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Artist's Play Room #4

Last week's challenge was "create art from the inspiration around you". What a wonderfully successful week this was! Thank you to all my bloggy friends who submitted their lovely artwork, I really appreciate it and love going to your blogs and reading all about you and your art. I'm having so much fun getting to know you all. Here's a wrap up of the terrific pieces that graced my blog through last week, but first, here's my submission...

I ended up creating several pieces from this week's challenge, I'll be showcasing them in the weeks to come. I found myself spurred on to try more landscapes because this one was successful and I also was inspired by both Tracey Fletcher King and Dion Dior this week. I love their "ordinary things" paintings. They both know how to make anything interesting & beautiful.

Title: "The Night"
Artist: Jennifer McLean
(Go ahead, click them and make them bigger, I know you want to!)

By Cindy at Cottage Remnant
I love this piece the most this week.
Cindy's style is so romantic, even when
she's drawing her desk! I especially
 love the little notes "insert printer here"
Tracy, The Domestic Gourdess
Don't you just love the
justaposition of the textured
tree trunk against the soft
cat's paw? Brilliant photo!
Hope at The Sinister Scribe
These amazing Zentangle beetles
were inspired by a junebug
landing on Hope when she was
in her studio! Love them.
Dion of Dion Dior & More
I'm always in love with Dion's pieces,
no matter what she paints. I know this
painting was inspired by her recent trip
 to Australia. Extraordinary!
Debbie at Crafty Moose
Isn't he just the cutest? Debbie has inspired
 me to write a post (with art) about two ducks I
got toknow in my University days. 
Minnemie at Cripple Pencil
This piece is so fantastic!
She captured body movement
 so expertly, wow,
Lou Anne at Misplaced Mermaid
I just love Lou Anne's Shrine
 of Forgotten Things. She has
captured the heart of what I
was saying, that mundane things
are beautiful too.
Simona at Timeless Rituals
Hi Simona, nice to have you
here participating, your mask
totally brings back fond
memories of artwork in our
house when I was young.
You did a great job!
Tracey Fletcher King
Last but never least is Tracey's great
submission Maltesers. She is one of my very
favorite new friends and her art always
inspires me. The only problem? Now I want
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? 
This week's challenge is paint/sketch/collage/photograph, create art themed around the New Season in which you find yourself. Now, the reason I didn't say "Create something reminiscent of Spring" is because I have several wonderful friends in Australia and there it's starting their winter season! So, make something reminiscent of the new season in which you find yourself currently. I thought I'd give you some inspiration, aren't I helpful?? hehehe.

Artist: Chantelle WilsonEtsy Shop: MycraftgardenAtsy Shop:PaperAndMache
Artist: Danny PhillipsArtist: Kerrie LightfootEtsy Shop: Baybeari
Artist:Kim OlszewskiArtist:Chritine LuschasArtist: Lisa Z.
There are so many ways to go when creating art centered around the seasons. Have fun and be creative. Because you don't have to be great, just create! I look forward to seeing all your amazing ideas. Thank you in advance to all who participate, it's such a joy to see who submitted every day and go to their blog to check out their artwork. 

Oh, I should mention, I would LOVE any suggestions for upcoming challenges and if I use your challenge I'll send you a handmade bookmark! So, get thinking, come up with your bestest ideas. Leave me a comment and your name/blog with your suggestions and I'll make note of it. If I use your idea, YOU get a purty bookmark. GOOD DEAL!

I'll talk to you all soon and be back with some kind of artwork,
I'm out!

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  1. I enjoy these posts so much, so much beautiful places to go, I did have trouble linking, i will try again, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy this challenge, and if I wasn't so very busy, I might even join. In fact, I may be able to join this week. I like how different each person's art is, even though it is inspired by the same theme.

    Just wanted you to know, as promised, I finally answered your questions on my blog today. Have a lovely Easter, too.

  3. With similar themes you'd think the results would be similar, but the variety of results is amazing.

  4. I love your summaries and I am going to make a cuppa and sneak in a visit to the ones I missed before the chocolate haze overtakes me... love the new theme and thanks for making allowances for us southern hemisphere people... I am attacking it early this week.. I will email you later with some topic ideas... might get Phoebe onto it as well... she gets into stuff like that... thanks for the time you are taking putting all this together...xx

  5. Wow! Your drawing is so cool!
    And I love reading your posts!

  6. This challenge sounds like so much fun! I just discovered today that you host these challenges. Hopefully I'm able to participate in one sometime soon :))


  7. So excited to see all the beautiful inspiration you've collected. Very excited for the next one. Hugs & Gratitude. xx

  8. My flowers are not actually blooming yet, so technically I entered art of a season yet to come. But since it is not always to clear where one ends and the next begins, I got a little philosophical about the topic (with the help of Dickens) and related the new season to seasons of life, and/or seasons of emotions - and if truth be known, I tend to exhibit all 4 seasons in one day! Eeeeek!

  9. lots of great art to see! thanks for sharing!


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