I'd love it if you did, just wait a few more minutes while I showcase some of the art from last week's challenge, then I'll reveal the newest theme. Ok? Thanks!

Last week's challenge in The Artist's Play Room was Coffee & Tea. I asked you to create art that used either one of these drinks. Sketch beans, paint cups, tea or coffee stain something, go crazy! We got some Fabulous submissions this week, here's mine and yours.

(You can always click the picture to see them in all their splendor!)

Title: "Join Me Over Hazelnut Coffee?"
Terri of Morning Dewdrops emailed
 me, apologizing that she didn't
realize that APR was themed. Well,
this is an excellent teaching
example! you don't ever HAVE to do
the challenge, you can put up any
piece of art you want or use the
theme as a jumping off place, your
choice, I'm just glad to see you!
Her hair reminds me of a beautiful
peacock's tail! Lovely.
Cindy of Cottage Remnant always delivers
great art, I love the three dimensional
illusion of this piece. What a beautiful
and special birthday or mother's day card
this would make!
Tracey always makes me laugh
with her blog posts but this
is the first time her art made
me laugh! I just HAD to look up
teapots to see the actual one
online. What a funny pot, for
manly tea!
Kim of IMGirlwithoutwings made
the cutest bookmark on the planet!
I especially love the play on
words, "A Moment OF ClariTEA."
Diane made two, no THREE pieces this
week about TEA so I had the privilege
of picking my favorite, it was a hard
choice, but her it is... Thanks Diane!
Vonny was lamenting that she's not sure
she likes this piece, the background and
vase frustrated her. I'm blown away, I
it's totally spectacular, I want to reach
out and pick up the cups!
Tracy of The Domestic Gourdess made this
tiny carved gourd cup, what a wonderfully
sweet little submission. Alas, we coffee
hounds are losing another one to the dark
side... Tea drinkers! (I love Earl Gray
tea too but hazelnut coffee is my crack!)
Katja has penned this wonderful sketchbook
addition, a simple cup and teapot in a
lovely blue. She says her fave tea is Earl
Gray, hey ME TOO!!
Leslie submitted an awesomely lovely
piece. I just love the coloration of this.
I can't believe this is a collage using
napkins, wow.
Andrea of Falling Ladies has done
a beautiful tea centered mandala.
These are so beautiful and as I
understand, very meditative. I'd
love to learn how to create these
beautiful art pieces. Such a lovely
Gloria has painted a spectacular piece
in oils. I must say,I LOVE this painting.
There's something so deep about oils, they
have weight. I love that about them and this
piece is something truly special, I'm so
glad you joined Gloria, I'm a new FAN.
Debbie at Crafty Moose has painted a
happy teapot with one of those lovely
blooming flowers, I've always wanted to
try those, I think you totally need a
glass teapot to truly appreciate the
beauty though. Thanks for submitting!
Minnemie of Cripple Pencil has
used her pens and pencils for
great purpose today. I have such
awe for those of you with the
confidence to write on your artwork.
I wish I could do that, I think
it looks so cool, I'm just afraid
I'll spell something wrong or
mess up somehow. This is a very
cool piece.
Elizabeth's contribution this
week is a lovely collage, I'm
especially loving what she did
with the spoon, great piece.
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

I have a happy theme for this week's APR challenge... "RAINBOW". Color makes me so happy, I'm totally passionate about colorful art, it makes my spirit soar. That's why I picked this theme. Now, don't think that you HAVE to actually make a rainbow, if you want to do that, fabulous but you can just make something colorful! Make a mash up of all the colors or highlight a few of them, just make art that makes you think "OOh, HAPPY COLOR!". Here are some terrific examples...

Just Add Water SillyRobin MeadDiane
Vonny KDion DiorLife In Color
So, my lovely bloggy friends, have at it! I can't wait to see your colorful submissions. In fact, I'm just giddy with anticipation. :o)

I'll be back soon with some sort of art, I'm guessing it'll be colorful!
Later Gator!

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  1. Stopping by from the Weekend Show Off Party!

  2. Such an amazing variety of artistic expressions. I'll be thinking about many of these the next time I pour myself a dark cup of my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

  3. Not being a coffee OR tea drinker, I was a little at a loss this week, but I'll definitely be playing with 'rainbow' since I LOVE the bright colors.....

    By the way, though I'm a follower, I clicked through on your AIB link

  4. Love all the teas and coffees. :) Beautiful artwork from everyone!

  5. I love art & color. I've always wanted to learn to paint like Bob Ross...maybe when I retire. About all I do now, is cartoon & lettering.

    Thanks for the follow. Following back from 99% Exposure Blog Hop.

  6. What luck to find another crafter on these hops! Beautiful creations! Thanks for the follow! I am following you back!

  7. All so beautiful and gorgeous works!! I hope to play soon..lovely to meet you and your fabulous blog!

  8. Looking forward to seeing all the rainbow posts!
    have a beautiful day

  9. Hi Jenn. My inner child got to play with this challenge. I enjoyed it very much. Your examples were beautiful, as always. Thanks for the encouragement to play!

  10. I have used so many colours in my collage this week Jenny, so I thought I would include it in your challenge.
    I love your examples. Very inspirational.

  11. Hello Jenn, this is my first entry in your APR, hopefully I've done everything right. If I missed something please let me know.


  12. My rainbow didn't really come out as planned. I was beaten by the weather.
    I recognise those fish, lucky I didn't cheat and use them (hehe).

  13. I had a hard time photographing my rainbow entry--the weather just did not want to cooperate!

  14. I feel in color. (Anyone else as crazy as that?) So I appreciated this prompt, for it dawned on me that I am not temperamental, but rainbow-mental! Ha!

  15. Hi Everyone. You may have seen this already on my blog. I posted it earlier this week. It is a painting I did while on Whidbey Island at the Dreama Tolle Perry workshop the end of March. I have another rainbow colored painting I am working on, but it is not finished yet. I will post it (if allowed) when I finish it.

  16. Jenn, this time I copied your blog link and put it in my blog post. Yeah! I'm learning. Is it all right to have two entries? I enjoy going to see the other artist's post's too. Thank you for the chance to display my work.

  17. What a wonderful collection of tea and coffee art! :). I know I'm too late with my rainbow entry, but I just didn't manage to post it last week. Such a great coincidence that "rainbow" was last week's theme, a real rainbow really made my day last week!


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