Monday, March 12, 2012

Loving Pears

Sketching & drawing is such blissful fun! I've just started doing sketches sometimes as opposed to painting all the time, and I'm so happy with my new found sketching skills! I know, I can hear you all...

HOW could you NOT know that you could do this??!?

I used to sketch when I was younger and I had serious trouble with perspective. For some reason painting didn't display my deficiency as much. So, when I began painting again I naturally seemed to shy away from sketching. I don't think it helped that my mom is an excellent portrait sketch artist. I guess I thought I'm painting, she's sketches. Well, now I know that at some point in the last 10 years or so I seem to have absorbed the ability to draw realistically, maybe through osmosis, lol. Who knows?? I just love that I CAN sketch and draw what I see. It's so freeing.

I got an idea from another blogger artist friend when she mentioned the site Sustainably Creative by Michael Nobbs. She blogged that Michael advocates being creative everyday and one exercise he talks about doing is the "ten things" drawing. What you do is collect ten things randomly from around your house. Place them artfully on a flat surface. Now, draw what you see. My artist friend admitted that she takes a photograph of her ten things, making it easier for her to analyze the planes and shadows of each item.

So I decided that I really love the curvy, suppleness of pears. I'd done apples & oranges, why not pears? I googled "pears" and came up with a spectacular photograph of two pairs "cuddling". Here's what I sketched from the photo...

Title: "Loving Pears"
I also fiddled with the sepia picture effects using Skitch and my iphoto to make this week's submission to Inspiration Avenue (of which I'm a member) The challenge this week is Vintage Photography so I tried to make it look like I'd photographed my Loving Pears with an old fashioned camera. Here's the end result... (it makes me wish my new supplies with about 10 different sepia tools, from watercolor pencils, graphite tinted pencils, markers and ink were here!)

Title: "Vintage Loving Pears"
Alrighty, I'm off to actually put brush to paper and paint! I have several (read 6) paintings that need my attention!
I'm out my bloggy friends.

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  1. These pears look like they're having quite a conversation. The one on the left appears to be trying to talk the other into something. I hope this doesn't get seedy. Sorry--couldn't resist.

  2. Love the sepia pears! I agree that sketching and drawing are so much fun! I think I prefer them to painting, but I'm getting more used to the watercolors.

    The Linky Follower thing has me pulling out my hair, but I tried! Wish I could figure out how to get my thumbnail pic a little bigger. Doesn't make sense to me. I don't like these things that take hours to figure out. Time that could be spent on art! :)

  3. oh this is so sweet & romantic! who'd a thought a couple of pears could be romantic?! and i love your shading & detail work too! great work again Jenn!!

  4. Aside from your pears being cute and cuddly, your sketch is really good! I have always been a doodler,painter,etc, but I can't say I have ever really sketched anything or kept a sketch book. I am not sure I have acquired that technique. You do a beautiful job of it!

    Finally got my mail delivered on my blog even though I missed your fabulous challenge last week. :(

    You can peek at it here:

    Back to the Pears...I love both of them, but the first is my fav.


  5. Wish I could draw so well...beautiful sketch!

  6. Wow, you are amazingly talented! i am stopping by as part of the BSN bloghop

  7. I love these pears, especially the warm golden ones! They look like they're perfectly ripe. I love the curvy shape of pears too!

  8. Pears are wonderful to draw, even though I can't draw them. I'm very impressed with these because they are vintage inspired, even though they were just drawn. I love how you sketch AND draw.

  9. These pears are really lovely, and they have such a personality! You truly have a gift for sketching!

  10. Great sketch! I love the sepia tone you used.

  11. Beautiful drawing Jenn! I used to sketch all the time but I put in the back-burner a bit to focus on working in other media. There's really nothing like simple pencil and paper sketching though - such a pure way to create :)

  12. Oh, and I've got a new challenge on my blog. Don't know the best way to get the word out! It should be fun for Jane Eyre lovers!

  13. Cheers for the post, definitly some thing which i found intriguing, sufficient to make me drop this comment.


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