Thursday, March 1, 2012

News & Happenings

I'm starting several new ongoing series on my blog that I'm hoping you all will enjoy. Don't worry, I'll still be posting mostly about my own art and new artistic mediums I'm trying but I thought these new themed posts would be a fun way to fill in the blanks and add user friendly content.
  1. Artist's Play Room - I've mentioned this several times before but it deserves highlighting now because it starts this month!! The first Artist's PLAY ROOM Blog Hop and Art Challenge will be posted Saturday March 17th, 2012. So come on over, grab a blog badge which will click to the latest A.P.R. post and participate with all the other enthusiastic lovely bloggy people. (this series is weekly)
  2. Featured Artist - I'm interviewing some of my most talented artist blogger friends and I will be writing a blog post illuminating their awesome art. I'll talk about their process, how they got started in art, what they love about it and what are their very favorite artist supplies & tools. The first Featured artist will be rolled out a few weeks from now. (this series will be bi-monthly)
  3. Blogging Tips 101 - I'm rolling out a new series of posts starting tomorrow. They're meant to help the confused blogger make a prettier and better organized blog. The first 101 lesson is on how to make your sidebar look sweet! In future 101 posts I'll be illuminating how to (A) make a copy/pastable blog button, (B) line up pictures horizontally in a post, (C) burn your feed with Feedburner, (D) add a subscribe through email link to your site, (E) add pretty GOTO buttons in your sidebar etc. (this series will be monthly)
So, I hope you'll enjoy the new series of themed posts I'll be bringing you in the weeks and months to come. Remember to stop by often or you can subscribe using my links in the sidbar. Have every new post from Just Add Water Silly delivered to your email or read me through Feedburner or subscribe to Bloglovin' where you can add all your favorite blogs and get an email with a link every time they post something new! I love Bloglovin' and use it myself, it makes keeping up with all your favorite blogs so much easier. The link is in my sidebar, go sign up!

My Inspiration by Dianne
I have one more exciting announcement! I'm expanding my line on Etsy to include art jewelry. I was inspired by my friend Dianne of The Expressive Palette. Although she has moved on to create amazingly beautiful watercolor art, she used to make jewelry. I saw a piece in her Etsy shop and totally wanted to start offering my art in miniature! They're double sided glass lockets, so I can put an original piece of double sided artwork into it and you'll be able to turn it over to see another painting! I'll be adding decorative Swarovski crystals etc. to embellish the necklace which will be strung onto satin cord. I can't wait to put these up in my Etsy Shop. Until then I am adding a few sets of earrings and a very cool bracelet that I made. many of the findings and thin wrapping wire is sterling silver. Please go check them out, they'll be up today.

Remember, tomorrow starts the Blogging 101 series so come on back and learn how to make your blog purty!

Until then,
Your Bloggy Friend,

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  1. Sounds like you have some fun ideas ahead! Looking forward to reading them. :)

  2. wow girl you sure are busy! i don't know how you do it all, but you do it all so very well!! :) Looking forward to all of your upcoming posts! And thanks so much for the mention! your art pendants sound gorgeous, can't wait to see them! :)

  3. sounds to me you have some super things going on and about to happen, busy busy.But busy is good right.I can't wait to see whats coming up!

  4. You're so organized! I'm looking forward to the blog tips.


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